7 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Update Stuck Problem

Windows 10 Update Stuck

Do you have a laptop or pc with a Windows OS? Then, you might be aware of the frequent updates that Microsoft keeps on sending to keep your system bug free and to make it run smoothly. Everyone should definitely download and install these updates as they are vital for the system. 

But sometimes, issues happen during the update and the pc gets stuck up. This prevents users from updating the OS anymore. In Windows 10, may users have reported that they are having the issue of Windows update service not running? So, we have brought this post today to make you know the different solutions to fix the issue and get rid of it. If you face Windows update stuck at 0 problems, you will find the solution right here.

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Let’s move ahead and fix the Windows 10 update stuck issue by implementing different solutions.  

Windows 10 Update Stuck

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  • Turn it off and on 

This method works well with any of the issues. Just restarting the pc works wonders and the issue that we are facing gets solved. It can be applied to this problem as well. Your PC’s temporary memory gets cleared upon restarting and everything will get started from scratch. 

If the update is stuck in the background while you were working then restart it normally. If it has stuck while your OS gets loaded then hold down the power button for 5 seconds and it will restart. Check out this method and see what happens. If the issue still remains, move to the next method. 

  • System Restore

In Windows 10, go to the Control Panel system. Now, look for System Protection here. Now, you have to click System Restore. 

Now, choose ‘Show more restore points’ and you will get a list of available options. Pick the time and date. 

  • Windows Update utility: check it out

You have to navigate to Start Menu–>Settings–>Update and Security. Windows will let you know here what problem has occurred if it has diagnosed the problem. Sometimes, users get the message to update the system at some other time.

Go to Advanced options–>View your update history to see the recently installed successful updates. 

  • Troubleshooter program can be needy

 Troubleshooter program is quite helpful in solving many issues and it can help you in solving this issue too. Search for “troubleshooting”. Now, select ‘Fix problems with Windows Update’ from the available items. Try this to fix the issue. 

  • Do a complete Virus scan

There is a possibility that spyware or virus in your system is blocking the update to get completed. Do a complete virus scan using any security software that you are using and the issue will get sorted if this is the case. 

  • Try Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, only the basic apps and code are loaded into memory by Windows. You have to hold down the Shift key then choose Power and Restart from the sign-in screen for Windows 10. 

Now, you have to pick Troubleshoot–>Advanced Options. Go for  Startup Settings and then Restart, here you will see the Safe Mode option appear. Go for the update process again if there is a possibility. 

  • Delete the Windows update cache file

You can stop the Windows update service manually and delete all the temporary files that have been created. After that, start the Windows update once again. Follow the steps we suggest to do this.

  • Firstly, you have to enter safe mode (follow the same steps for entering safe mode as we mentioned previously) then access command prompt (search command prompt in the Start menu and open it).
  • Now, you have to type”net stop wuauserv” and hit Enter. 
  • Now, type “net stop bits” and hit Enter again.
  • Now, you have to delete all the temporary files that are created. For this, you have to navigate to the C:\ Windows\ SoftwareDistribution folder and delete everything you find here. Don’t worry, these are just temporary files so removing them won’t do any harm. 
  • Now, open a command prompt again and type “net start wuauserv”. Hit enter.
  • Now, type “net start bits” and hit enter. 
  • This will start the Windows update and all the background services will start running. 

Windows 10 Update Stuck

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So, here was an overview of the solutions to the Windows update stuck issue. Hope you find the most useful. Juts implement the steps mentioned above to get rid of the issue. Don’t forget to follow Technographx to keep getting such informative tech news!