Does playing Candy Crush too often make it monotonous? Or finished every level and want more games like it? Stress no more! You’re going to love these games if you enjoy matching colorful candies and clearing stages as you advance. While Candy Crush continues to be one of the most popular mobile games ever, there are plenty of other fantastic Candy Crush-like games available on the market right now. We’ll look at the top ten games that provide Candy Crush-like sweet enjoyment.  

1. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

The first game on the list is very similar to Candy Crush. In Farm Heroes Saga, you have to match fruits and vegetables instead of candies in Candy Crush. Each level has a different objective to achieve, but generally speaking, you have to gather a specific amount of veggies or obtain a certain score in a limited amount of moves.

Players can also take advantage by making special moves. For example, when four vegetables are matched in a square, a “super vegetable” is formed that, when matched, clears an entire row or column. To get beyond challenging stages, players can also strategically employ boosters and power-ups. To get through each level, ensure that you play the game very tactfully. 

  • Colorful graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Keeps getting updated regularly
  • Allows players to compete online
  • Challenging levels

2. ZooKeeper Battle

ZooKeeper Battle

The ZooKeeper Battle game is among the table-toppers when it comes to games like Candy Crush. In this game, players must match vibrant creature tiles to advance through stages and take on rival players. The object of the game is to strategically match tiles to construct strong combinations and outscore rivals in a set amount of moves.

Every creature you swipe and mate with will allow you to eliminate the opposition. You also acquire defense mechanisms when you mate an elephant with a hippo. You get infinite lives here, whereas you only get limited ones in Candy Crush. To draw in more gamers, it also features adorable graphics and animations. 

  • Competitive multiplayer modes
  • Incorporates strategic elements
  • Customizable gaming environment through upgrades
  • Lacks the widespread recognition

3. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is an excellent game that is comparable to Candy Crush. It’s easy to excel in this game; just match three diamonds or crystals. The game has a variety of power-ups and unique gems that can speed up board clearing and increase score.

The social component of the game, which lets users interact with friends and exchange achievements, is one of its main gameplay attractions. Bejeweled Blitz offers fresh challenges and frequent updates to keep players interested and coming back for more. You can play this game at any time in a number of other series. Try this game out if you want to experience something novel and thrilling. 

  • Keeps offering new challenges
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Stylish visuals
  • Offers various game modes
  • Enables players to connect with friends
  • Does not have constant updates

4. Hexbee


In the well-known Candy Crush-style game Hexbee, you must match five identical objects in order to win. Furthermore, this game has no levels. By matching the objects, you attempt to improve your score.

Hexbee is a challenging yet rewarding game with hundreds of levels to complete. You’ll come across a variety of power-ups and obstacles as you go through the game, which adds another level of strategy to the gameplay. Be ready to brainstorm if you want to go higher up the ladder. 

  • Helps develop rapid thinking skills
  • Has many fun levels to play
  • Regularly updated
  • In-app purchases are very much promoted

5. Jewel Mania Series

Jewel Mania Series

These games, Jewel Mania, is literally a jewel in this list. The nicest thing about this game is that it has over 600 puzzles, all of which are entertaining and unique. You must arrange three or more jewels in a combination to win this game. With hundreds of levels spread across many locations, Jewel Mania will keep players captivated and occupied for many hours.

Furthermore, the game promotes buddy competition with social features like challenges and leaderboards. In general, puzzle fans and casual players alike will find Jewel Mania to be an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience.

  • Features appealing graphics
  • Provides rewards for daily login streaks
  • Frequent updates keep the game engaging
  • Can feel repetitive after a certain duration

6. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a puzzle game like Candy Crush. It is a popular game that has drawn players from all across the world. There are several stages in the game, each with distinct goals and difficulties.

To assemble strong teams for battle, players can also catch wild Pokemon to add to their collection. Pokemon and puzzle game lovers will find Pokemon Shuffle Mobile to be an entertaining and captivating gaming experience.  

  • Promotes strategic gameplay
  • Regular availability of challenges
  • Provides synchronization with other devices
  • Heavy promotion of In-app purchases

7. Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons

One popular smartphone game similar to Candy Crush but with a unique twist is Puzzles and Dragons. The game is extremely addictive since it combines puzzle-solving with role-playing aspects.

There are around 700 dragons to find in the game, which is similar to an RPG, and that number can increase to thousands through fusion. Playing games and collecting dragons are equally addictive. Players are captivated by its entertaining blend of monster fighting and puzzle gaming, which makes them want to play more. 

  • RPG elements provide a sense of progression
  • Frequently presents updates and new events
  • attracts players who crave for challenging tasks
  • Requires constant internet connection

8. Triple Town

Triple Town

A free puzzle-based game that is quite similar to Candy Crush is called Tripe Town. In order to construct your city, you must combine three or more components. For example, three grasses must form a suitable sequence to form a shrub, and three bushes must form a tree.

The best aspect? It is that a gigantic bear will attempt to obstruct your progress while you are building your city. To put it briefly, this game is a lot of fun and has become synonymous with Candy Crush because of the three players. 

  • Promotes careful planning for maximizing score
  • Can be played offline
  • Provides social integration
  • Limited playing lives offered

9. Match Land

Match Land

Match Land is a game that is liked just as much as Candy Crush. To advance through levels and navigate a vibrant, challenging universe, players must match three or more identical pieces in this game. Using the resources that matching goods provide, the objective is to create and oversee a prosperous fantasy town.

As the story progresses, you battle a variety of beasties and do damage by matching the attack symbols on your different squads. To feel like you have the best team to take on any situation, you can unlock and combine a healer, swordsman, wizard, and more.

  • Unlocks upgrades, keeping players engaged
  • Appealing visuals
  • Keeps getting updated regularly
  • Can be addictive

10. Match-3 Elements

Match-3 Elements

The Match-3 Elements game is a fun yet challenging game, just like Candy Crush. Here, you will have to match 3 elements to make space for matching new ones. Elements vanish when you match them, and new pieces drop down from above to cover the spaces. Moreover, matching more than three items results in strong boosters or unique tiles that enable you to simultaneously clear many pieces. 

  • Involves fun
  • Promotes fast-paced thinking
  • Gives colorful environment
  • Limited levels of progression

Final Words

Playing Candy Crush-like games reveals a vast universe of interactive gaming experiences. Players are drawn in by these games’ captivating mechanics, vibrant graphics, and strategic obstacles. They provide a lovely mix of amusement and puzzle-solving that keeps players engrossed for extended periods. As the video game business develops further, these Candy Crush substitutes are excellent illustrations of originality and inventivenes. 

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