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 Hello Techie,

Welcome to Technoghraphx’s “Write for us” page.

You are here either through one of the Google search terms or were scrolling through the website. If you are here, we are pretty sure that you have something to share and are looking for a website that fits the best.

Be rest assured you are at the right place. We aren’t boasting ourselves. You can have a look at the website. Okay! Before anything else, let’s read a briefing on the website’s overview.

On Technographx, you will find articles related to tech, from tech news to mobile apps, and digital marketing as well. Our in-house content writers team spends a lot of time researching and curating content that provides the readers with extensive information on the topic.

As a website where you will get all the information related to the technological world, we get many visitors, from all kinds of communities. This makes us liked and approached by most of all. So we have come to a common point of issuing guidelines for guest post submission. Have a look!

Guest Post Policy & Guidelines

When you create an outline for content, there go hours of research and brainstorming. So don’t start the procedure before reading the following guidelines and policies. If you agree to the following, then only draft and submit it to us. 

Quality Requirements

  • Ensure that the content you include is unique and original, plagiarism-free, and must contain some quality information. Don’t just spin the articles and send them to us as we will find out the loopholes.
  • The topic on which you create content should be unique and check whether we have already on our website or not. If it is there, you will have to change the topic.
  • We accept articles with a minimum of 800 words. As for the maximum cap, you can write as many as you want. Just make sure the information is relevant.
  • The only accepted language is English. However, make sure you use easy to understand, like avoid using too many jargons, not everyone will be knowing them.
  • Make sure the content is properly structured with subheadings and bullet points wherever needed.

Preferred Topics & Subjects

As said we update articles with technological information, but the topic is too wide to select any of it. So here’s the list of topics that you should consider before curating content:

The entertainment section also includes reviews of web series and movies. Along with that, we also post industry-related news to add the spice.

Link Requirements & Policies

  • We had a horrible experience with link placement in a blog. Received a blog with spammy links, that affected the website, but was resolved as soon as recognized. So to be on the safer side we decided to add some link placement policies.
  • The article should contain at least one internal link. Select the topic accordingly, this way you will be able to add extra value to the content.
  • You can place links to other websites than yours as well, but it should be relevant and with high DA and quality content.
  • We don’t accept content with affiliated links from the guest post authors. If we find any, either it will be changed or removed.
  • If you are stating facts or figures (stats), you must provide an authentic source of it. Cite all the references.
  • Don’t worry about the credibility, we will post your content with the Author Bio. Make sure you submit the proper and descriptive author bio with the name and image.

Post Image Requirements

Blog posts with proper and high-resolution images are always loved. We do accept content with photos and videos. However, we have very few and lenient guidelines. Please take a look!

  • The resolution of any photo you add should be a minimum of 800*800 pixels.
  • Don’t take images or videos from where you are not supposed to! Many free stock photo platforms will provide you with the image required. 

The reason for the above point is copyright issues. If you are picking a picture from somewhere else, do cite the source.

Editorial Policies

Also, we would like to inform you beforehand that we have the right to edit your post. Once you have submitted the article, it will be reviewed by our Content and SEO experts. If there are any changes or even if it is good to go, you will get the revert with whatever it is!

Before you approach us regarding the contribution of content on our blog page, it’s a request to showcase your previous content work to us. This will be easier for us to recognize your style and whether we are comfortable having this kind of content.


Don’t worry about the promotion of your article after posting. Why? Our digital marketing and social media specialists team will make sure that your content is promoted on the right channels and at the proper time. 

P.S: You can also help in promoting the article.

Where to Submit?

  • As soon as you draft the content for our website send us this email ID: technographxofficial@gmail.com
  • If you have any doubt regarding the topic or are confused about whether we will like it or not, just mail us on our emailID and drop the queries. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • After deciding the topic, submit it to us, we will look into it. If our editorial board finds any changes in the article, we will ask you to mend them.
  • Proofreading will be continued until & unless we find it perfectly suitable for our website.
  • Once your content is live on our blog page, we will provide you with the live link with an acknowledgement message through email.

What are our Search Terms?

If you want to discover us on Google, type any of the search terms given in the list and you will see the Technographx website, welcoming you. With the help of this search term, you can also locate other websites with the same niche.

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Thank you for taking an interest in working with us and providing us your support. We will be waiting for your mail!

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