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If technology is your forte as a writer, you must be often looking for ‘technology + write for us in Google. Aren’t you? Well, you have ended up in the right place. At Technographx, we ensure you the maximum out of your content. We are one of the best guest blogging sites today that can provide you with premium quality content and the highest domain authority. At Technographx, it is one of our primary objectives to set the right platform for those who love writing and have great knowledge of the recent advanced technologies.

Technographx welcomes new potential writers with open hands who have a continuous urge to contribute technology-based articles, guest posts, sponsor posts, and whatnot! So, by now, you must be clear that we are the one-stop solution for all of your search queries like write for us “technology”, gadgets write for us, technology + “write for us”, tech news + intitle: “write for us”, technology “write for us”, “write for us” + technology, write for us + technology, etc.

Whether you want to get one of your informative technical blogs published with us or you are excited to write about the latest tech news on mobile apps, technographx is there for. We understand the maximum effort that you put across to generate quality copies. So, we consider it our responsibility to help you leverage the most out of it.

As Technographx is all about the technological world, if you publish your blogs with us, you will get many visitors who belong to different kinds of communities. This makes us a preferred guest posting website for many; those who often look for write for us “technology”, “write for us” technology, technology sites “write for us”, mobile apps write for us, write for us tech news, mobile technology + “write for us”, and write for us gadgets.  

So ready to share your amazing technical write-up with us?

Here are our issuing guidelines for guest post submission:  

We, at Technographx, only accept informative, high-quality, and well-researched copies. Our editorial team makes sure that anything that is not up to par is not published on our website as we believe quality is the key. So, before planning to share your content copies with us, make sure you are following the below guidelines:

  • Your content should be unique and original. It should be plagiarism-free and must contain quality and well-researched information. What is a big no-no for us is spin content. Our editorial team makes sure that such copies are not accepted in Technographx as we are very specific about our quality.
  • Your content should be new to our website. So, make sure that the topic on which you have created your content doesn’t already exist on Technographx.  We don’t like repetitions!
  • Your articles should be of a minimum of 800 words. All that you need to do is just ensure that the information is relevant.
  • We accept articles written in only the English language. You need to make sure that the contents are easily understandable, without any jargon of course.
  •  Make sure to write properly structured content for us with organized subheadings and bullet points.

Preferred Topics & Subjects

As said we update articles with technological information, but the topic is too wide to select any of it. So here’s the list of topics that you should consider before curating content: 

The entertainment section also includes reviews of web series and movies. Along with that, we also post industry-related news to add up.

Moreover, for publishing in Technographx, you need to be specific about our link placement policies. In the past, we had faced a huge threat to our website’s authenticity because of spammy links. So, we have crafted some policies that you need to stick by to post content on our website.

Read on

  • The article should contain at least one internal link.
  • You can place links to websites other than yours, but it should be relevant to us and with high DA and have quality content.
  • We don’t accept content with affiliated links from the guest post authors. If we find any, either it will be changed or removed.
  • If you are stating facts or figures (stats), you must provide an authentic source of it. Cite all the references.
  • Don’t worry about the credibility, we will post your content with your Author Bio. Make sure you submit the proper and descriptive author bio with your name and image.

What are Our Image Posting Requirements?

We know a visual appeal is important to make blogs and articles rank better in Google. So, we appreciate it if our writers submit content with photos and videos. So, if you want to make your content effective, please include an attractive visual touch to it. However, we have some very lenient guidelines. Here are they:

  • The resolution of any photo you add should be a minimum of 800*800 pixels.
  • Don’t take images or videos from where you are not supposed to! Many free stock photo platforms will provide you with the image required.

Why do we have these guidelines?

Well, to avoid any copyright issues. If you are picking a picture from any other source rather than the free stocks, you need to cite the source.

What are Technographx’s Editorial Policies?

We know that you will submit your best copies to us but still, we want to be double assured all the time. As we already mentioned above, quality is our biggest priority. So, we have an expert editorial team who has the right to edit your post.  After you have submitted your content with us, our Content and SEO experts make sure that they are reviewing it properly. We make sure after our review is done, we intimate you with the outcome irrespective of if there are any changes or even if your content is good to be published.

Moreover, we will love to see your previous work before you approach us regarding contributing content for the blog sections of Technographx. This is only because we want to be sure if your writing style and other technicalities match our expectations or not.

Will Your Content be promoted?

Of course, yes! Don’t worry if the right audience is seeing your post or not. Our experienced digital marketing and social media team is there for that. They will make sure your content pops up on the right platforms at the right time. They make strides to promote your content maximum!

How to Submit Your Content to Technographx? 

  1. Once your content’s draft copy is ready, you can share it across at: technographxofficial@gmail.com.
  2.  If there are any doubts regarding the topic of the content that you want to go for or anything else, just email us your queries and we will revert to you within 24 hours.
  3. After you are done with writing the content, submit it to us.
  4. Our editorial team then reviews your copy and they will reach out to you if any changes are required to be done in the content.
  5. Once your content is ready, we will publish it on Technographx’s blog page and provide you with the live link along with our token of acknowledgement through email.

What are Technographx’s Search Terms?

For discovering us on Google, all you need to type in is any of the below terms and you can find us:

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