3 Most Expensive Gaming PC of the World

Most Expensive Gaming PC

Ever wonder which are the Most Expensive Gaming PC in the world and how much do they cost? If yes, then you have reach the right place as Technographx has brought this post to make you know the Most Expensive Computers out there. Let us have a look at them. 

8Pack OrionX 

Most Expensive Gaming PC

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One of the most expensive gaming pc in the world is this one, it’s price is a whopping $30,000. 8Pack OrionX  was announce in January 2017 and is compose of two diverse systems. The processor that is powering the higher end system is the Intel i7-6950x having 10 cores. The other processor for the secondary system is the Intel Core i7-7700K which is quite budget-friendly. 

No need to doubt the computing power of this computer, it is super-great. Systemes packs four graphics cards of Nvidia GeForce Titan X Series. Each card costs 1200$ each and has a total of 48GB gaming memory. 8Pack OrionX has the primary memory of 64GB and the secondary system has 16GB of DDR4 which is the fastest version. 

There are three different storage setups on the primary computer. But, there are two SSDs of 1TB and one 1.2 TB Intel 750 solid-state hard drive, so need to worry about the speed as it is super-fabulous. There is also a SATA hard drive of 10TB. 

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Most Expensive Gaming PC

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Another very famous and very powerful system is this one. Develop by famous YouTuber Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips in the year of 2016. He built this system that is capable of accommodating seven-game setups at a single time in 30,000$.

The machines are link to a $500 Asus motherboard. There are two processors powering the system. Both the processors are having 14 cores each,  it has seven 1TB SSDs and a DDR4 RAM of 256GB. There are Radeon R9 Nano GPUs inside the system. Gaming pc is now change as Men’s Lifestyle.

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K 

Most Expensive Gaming PC

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These amazing system was release by the British company Yoyotech in the year of 2013. The processor that powers this pc is Intel i7-4960x.

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K is definitely capable of running any game on it as it contains two first-generation Nvidia GeForce Titan GPUs. Other major highlights of this system are the 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, 2TB Seagate hybrid drive and 64GB of DDR3 memory.

Most Expensive Gaming PC

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Here also you can read about a 15-inch Gaming LaptopSo, there was a brief overview of the Most Expensive PC in the World. To get more such cool tech information, follow Technographx!