Ever wanted to take on the thrilling challenge of making perfect and quick shots with a sniper rifle? You’re in for a treat if you enjoy challenging games that put your accuracy and skill set to the test. The excitement of sharpshooting combined with mobile gaming will be explored in this guide, along with some of the top sniper shooting games for iOS devices. The best part? You can get right into the action without having to pay a single cent because many of these shooting sniper games are free. Let’s look at some of our best choices! 

1. Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D Best Sniper Shooting Game

This is among one of the top sniper gun shooter games on the market. You can play the game both offline and online. It is built around fun tasks that require you to use your aim and sniper abilities to finish. Plus, it also lets gamers compete with their counterparts globally.   

Sniper 3D’s large selection of weaponry, includes assault rifles and sniper rifles, among others, each with special characteristics and customizable choices. The game also gets regular updates with new events, weapons, and objectives, keeping gamers coming back for more action-packed gameplay. 

Key Features:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Intuitive gaming controls
  • Can be played offline 

Size: 349 MB

2. Hunting Sniper

Hunting Sniper Best Sniper Shooting Game

The Hunting Sniper is a free sniper shooting game that screams good time. Hunting Sniper tests your shooting finesse by having you strategically track and kill a range of animals in their native environments. As snipers, players are entrusted with taking out targets from long distances. 

Moreover, the realistic graphics and engrossing sound effects in the game add to the overall enjoyment. For all fans of sniper games, this game offers a rewarding and captivating experience, whether you’re eliminating enemy soldiers or hunting dangerous wildlife!

Key Features:

  • Huge arsenal to choose from
  • Top-notch graphics
  • Boosts strategic thinking

Size: 864 MB

3. Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike Best Sniper Shooting Game

This sniper gun shooter game, Sniper Strike, is jam-packed with fun and action. You’ll feel like a real sniper as you take out targets and eliminate opponents from a distance. Their incredible graphics make every scene come to life. Moreover, progressing in the game gets tougher as you complete the challenges.     

In Sniper Strike, planning is just as important as shooting. Use the environment to your advantage, and choose your weapons wisely. The game offers a variety of modes, so there’s always something new to enjoy. You can enjoy playing the game alone or team up with your buddies in the multiplayer gaming mode. So, get your combat gear out, and be ready to shoot the targets! 

Key Features:

  • Various gaming modes available
  • Can be played in FPS mode
  • Customizable armory and gear options

Size: 213 MB

4. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper Best Sniper Shooting Game

The game Hitman Sniper got so much popularity that Hollywood made a movie out of it. Step into the shoes of Agent 47, a proficient marksman, and go on exciting missions to remote locations. Your objective? Take out significant targets with ingenuity and stealth.   

Furthermore, here, you will have access to a number of different weapons that will aid you in achieving your goals. The game’s amazing graphics give everything a realistic appearance. Additionally, anyone can learn to shoot pin-point in the game because the controls are simple to use. Plus, the graphics make this sniper 3D gun shooter game a must-play. 

Key Features

  • Has rich graphics
  • Offers competitive gaming with friends
  • Challenging yet enjoyable gameplay

Size: 1.4 GB

5. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury Best Sniper Shooting Game

Designed just for iOS and iPad, Sniper Fury is an exciting game. Intimidating objectives await players where reflexes and accuracy are crucial. With mind-blowing 3D graphics, it is a sniper 3D gun shooter game that excites gamers.   

Working with your group, you will seize weapons and supplies in the PvP mode before defending it from other players. It’s also possible to obtain rewards and improvements by doing individual missions in addition to clan mode. Regardless of one’s experience level with shooting games, this genre is fun for all players. Just prepare, aim, and enjoy yourself immensely as a sharpshooter!    

Key Features:

  • Enjoyable missions
  • Get rewards and crucial upgrades
  • Simple, effortless gaming

Size: 2.7 GB 

6. Sniper Honor

Sniper Honor Best Sniper Shooting Game

If you want a good graphical sniper game with top-class gameplay, Sniper Honor is the one to play. The primary objective of this game is to finish missions, arenas, and help objects. Along with fighting zombies and evil enemies, you’ll also get to upgrade your weapons as you complete missions. 

Sniper Honor’s real-time PvP mode, which pits players against one another in exhilarating sniper duels, is one of its best aspects. This gives the gameplay a competitive edge, keeps players interested, and encourages them to return for more challenges. 

Key Features:

  • Sniper duels make gaming more fun
  • Includes real-time PvP mode
  • Realistic graphics

Size: 418 MB

7. Lonewolf

Lonewolf Best Sniper Shooting Game

For iOS and iPad users, Lonewolf is a top sniper shooting game. With its intriguing gameplay and life-like graphics, it provides an exhilarating user experience. Every mission tests the player’s accuracy and tactical finesse with its own set of goals and difficulties.

The game gets updated frequently to ensure that everyone has a seamless and enjoyable experience. Regardless of your skill level, Lonewolf offers excitement and challenges. Get your hands on this game ASAP!     

Key Features:

  • A number of weapons to unlock
  • Exciting missions to complete
  • Adventure and strategic gameplay

Size: 112 MB


Can Children play these Sniper shooting games?

The majority of shooting games on mobile devices include brutal and incredibly addictive gameplay mechanics. Hence, it is advisable that only people aged 18 and above should play these games.

Are these Sniper Games addictive?

Playing these sniper shooting games for an extended duration can become addictive with time. Therefore, the game time should be in control and regularly monitored.  


These free sniper shooting games offer a way to hone tactical abilities and experience heart-pounding gameplay in addition to showcasing state-of-the-art graphics and realistic mechanisms. Take aim, rise to the occasion, and explore the thrilling world of sniper games on your iOS mobile!

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