It is without a doubt that the best gaming keyboard should be part of every gamer’s arsenal, regardless of whether they are into eSports or first-person shooters. When you have the best gaming keyboard by your side, the game follows your lead in the right direction. Game progress is reflected by every move you make. If you haven’t tried a gaming keyboard before, then you must experience the thrill it offers while playing games.

If you are thinking about getting one, here are some of the best keyboard for gaming that we managed to discover in 2024. So, let’s find out and bring your enthusiasm to a new level with the best gaming keyboards.

1. CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO-Dynamic Backlighting

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO gaming keyboard

Game to your heart’s content with the CORSAIR RGB Backlighting Keyboard, which offers six lighting effects and macro keys via CORSAIR iCUE. This spill-resistant keyboard prioritizes comfort with its ergonomic design, complete with a detachable palm rest and dedicated media keys for on-the-fly control. The quiet and responsive keys enhance gaming precision, while the dynamic RGB lighting adds a stylish touch.

Using CORSAIR iCUE software, you will be able to program lighting effects, macros, and much more with the power of CORSAIR. The keyboard’s spill-resistant design ensures durability and ergonomic features like a detachable palm rest enhance comfort during extended gaming sessions. With dedicated media keys, quiet and responsive gaming keys, and dynamic RGB lighting, the CORSAIR RGB Backlighting Keyboard is a standout choice for gamers seeking both performance and style. Upgrade your gaming arsenal and conquer the virtual battlefield with this exceptional keyboard.

  • Pure RGB keyboard with 6 built-in lighting effects and RGB effects
  • Customizable keyboard with CORSAIR iCUE software.
  • IP42-rated dust and spill resistance
  • soft rubber detachable palm rest
  • Anti-ghosting with selective key rollover for FPS and MOBA game inputs
  • Might appear bulkier and heavier to travel with
  • Monochromatic and might not appeal to everyone.

2. HITIME XVX 60%, Best wireless gaming keyboard

HITIME XVX 60%, Best wireless gaming keyboard

The HITIME XVX 60% Gaming Keyboard is a compact powerhouse that’s perfectly suited for gamers on the go. Its 60% size effortlessly fits into bags and backpacks, making it the ideal travel companion. The custom keyboard supports hot-swap, unlocking a realm of customization possibilities to cater to your unique preferences. You’ll experience a typing sensation like no other with the sound-absorbing silicone pad that reduces hollow sounds. The keyboard boasts a distinctive Xvx Profile PBT keycap and themed shell, showcasing the captivating coral sea pattern in 360 degrees.

This not only ensures an excellent touch experience but also guarantees durability over extended use. With 19 RGB backlight modes, 9 color options, and four brightness levels, you can create your own visual spectacle with the HITIME XVX. Whether you’re working or gaming in the dark, these backlight modes enhance your atmosphere and immersion to the maximum. With a plug-and-play design tailored for gaming, office, or home use, this keyboard is not just a tool but an experience.

  • Most stylish and colorful design makes gaming more enjoyable.
  • 10m wireless working distance for long wireless control
  • Two working modes, wired and wireless
  • Compact keyboard, perfect for traveling and multipurpose
  • Fully customizable keyboard with numerous RGB effects
  • Keys are noisy – should be quieter.

3. AULA Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

AULA best keyboards for gaming

The AULA Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a dynamic duo made for ultimate comfort and durability. The aluminum alloy brushed panel of the keyboard guarantees sturdiness, making it a good gaming partner. With its ergonomic design, you can play for long periods of time without fatigue.

Enjoy a sensational typing experience with the 2.0mm keystroke, offering rapid trigger efficiency and rebound speed. The top of the keyboard boasts 12 multimedia combination keys (FN+F1~F12), and the mouse features 4 adjustable DPI settings (1200-2400-4800-7200) for precise control. The 26 keys in this backlit gaming set can operate simultaneously without conflict, enhanced by a lock/unlock WIN key for smoother gameplay.

With this dedicated phone and pen bracket, you’ll never have to worry about losing your essentials while gaming or working. The rainbow backlit keyboard and RGB-breathing backlight mouse can be customized for brightness, speed, and backlight effects, adding a personalized touch to your setup. With 104 full keys featuring anti-ghosting technology, the AULA Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo delivers not only reliability but also a visual feast for your gaming or work environment.

  • Stylish-looking keyboard with RGB lighting
  • Multimedia keys and adjustable DPI settings make it perfect combo
  • Dedicated space to keep phone and tablet
  • Customizable keyboard for backlight effects, speed and keys
  • Large size may make the keyboard uncomfortable

4. Keychron C3 Pro QMK/VIA Custom Gaming Keyboard

Keychron C3 Pro Custom Gaming Keyboard

Keychron Custom Gaming Keyboard is a customizable powerhouse with open-source software for effortless key mapping and programming. You can customize your keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and more to suit your unique preferences.

Gasket mounts reduce sound resonance and enhance typing flexibility while enhancing typing comfort. As a result of the sound-absorbing foam and case foam, you will enjoy a quieter, smoother typing experience.

This keyboard boasts a 1000 Hz polling rate powered by an ARM architecture MCU with 256KB Flash for fast, responsive typing in both work and gaming environments. The north-facing LED illuminates shine-through legends, providing a visually stunning and glamorous look at your fingertips. Featuring over 14 different types of red backlights, the Keychron Custom Gaming Keyboard goes above and beyond to optimize your typing and gaming experience.

  • keyboard with smoother & quieter typing
  • Fast and responsive input
  • Software integration for programmable keys
  • One-button switching between Windows and Mac
  • Durable ABS double-shot keycaps with LED backlights and effects
  • Monochromatic keyboard with dull black keys.
  • The design should be more premium

5. Snpurdiri 60% – best budget gaming keyboard

Snpurdiri 60% best budget gaming keyboard

Meet the Snpurdiri Wired Gaming Keyboard – a compact keyboard designed for all environments, whether you’re gaming, working in the office, or on the go. In addition to offering practicality for gamers, it offers extra workspace on your desk so you can work more efficiently.

Ergonomically crafted with a key height designed for comfort, this mini gaming keyboard ensures minimal fatigue even during prolonged use. It features advanced imitation mechanical technology, delivering a mechanical feeling with the added benefit of a relatively silent membrane design.

With 6 backlight effects and 8 color options, the 60% RGB keyboard offers vibrant illumination for a rich typing experience. With the detachable cable, you can easily carry it around, and the USB Type-C connection ensures that you can stay connected while gaming or typing.

This two-color injection molded keyboard features transparent characters for an upgrade in style. Compact, functional, and attractive, the Snpurdiri Wired Gaming Keyboard is the perfect keyboard to type comfortably anywhere.

  • Small, compact-size wired keyboard
  • Customizable RGB lighting options
  • Elegant design with transparent and dual tones.
  • Gaming keyboard with silent membrane
  • Should have offered customizable keys


Gaming will never be the same with these gaming keyboards, you will roar and experience every thrill. With these keyboards, your gaming will be taken to a whole new level and you will enjoy a more realistic gaming experience. From the customizable Keychron to the portable HITIME XVX and the ergonomic AULA combo, we have something to suit every gamer’s needs. Whether it’s the sleek CORSAIR or practical Snpurdiri, both keyboards offer practicality and style. With every keystroke, you’re one step closer to winning as you upgrade your gaming experience.

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