Do you want to improve your TV-watching experience without going over budget? You’re at the right place! Finding a television in the market that perfectly balances performance and affordability is crucial. Fortunately, several of the best TVs are available for under $500 and offer the finest picture quality, smart functionality, and engaging viewing experiences. Don’t wait to find your perfect TV, whether you’re a casual viewer or a gamer – there’s an ideal option for under $500! Grab some popcorn, hop on the couch, and explore the world of best TVs under $500!

1. SAMSUNG 32-inch LED TV

SAMSUNG 32-inch LED TV best tv under budget

Are you searching for the best TV that won’t go over budget? Samsung’s 32-inch LED TV had to be at the top of our list. With its clear 1080p picture quality, you can observe every detail in your favorite TV series and films very closely. Furthermore, as it’s a smart TV, you can watch all of your shows on apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more.        

Moreover, being ideal for smaller places, you can take advantage of quick control and a smooth surfing experience. For seeking a clear picture with mind-blowing clarity and a viewing experience, this is one of the best TVs under $500.  

Key features:

  • FHD 1080p Resolution
  • Offers good surfing experience
  • Contains multiple ports

2. Amazon Fire TV 55’’ ( Best in Budget )

Amazon Fire TV 55 best tv under $500

For those searching for the best 55-inch TV under $500, the Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD Smart TV is an excellent option. This television will level up your living room’s entertainment with its numerous features.

Enjoy deep, brilliant colors and striking contrasts because of the TV’s 4K HDR technology. Furthermore, Dolby Digital Plus sound enhances the audio in movies and TV programs, making you feel as though you’re in the center of the action. All in all, it is a must-have TV for everyone who loves watching shows on the big screen. 

Key Features:

  • Offers 4K Ultra HD entertainment
  • Dolby digital sound
  • Hands-free TV with Alexa

3. LG 65-Inch Class UQ7570 Series ( Best Overall )

LG 65-Inch Class UQ7570 Series best tv under budget

Searching for a large 65-inch TV that won’t break the bank? Perhaps the ideal choice for you would be the LG UQ7570 Series 4K Smart TV, which is even a possible candidate for the best 65-inch TV under $500! The webOS platform from LG is preinstalled on it.

Additionally, this enables you to use a variety of streaming apps straight from your TV, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others. Also, with a Gen 5 AI processor, your picture clarity and sound get elevated. With this LG TV’s cloud gaming capabilities, you can also enjoy your favorite influential games without requiring an expensive console.  

Key Features:

  • Provides ultimate viewing experience
  • Integration of most OTT apps
  • Gives various connectivity options

4. Hisense 65-Inch Class A6 Series

Hisense 65-Inch Class A6 Series best tv under 500

Perhaps the best option is the Hisense 65-inch Class A6 Series 4K UHD Smart Google TV with a Built-in Subwoofer Soundbar, which is also a great candidate for the best 4K TV under $500! The integrated Subwoofer Soundbar on this TV is one of its remarkable features. This produces crisp sound and a deep, rich bass that improves your audio experience.

With several HDMI connectors, USB ports, and built-in Wi-Fi, the Hisense 65-inch Class A6 Series provides accessible communication for all of your devices. Experience 4K Ultra High Definition quality for crisp details and brilliant colors. You will be astounded by how lifelike everything appears on this large screen.

Key Features:

  • Various connectivity options
  • Contains a next-gen gaming mode
  • Consists of a built-in subwoofer

5. INSIGNIA 55-inch Class F30 Series

INSIGNIA 55-inch Class F30 Series best tv under 500

With its 55-inch screen and 4K Ultra HD quality, the INSIGNIA 55-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote provides a unique watching experience. The LED technology and 4K UHD resolution of the INSIGNIA F30 Series provide remarkable picture quality.

The TV is simple to set up, and you can easily adjust the settings and options to fit your viewing habits thanks to the user-friendly interface. The INSIGNIA F30 Series has a sleek, contemporary appearance that blends well with any type of interior decor. 

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Availability of Alexa voice remote
  • Top-quality dynamic range

6. Roku 65″ Select Series ( Best Features and Ratings )

Roku 65 Select Series best tv under 500

One of the best 4K TVs under $500 is the Roku 65″ Select Series 4K HDR Smart RokuTV with Enhanced Voice Remote. You can always enjoy the best viewing experience with this Roku TV since it automatically adjusts the brightness based on the lighting in your environment.

The enhanced voice remote on this Roku TV is one of its best features. Using voice commands, you can simply control your TV with this remote. In conclusion, the magnificent 4K picture quality, automated brightness control, and smooth streaming capabilities of the Roku 65″ Select Series 4K HDR Smart TV with Enhanced Voice Remote provide for an incredible viewing experience.

Key Features:

  • Automatic brightness adjustments
  • Gives clear 4k picture quality
  • Offers a good refresh rate


Spending a large amount of bucks is not necessary to have a big-screen TV experience. You’re sure to find the ideal fit for your living room, bedroom, or any other area where you want to relax with gorgeous graphics and helpful functionality with so many fantastic TVs available for under $500.

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