Are you worried about the safety of your precious things? Or Have you ever gone through a situation where you locked yourself outside? Some of you will be like – It was two weeks ago only when I lost the keys. 

It isn’t a rare thing to find, every 6 out of 10 people go through this situation. In an era of smart homes, why are you still using those traditional locks? Maintaining keys is harder than achieving goals. You can meet your boss’s expectations, but you can’t keep your keys safe all the time.

There is one thing that always keeps you worried! And it is about robberies and potential break-ins. Though you keep everything double-checked, the tension has made up space in your mind.

So there are chances that you already went through the situation and now you are planning to shift on a safer and more secure option. Or you are already smart, and hence you directly want to employ the smart lock to your place. (Be it office or home.)

To your rescue, Aura locks brings you the smarter locks for your place. These locks will resolve all your problems correlated with maintaining keys and worrying about the potential break-ins. The smart locks introduced by Lockibly are smart enough to recognize you with just a touch, Bluetooth connectivity, or a passcode.

Smart Locks For Smart Homes


It has four smart products, namely, Veti, Hermes, and Activa. Every lock has its own engaging feature. 

Veti is a basic one with the passcode system. Just like the mobile phone’s passcode, you will have to remember the code to open the door.

Hermes runs with the recognition of fingerprints and Bluetooth, which makes the opening door hassle-free. The biometric technology makes it burglar-free and hacker-proof. (Will study about its features and overall review in the later section!)

And the last one is Activa, which is the combination of the traditional and modern (smart) lock. It can be operated with both the key and biometrics. 

All the products of the Lockibly have 365 days of battery life and a sleek model that goes with every type of door. Here we will be reviewing the Hermes fingerprint and Bluetooth smart lock.

From its high-end design to its high-end security.

The lock is employed with two-way access. You can open the door with either advanced fingerprint recognition technology that identifies your finger in ‘just-in-a-click’ or Bluetooth connectivity. Do you often worry about whether you have locked your door or not after leaving? If yes, then this one is your soul security lock. 

Once you close the door, it auto-locks the door after 3 seconds. And will open only with the registered fingerprints. This was all about security you will get, now let’s look at its installation and structure.

Basically, all the locks are easy-to-install and are compatible with any door type. This can replace any standard lock as well as left or right-handed doors.

The installation of this smart doorknob/lock doesn’t require any wiring, drilling, or locksmiths and handymen. Just a screwdriver! And the installation is done. 

You can add up to 100 unique fingerprints. So apart from family members, you can also allow your maid, dog walker, driver, delivery person, or any key member to enter the house with its inexplicably smart features of Bluetooth and biometrics. 

Smart Locks For Smart Homes


The structure of the lock is minimalistic, secure, and sturdy. It is weather-resistant and can work without any problem even at -20 or 60-degree Celcius temperature. We already said it has 365 days of battery life that too with daily usage. But how does it last that long? With the help of a 4x AAA battery.

So you have many pro points of the product. Let’s name them out:

– 365-day Battery Life

– One-Touch Access

– Easy to Install

– Auto-lock System

– Weather Resistant

And to add a cherry to the cake, we are wrapping it up with a few reviews from its users. Take heed!

“This product works exactly as advertised and gives you complete peace of mind. There is no need to worry about keys because there are no keys to be lost!! This product is really amazing and very easy to set up.” – Kelvin Carney

“I am incredibly pleased to have this product, and I bought it for my master bedroom. The entire installation took about 10 minutes, and it was effortless. This product has superior quality and great value for money.” – Ace Kent

“I love this product and purchased it a couple of months from now. You can place on that door where you keep your valuable things and stuff. No one can gain access without your permission. Now my roommates cannot get into my room in my absence.” – Lani Delarosa

Smart Locks for Smart Homes


Let Lockibly Be Your Safety Guard

The last words we can put in for it is – “The Hermes fingerprint and Bluetooth smart lock is the best product for its price, providing you the best of security and design it can. You can be care-free after installing the one on your door. Once you are out, let the Lockibly make your place burglar-free and hacker-proof. This one is the fastest-selling product. Naturally, it does offer a satisfying result.”