Smart gadgets have changed a lot of things, from the way we communicate with people halfway across the globe, to automating certain aspects of our homes as well. And with that smart technology also sometimes comes with a hefty price tag, which is well justified given the features each and every smart gadget entails.

There are different categories of smart gadgets now in markets. First, it was always smartphones or smart TVs that you would hear of, but now there are smart lights, smart refrigerators, smart speakers – so many more smart gadgets, it is unbelievable!

Smart Gadgets at FirstEnergy

First Energy Electric is one of the most well renowned investor-owned electrical systems, providing users with transmission operations and products and services. With 10 regulated distribution companies under its belt, FirstEnergy serves over 6 million customers across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Apart from that, they also provide a whole catalog of smart home gadgets, as well as other domesticated services – like TV and Internet subscriptions of the best providers of the area.

But FirstEnergy has an entire catalog of Smart Home gadgets that would be very useful in any household. Whether you’re in a family home or living independently, there is something that is useful for anybody and everybody! Smart gadgets provide the ease of automation with remote and voice control and energy efficiency with certain smart devices. The price you pay for these products pay off in the long run given the kind of features you get to enjoy over the years.

Top Smart Gadgets Useful For Every Home

Here is a list of Smart gadgets that can fit right into any home because of their versatility.

1. Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat

Smart Gadgets

One of the best smart thermostats in the game, the Honeywell Home T9 can adjust the temperature that is just right for you. With additional smart sensors, it can adjust temperatures accordingly and individually for every room.

With the Honeywell Home app, you can adjust the temperatures, set schedules for your device to follow, and even control your device from wherever you are – whether it is within the house or from another city altogether. It makes energy saving quite easy, and eventually also cuts down on your heating and cooling bills. The device basically pays for itself over time.

The Honeywell T9 is smart enough to detect whether someone is passing through or staying in the room. It even sends alerts to your device whenever any filters need changing.

2. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor A19 Bulb

Smart Gadgets

Retail price $34.99 for a 2-pack

The Sengled Smart Multicolor bulbs work by connecting to the home Wi-Fi network, so you can control them from the Sengled mobile app, while also being compatible with voice assistants – namely Alexa and Google Assistant. They also work great with IFTTT and ZigBee hubs like that of Samsung SmartThings.

With the mobile app, you can set schedule timings for selective rooms or bulbs, and even control the lights remotely from anywhere. The best part about these bulbs in particular is that they feature over 16 million colors and have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. We’re not kidding! Change the color to anything you want, adjust the brightness to whatever suits you, and switch between warm and white light.

3. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart Gadgets

Retail price $24.99

As if controlling smart devices from our phones was enough, there is a way you can control other devices around your home too! The Wemo Smart Plug lets you control any electronic devices plugged in, from your smartphones and tablets – and for those that have Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Apple Home Kit voice assistants, lucky you because you can enable voice control.

This means you can switch off the curling iron you left plugged into the Wemo Smart Plug or any other device. With its ‘Away Mode’ you can even turn any lights that are plugged in, on or off to not let anybody know you’re not home or on vacation.

4. Google Nest Doorbell

Smart Gadgets

Retail price $229

The Google Nest Doorbell never lets you miss out on a visitor, and with a subscription to Nest Aware, it can even allow for facial recognition and send you alerts accordingly to your smartphones, tablets, and any other connected smart device!

This device doesn’t just serve as the smart doorbell that lets you answer your door whether you’re home or away but also acts as a little security device – with its live video footage available 24/7, and a 3-hour history preview available in case you want to rewind and watch something from earlier.

Final Thoughts

Smart Gadgets are what have made it easier to convert your homes into Smart Homes. They are affordable, and the ones that are expensive are worth the price, you’ll see! They essentially pay for themselves in a matter of months – take a look at smart thermostats for instance. Nonetheless, whether you are looking to transform your lifestyle and your home, or whether you just want one or a couple of smart devices around the home, head on over to and check out their catalog. You’ll find something useful there for sure.

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