Mobile Photography Tips For A Stunning Social Media Selfie

Mobile Photography Tips

All of us want to look great mainly in our photos, and each time we get our smartphone to take a selfie, we tend to scan all the recent selfies we took to choose the one that we want to post on our social media page.

 Although we are aware of the situations when it is not the best idea to take a selfie, a lot of us still wonder how to pose for an excellent selfie.

We probably can’t manage to take the same selfies that look amazing with exceptional lighting, which entirely matches our look. On the bright side, taking a nice selfie is not that hard to learn, particularly if you are having fun while doing it. Here are some tips for you to take a great selfie:

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Look for Excellent Lighting

Don’t take a photo with the sun above you because it will make you look older and fill your face with shadows. 

Mobile Photography Tips


Instead of taking a photo directly under the sun, try standing under a porch or umbrella. Why? Because diffused light is perfect in making your face seem brighter and natural.

Also, if you are in a room with a lot of lamps, remember that they will emit a yellow look while your window light will provide you with a blue shade. Although this setting seems to have an issue with lighting inconsistency, it is still fine because this particular imbalance in lighting will present your selfie with a unique vibe. 

However, if you want to take the best photo, then I suggest you switch the lamps off so that the color temperature in the room will remain the same. By doing so, this will provide you with a background that generates visual interest leading to a perfect selfie.

Know the Ideal Poses for a Selfie

Selfie poses are an essential aspect of taking the best photo. If you take photography as a hobby, then you can’t merely point your phone camera directly at your face and take a fabulous photo without thinking meticulously. Explore and experiment with vantage points and angles to determine the selfie poses that seem the most flattering.  

Try turning on your left side, fronting your phone camera, and then try turning on your right as well. You can also try holding your mobile device slightly lower or higher than usual to determine the ideal angle and points according to your facial shape.

Mobile Photography Tips


The moment you recognize your strong side, then you will naturally find out what you want to do with your hands and posture.

Practice Taking more Selfies

If you have a stroke an excellent pose under playful lighting but still end up looking weird in the photo, then you probably need some practice. Even if you are knowledgeable about how lighting and angle work, remember that you can’t capture that “perfect selfie” all the time.

Well, this scenario is particularly normal for everyone because nobody can get a perfect selfie in one click or pose, so there is no need to worry and continue taking more selfies.  

Eventually, as you get comfortable with taking photos, you will learn how things work while having fun doing such. As a result, you will find taking selfies natural while looking undoubtedly great in the process.

Mobile Photography Tips


To Conclude

Many people strive to get that perfect selfie moment. While some have fun in taking photos, others find it awkward and look not their best in the image as a result. But by reading this article, you will find that taking excellent selfies is not that hard, besides it is a fun thing to do.