Konosuba Season 3: When Is It Going to Get Released?

konosuba season 3

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World, a very popular Japanese series is love by a lot of people. It is base on a Japanese light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. This anime series was a big hit when it was feature for the first time. This Novel series was first feature for the first time in the year 2013. Then after one year in 2014, a manga series of the same title was feature. Wait for Konosuba Season 3? When Is It Going to Get Release?

The first anime series of this title got feature in the year 2016. It was a great success as it was love by a lot of people and seeing the huge response that people gave to the series, the second series was plan and release the next year, 2017. 

Now, after so much time, it is obvious that people are excited about the third season and eagerly waiting to watch it. Though a movie (‘KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson’) and OVAs were released after the second season, people haven’t forgotten the anime series and are super excited to know how the story goes ahead. 

It has won several accolades and people have loved the comic scenes shown in the two seasons. It won the runner-up award for Best Comedy in the Anime Awards 2016. 

How Does the Story Go?

konosuba season 3

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The story is about a boy, Kazuma Sato. He died in a traffic accident and a beautiful girl who is a Goddess call Aqua wakes him up. When he wakes up, she asks him if he wants to go to another world or not? If yes, he will be able to carry only one thing with him in the other world. He responds yes and asks the Goddess to come with him. 

Now, they both are in a fantasy world where adventure and action will be coming before them every single day. This new world is rule by a demon king who is not a peaceful man to deal with. Kazuma wants to get out of this and live a peaceful life but Aqua has her mindset to solve the problems of this world. 

In order to set everything right in this new world, they have to fight against the demon king. 

When Will Season 3 Get Released?

konosuba season 3

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Konosuba Season 3 release date is not yet confirm by the creators. It might get release in the year 2021 but as there is not an official confirmation made, we can just guess it as of now. Coronavirus may have affect the plan and production so it might delay the schedule. 

The producer of the anime series has confirm that there will be a release of the third season so now we have to just wait for the official declaration of the date and the trailer to get release. 

Where Can I Watch the First and Second Season?

konosuba season 3

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If you haven’t watch the first and second season then you can watch it on Crunchyroll. You can watch any anime and manga series on this platform which claims itself to be having the World’s Largest Collection of Anime.  

There are ten episodes each in both the seasons so you have to watch these 20 episodes before jumping to the third season when it gets release. 

It is also available on HBO Max to watch. 

If the third season doesn’t get release in any unfortunate circumstance (Hope for the best that this doesn’t happen) then the only option for you to know about the story ahead is to read the novel.  

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How Can We Figure Out If a New Anime Series for Any Xyz Title Will Be Released or Not? 

konosuba season 3

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One of the most prominent reasons for the continuation of any series is how popular it is and whether the novel on which it is made is getting continue or not. 

If there is a huge demand for the title and people love to watch it and are very much curious to know about the story ahead then it is obvious that the makers are going to take the efforts to release a new sequel.

Also, one should check if the novel that the title is base on is getting continue or not. If the story is getting continue in the novel and there are new volumes getting release then it puts a strong reason to continue with a new sequel until the novel gets end. 

In the case of Konosuba, the novel has a lot many volumes that are release. The last volume 17 was release in 2020 and the story end there. 

Season 1 of the anime covers volumes 1 and 2 of the light novel. Season 2 covers volumes 3 and 4. The movie that got release thereafter cover volume 5. So, from volume 6 to volume 17, the story is yet to be cover in the anime sequels so there is a high chance of too many sequels to get release. 


Another very important parameter is to check the profit and loss balance sheet. If the previous seasons are not profitable then there is no meaning for the third season to get release. How good the story is if people are not watching it and if the producers are going in loss then they will not continue with the production, that is for sure. 

The Blue-ray sales of both seasons are good. This is a good sign of the arrival of the next season. 

The sales of the light novels are also going pretty well. The movie also receive a whopping response from the fans so these are pretty good signs for the next sequel. 

You will be surprise to know if you are not already knowing that there is a mobile game also release for Konosuba. It has been download more than 500,000 times which is a big number. The gaming market is booming currently all over the world so it was obvious that this game will also get a good response from the gaming community. 

There are Audio CDs being sold for the different seasons and they are also equally love. 


So, overall, we can say that the Konosuba title and its various channels are doing pretty good and earning lots of profits. This makes a strong reason for the directors and producers to get motivate and move ahead with the next sequel. 

This was an overview of the Konosuba season 3. Just wait and watch for the official confirmation and the trailer gets out. Till then you can watch any other anime series and remain excite for this one.