4 Dangerous Viruses That Wreck The Computers In Past

computer virus names list

Wondering which are the viruses that were the most dangerous ones in the past? Then, have a look at the computer virus names list brought to you by Technographx. Let us have a look at them.


computer virus names list

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CryptoLocker got spread in September 2013 through email attachments and it encrypted the user’s files so that they couldn’t access them. The hackers then send a decryption key in return for a sum of money. With some of the hacking attempts, it was fine to recover through some software but many of the infected computers, the victims have to pay or lose all their files. So, back up all your important files immediately. You will love to know and get information about  how computer viruses spread.

I Love You

computer virus names list

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It is one of the most destructive and well-known viruses of all time. This virus was let loose since 15 years. It is a pretty tame virus according to today’s standards but in 2000, it was one of the most damaging malwares of all time. The virus came in an email with the subject line of “I love you”.

The curious people opened the attachment reading ‘LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs’ in the email and then a worm was getting downloaded. The worm overwrote system files and personal files and spread itself over and over again. This virus also held the Guinness World Record as the most ‘virulent’ virus of all time.

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computer virus names list

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It is one of the fastest spreading email-based worms ever just like ILOVEYOU. This virus even hit the tech companies like Microsoft, SCO and Google with a Distributed Denial of Service attack. In 2004, almost 16-25% of all mails had been infected by this virus. The cost of the malware was 38$ billion.

Storm Worm

computer virus names list

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This virus made rounds in 2006 with a subject line of ‘230 dead as storm batters Europe’. People will open the email and then they will click on a link to the news story and then the real problem starts. It was a Trojan horse that infects computers and turns them into the zombies and bots and continues to spread the virus and sends a huge amount of spam mail.

So, these were the computer virus names that brought a very serious threat in the past. Also, check out the computer virus names 2019 to be aware and to safeguard your pc.