PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update has been release on July 7, 2020, and it has brought a few changes and improvements to the game. It is release on both Android and iOS platforms globally and requires 1.84 GB of storage space on Android and about 2.13 GB of storage space on iOS. This might lead to a situation that you are not able to team up with your usual squad as not all have update to the latest PUBG mobile update.

Tencent had already warn the players that there might be disruption on the day when the update was going to go live, i.e. 7th July as everyone will be downloading the patch all over the world.

PUBG Mobile Update

The best part of the update was that players could play the game with the game getting update in the background.

The major highlight of this update is the new Livik map that has been design keeping in mind the mobile game audience so it is a small map as compare to the other big maps.

Also, the season 14 of the game is going to get release very soon, we will know about its release date and details too in this post but before that let’s have an overview of the latest pubg mobile update.

New Livik Map

This new Livik Map will be release with this new update and it measures 2 km × 2 km. Currently, the map is in the Beta stage and further improvements will be made in it getting the feedbacks from the players. This map will be having a match time of 15 minutes and will have a capacity of 52 players, this will lead to a fast and exciting gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile Update

New weapons and vehicles are add exclusively to this map. SMG: P90 and Marksman Rifle: Mk 12 weapons are add and in-vehicle, Monster Truck has been add. Players will be having a great time exploring the new map and trying out these new weapons and vehicle.

PUBG Mobile Update

Following improvements are made in the game with this new update:

  • Now, you will be able to play the game smoothly on the low and mid-performing devices as the rendering has been improve on them.
  • There will be less occurrence of lag on mobile devices that are HDR enable.
  • On the sensitivity tab, there is a new tutorial add for sensitivities.
  • Users will get more information for camera control rules on the control settings screen as a new information page is add.
  • Battery consumption has been improve for high-performance devices.
  • The screen lockup issue on the bad network has been resolve.
  • There are two buttons add: On and Off for Scope and Peek for camera rotation.
  • A reminder will be show to the leader to mark the landing zone on the mini-map.
  • For the auto pick-up of scopes, a new switch has been add.
  • Improvisation has been done in the custom control panel display.
  • For the Frag Grenades and Smoke Grenades, the default pick-up amount has been change to 1.
  • Various color scheme options have been add for Receive damage effects and Hit effects.
  • Two things have been improve during parachuting: one is the altitude and the other is the speed gauge display.
  • Players will now see an effect preview for the energy boost items.
  • Players will be notify with a tip that a failure has occur while using the flare gun (if it has fail to fire).

When will the Mobile Season 14 get released?

PUBG Mobile Update

PUBG Mobile season 14 is set to release on 14th July 2020. Not even 7 days are left for the release so the players are highly excite about it. Season 13 will end on July 12 and after one day, the new season will get release. Season 14 will run for 8 weeks or so and then season 15 will arrive in September.

PUBG Mobile Royale pass for this new season is call Spark the Flame and with this new pass, more cosmetics and themes will get add.

PUBG Mobile Update

Spark the Flame-theme mode

This new mode of S14 will be part of the Miramar and Erangel maps. Players can explore this mode by selecting these maps. There are small statues, giant statues and statue camps feature in this mode.

PUBG Mobile Update

Some of the highlights of this new season are mention below:

  • New multi-form outfits, new themes, and better level rewards will be there.
  • Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-theme rewards will return from S5.
  • There is an RP Crate Luck Event add with amazing rewards.

Warm-up event

PUBG Mobile Update

Players will earn Season 14 reward points by completing the missions in the Classic mode battling in 4 player teams. In the warm-up event that will be release for a limited time period after the end of Season 13.

So, here was an overview of the PUBG mobile update 0.19.0 and the upcoming Season 14. If you haven’t download the new update then do it now and enjoy exploring the new map. Also, check out the improvements done and play PUBG like a pro with these best pubg mobile controllers.

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