With over 2 million apps available on the App Store, finding the best games can be a challenge. For fans of brain-teasing and visually-pleasing puzzles, the options are plentiful. To help you discover new gems, here are 10 of the top puzzle games you can download right now on your iPhone or iPad. From physics-based contraptions to minimalist design challenges, meditative experiences to traffic direction simulations, there’s sure to be a puzzle that will capture your interest and provide hours of entertainment.

1. Cut the Rope – Evergreen puzzle

Cut the Rope puzzle game

Help the adorable Om Nom satisfy his sweet tooth in this physics-based puzzle game. Across 425 levels, strategically cut ropes using realistic physics to drop candy into his eager mouth. Factor in momentum, gravity and more to collect stars.

Colorful cartoon graphics and lively music accompany this award-winning game. Compete on leaderboards or unlock special powers and contraptions for hours of addictive gameplay assisting Om Nom’s candy quest in Cut the Rope.

  • Addictive, physics-based gameplay
  • Cute graphics and character
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Awesome superpowers
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Contains ads

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

2. Where’s My Water? 2 – Award Winning Puzzle Game

Where's My Water 2 puzzle game for iphone

Guide fresh water through challenging dirt trails, pipes, and tunnels to help Swampy the alligator and his friends in this fun sequel from Disney. With over 100 free levels, you’ll cut winding paths through the soil and use creative mechanics like droplets, vacuums, and valves to move the water.

New locations like the Soap Factory and Beach, new characters, power-ups, and modes like Duck Rush add variety to the puzzle play. Fans of the original will enjoy the new physics-based puzzles. The detailed graphics and animations bring the gameplay to life.

  • Sequel to popular original
  • 100+ free levels
  • New features and modes
  • Not many differences from original

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

Angry Birds 2

The classic Angry Birds slingshot game returns bigger and better in this exciting sequel. Fling precariously perched birds at those greedy snorting piggies across multi-stage levels, and watch their elaborate towers and constructions come toppling down.

You can choose your bird depending on the materials you need to break, team up in clans with friends, compete in special arenas, and customize your flock with hats. With regular new themed updates, impressive destruction physics, and global leaderboards, this game offers endless pig-popping fun.

  • Fun slingshot gameplay
  • Online clan competitions
  • Frequent new content
  • Gets repetitive quickly

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

4. Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Games for iphone and ipad

Puzzle lovers enjoy assembling beautiful high resolution images in this library of jigsaw puzzles. Choose categories like foods, landscapes, people and animals to find your perfect relaxation activity. Accurately piece puzzles together at your selected difficulty.

Earn coins unlocking new image packs. Enhanced gameplay includes rotation mode, custom backgrounds and importing photos for personalized play. Customizable settings provide enjoyable puzzling for all ages in Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles.

  • Large selection of puzzle images
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Extensive customization options
  • Not many gameplay modes

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

5. Build a Bridge! – Bridge Construction Sim!

Build a Bridge puzzle game for ipad

Put your engineering and construction skills to the test in this addictive physics-based builder game. Select from materials like wood, cable, and metal to construct bridges within a limited budget. Try to be creative in building a structure that can withstand the crossing of multiple vehicles across the gap.

Watch in anticipation as the cars and trucks drive over your constructions in 3D. With 86 increasingly challenging levels across varied environments, you’ll have to apply logic and innovation to build bridges that are both affordable and stable. This game provides hours of bridge designing fun.

  • Physics-based building gameplay
  • 86 levels to solve
  • Creative freedom
  • Gameplay can get repetitive

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)

6. Green (game) – Another Puzzle Game!

green (game)

With its ultra simple goal of turning the entire screen green, this stylishly minimalist puzzle game will bend your brain. Each of the 50 levels has its own logic and unique method to discover. From buttons to break, layers to move, and areas to fill, you’ll have to think outside the box.

Helpful hints are available when you get stuck on a level. Or you can just experiment wildly and let creativity lead the way. The clean black and green aesthetic provides a fresh take on puzzle games.

  • Minimalist, clean design
  • Makes you think outside the box
  • Helpful hint system
  • Very simple graphics
  • Only 50 levels

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)

7. Blackbox – Think outside the box

Blackbox puzzle game

Experience this unique puzzle game that challenges your senses. Guided only by audio cues and haptic feedback, solve puzzles by listening, feeling rather than looking. Climb mountains and connect with the cosmos in innovative ways.

With an ever-expanding set of levels, return to this award-winning game for fresh unconventional puzzles around every corner. Blackbox delivers a sensory experience unlike any other, redefining puzzle solving with subtle interactive challenges for your mind.

  • Innovative audio and haptic puzzles
  • Fresh, unique concept
  • Thoughtful level design
  • Requires headphones
  • Short playtime

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.19)

8. Mr. Traffic – Endless Traffic Harmony

Mr. Traffic puzzle game

Take control of the chaos in this lane-based puzzle game. Direct colorful cartoon vehicles across busy highways to change lanes and avoid smashing collisions. Easy to play for quick sessions, but tough to master with unlockable vehicles and accessories.

Compete on global leaderboards by achieving the highest scores against traffic managers worldwide. With a constant stream of challenges and hours of entertainment, you’ll keep coming back to tame the tangled traffic in Mr. Traffic.

  • Simple, intuitive gameplay
  • Global leaderboards
  • Fun graphics and outfits to unlock
  • Can get repetitive quickly

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

9. Linko – Relaxing Simple Puzzle Game

Linko - Relaxing Simple Puzzle Game

Linko offers a meditative, de-stressing puzzle experience. Rotate the lines to create connections and complete the loop across each minimalist stage. With softly colored visuals and intuitive click-to-rotate gameplay controls, it provides a zen-like calming activity for your mind.

There are no time limits, moves counters, or scores – you can play at your own pace. As you solve the increasingly challenging levels, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the soothing flow of forming links. Linko is an ideal way to reduce anxiety and focus your thoughts.

  • Relaxing, minimalist gameplay
  • Intuitive rotating mechanic
  • No timing pressure
  • Very simple presentation
  • Might be too easy

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)

10. I Love Hue – A gentle colour journey

I Love Hue puzzle game

With its ultra-minimalist aesthetic, I Love Hue is a visually gorgeous color puzzle game. The objective is to organize misplaced colored tiles into seamless rainbow spectrums. With over 900 levels focused purely on subtle differences in shade and hue rather than convoluted logic, it trains an eye for color and visual harmony.

A soothing soundtrack accompanies the straightforward drag-and-drop gameplay. If you appreciate aesthetics, design, and color theory, I Love Hue offers a zen-like, visual puzzle experience.

  • Beautiful, colorful minimalism
  • Calming soundtrack
  • 900+ levels focused on color
  • Lacks variety in gameplay

Price: Free


Puzzle games provide engaging challenges and training for your mind. With thoughtful designs, clean aesthetics, fun soundtracks, and unique concepts, these top 10 iPhone and iPad puzzle games show the breadth of creativity possible in the genre. Whether you prefer visual harmony, construction logic, pixel perfection, or physics-based chain reactions, you’re bound to find multiple apps here to please your puzzle preferences. Download a few to your device today for interactive entertainment whenever you need a mental break or distraction.

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