Thanks to their puzzles that challenge observation skills and stories that compel continued play, hidden object games have become extremely popular in mobile gaming. With these 10 best hidden object iPhone games, you can explore mysteries, decorating simulations, and interactive adventures. Hidden object iPhone games will immerse you in rich worlds, whether you’re a detective hunting for clues, a decorator expressing creativity, or an explorer discovering surprises.

1. June’s Journey: Find clues and solve a mystery

June’s Journey

In June’s Journey, you solve a family murder mystery set in the glamorous 1920s. June Parker’s captivating quest for the scandalous family secret, learn the shocking truth about your aristocratic family. In your family’s manor, you’ll explore stunning scenes for clues and solve puzzles while escaping an era of opulence. In this story-rich game, armchair detectives and history buffs will be enthralled by new mysteries every week.

  • Gorgeous 1920s hand-drawn scenes
  • New chapter released every week
  • Satisfying puzzle variety
  • Customizable hometown manor
  • Can feel repetitive over time
  • Contains advertising
  • Puzzles can be tricky
  • Story progress requires energy/purchases

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99)

2. Manor Matters – Solve mysteries and puzzles

Manor Matters

A renovation adventure meets a mystery game awaits you inside the abandoned Castlewood Manor. Explore the manor’s intriguing rooms and grounds while finding hidden objects to earn stars. Use your stars to restore areas and uncover the manor’s captivating backstory through the artifacts left behind. It will keep you hooked as you unravel Castlewood’s secrets with its ever-unfolding events, friends to aid you, and dangerous expeditions that reveal the castle’s past.

  • Addictive renovation gameplay loop
  • Intriguing backstories to uncover
  • Relaxing decoration component
  • Quirky character quests and events
  • Slow energy regeneration
  • Room sizes are limiting
  • Story can take awhile to progress

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

3. Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

Murder in Alps

Murder in the Alps is an Agatha Christie-style whodunit mystery set in a 1930s Austrian Alps hotel. As journalist Anna Myers, you must determine which of the quirky guests and staff is the most likely suspect when a guest goes missing. It features hidden object searches, lavish artwork, and animated comics that advance the story between game scenes, and even strategy guides for getting through tricky situations, this suspenseful adventure game will have amateur sleuths enthralled.

  • Strong murder mystery storyline
  • Suspenseful animated comic interludes
  • Helpful Built-in strategy Guide
  • Find Suspect & Solve Crime
  • Gorgeous art deco aesthetic
  • Hotel setting limits locations
  • Can get dialogue heavy
  • Crafting mechanic is dull

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)

4. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel

For a tropical twist on Hidden objects puzzle game, Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery has you uncovering the stories around a decaying Miami hotel while also restoring it to its former glory. Find clues, solve puzzles, and advance the mystery as you renovate areas of the hotel using stars earned through the hidden object scenes spanning guest rooms, shops, the lobby, and more. Make clever use of helpful boosters when stuck and try out different game modes for variety.

  • Merge hidden object & hotel design genres
  • Good variety in scene modes & locations
  • Item boosters aid tricky scenes
  • Fresh dolphin & turtle mini-games
  • Hotel restoration is slow
  • Story mysteries lack full closure
  • Gets repetitive over longer play
  • Secret room blueprints cost premium

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

5. Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes

Seekers Notes envelops you in mystery and beauty within the cursed city of Darkwood. Each exquisitely drawn scene begs to be pored over as you find objects to solve puzzles and complete quests to slowly reveal the stories of Darkwood’s residents. Make friends with these characters afflicted by the mist enshrouding Darkwood and unravel overarching mysteries spanning generations. With regular events and updates, this game continues to enthrall players.

  • Find & solve city mysteries
  • Stunningly beautiful artwork
  • Huge map with constant updates
  • Satisfying collections to complete
  • Active competitive guild play
  • Very slow burn plot
  • Events rely on recycle mechanics
  • Too many currencies/systems

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

6. Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3


In Sherlock, partner with the master detective himself to investigate supernatural disturbances altering the stories within classic books. Travel into the worlds of novels like Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz to search lavish scenes for objects and play match-3 puzzles. Your clues and puzzle mastery will help resolve the strange mysteries that have overwritten the original tales, making things right in these beloved story worlds once more.

  • Beloved literary settings from books
  • Two varied play mode options
  • Special themed events and decor
  • Works offline with no energy limits
  • Stories feel disconnected
  • New scene types very limited
  • Case mysteries are forgettable

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

7. Criminal Case – Must Play Detective Game

Criminal Case

Step into the gritty crime-ridden world of Criminal Case as a detective determined to bring justice against the tide of corruption. Examine crime scenes for clues, analyze evidence at the lab to advance cases, interrogate questionable characters, and accuse the guilty party once you’re certain you’ve solved the case. Fans of police procedurals and CSIs will love following along with these investigations.

  • Highly interactive crime scene searches
  • Lab analysis & suspect interrogation
  • Ton of cases with twisted plots
  • Optional romantic side stories
  • Free hidden objects games
  • Advertising free experience
  • Little customization or department building
  • Evidence misses can stall case progress
  • Graphic crime scene images

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

8. Hidden Folks – Cute. Funny. But where?!

Hidden Folks

For a creative take on hidden object gaming, Hidden Folks plops you into tiny interactive worlds created completely through hand-drawn illustrations. Click around lively mini-scenes like beaches, trains, or concerts to find the people and creatures hiding within. Interact with these environments as you search by pulling tabs, opening doors, poking creatures, and activating amusing sound effects. With loads of scenes and targets to find, it’s perfect for playful people of all ages.

  • Cloud sync on iOS and Steam
  • Charming interactive miniature scenes
  • Hand-drawn art bursts with charm
  • Super replayable
  • Goofy sounds make it fun for all ages
  • Play on Multiple platforms
  • No overarching plotline or narrative
  • Black & white style lacks vibrance
  • Additional area purchases

Price: $4.99

9. Hidden City: Object Seekers

Hidden City

Hidden City offers a spooky twist on hidden object gaming as you search eerie scenes to save a friend kidnapped into a dangerous magical city appearing across the world. Make your way through abandoned subway stations, haunted houses, crypts, and more while picking up quests from eccentric characters. Battle magical foes, join other players to defeat boss creatures, unlock new areas, and slowly unravel the mysteries around why the hidden city emerged and what it wants.

  • Colorful weird fantasy world
  • Hundreds of quests and locations
  • Multiplayer boss battle events
  • Offline with large map breadth
  • Contains frequent ad offers
  • Very grind heavy
  • Gets repetitive with similar puzzles

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

10. Kawaii Mansion: Home Makeover

Kawaii Mansion

Kawaii Mansion injects colorful charm into the hidden object genre as you find items while designing a cute mansion for eclectic guests. Switch between traditional object find scenes and silhouette or word modes for variety. Your earned stars can be used to acquire whimsical furnishings as you decorate rooms tailored to client stories revealed through quests. With adorable characters and heartwarming tales, decorating fans will love the creativity.

  • Adorable manga-style illustration
  • Light-hearted Hidden Object
  • Creative room decoration gameplay
  • Heartwarming guest backstories
  • Good variety in hidden object modes
  • Small limiting mansion size
  • Requires grinding for unlocks
  • Quests lack gameplay depth

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


With mysteries that unravel, designs that delight, and worlds that inspire wonder, these 10 hidden object titles showcase immersive, polished iPhone gameplay. The variety across these puzzle-rich games provides memorable characters, intriguing stories, and satisfying challenges.

For any gamer who enjoys feeling captivated and entertained for hours at a time, hidden object iOS games hit the sweet spot combining narrative and interactivity. With clever hiding places that call for clever seekers, losing oneself in these puzzles demonstrates why the genre continues captivating mobile fans.

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