Over the years, Microsoft has developed several game platforms and accessories for its customers. The Xbox One is Microsoft’s eighth-generation video gaming system, which has generated a lot of excitement among gamers worldwide.

Xbox One was Microsoft’s creation to compete with the PlayStation2 and GameCube. This console was voted on top of PS4 due to its powerful specifications, which can pay for around four thousand titles.

Many gamers and consumers nowadays find the Xbox One system really handy for them to utilize when playing games. On the other hand, others have incompatible preferences with the existing Xbox system that they want to make changes to meet their needs.

But the Xbox One itself has extremely helpful functions that can assist its users and gamers modify their games and their ways of playing them. For example, you can play Grand Theft Auto V or the  GTA 5 Xbox One modded version for an enhanced gaming experience. Check out this way of having a more exciting gaming experience with your favorite game. Read on to learn how to mod an Xbox console:

Ways to Mod an Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console

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Modding the Xbox One console to enhance playing experiences involves working around its computer hardware components. Modifications to its inner parts have the additional effect of altering the console’s original performance and making it more convenient to use according to user preferences.

Do the Softmod

Softmods are software source codes that modify the programming of the Xbox One. These modifications allow the user to customize the console’s functioning. Softmod is one of the many approaches to altering this gaming console.

Steps to Softmod

Get Your Softmod Kit

Softmod kits are available online for a fee. This is needed to start soft modding your Xbox One device. The softmod kit usually comes in a USB device with a memory card. This memory card is loaded with the softmod files modders used to re-program the Xbox.

Install XBMC4Xbox

Download and install XBMC4Xbox. This is an open-source program that will act as your dashboard. It’s an essential tool as you begin to manage Xbox console changes. The changes may include adding cheat codes, skins, and other features to the games that you wish to have in your collection.

The Hot Swapping

Essentially, it entails physically detaching and moving the Xbox hard drive to a computer. A Linux-based Live CD is used to modify the console’s data or mod the game applications in your Xbox.

Mod Your Games

Primarily, you must have Xbox games to modify before you can begin to mod it. There are over two thousand high-quality games on the Xbox One. The console will work with all digitally purchased games.

The Xbox Game Pass library has a wide list of games for you to play. You can choose from the list of which game you’ll mod to fit your preferred game style. One of the ways to mod this console is by having the games modded.

You can have the multiplayer Fallout 4 mod or other game applications to mod on your console. But if you are new at modding, you can try and mod the Grand Theft Auto game as a start.

How to Get GTA 5 Modded for Xbox One

Xbox One Console

Open Xbox Console Games

The Xbox Game Pass library has a wide list of games for you to play. From the list, you can choose which game you’ll mod to fit your preferred game style. Open the game application to ensure it’s in the Xbox One Console. After opening the game and ensuring it’s working, quit the game for the next step.

Tap The Network Setting

The next step is for you to go to your Xbox One settings. Look for the network setting option and tap the advanced setting tab. Find the DNS settings in the advanced setting menu. And change the DNS settings from Automatic to Manual.

Set your DNS bar by entering the code 212-121-56-190. Encode the numbers correctly. Otherwise, you will experience glitches or errors in your game. After ensuring that you got the correct code, you’ll input the 8-8-4-4 code. You can then save the settings after entering this last code.

Open GTA 5 On Xbox One

After saving your new DNS settings, open the game application again. Make sure you’ve correctly quit the game beforehand. When you’re logged back in the game, go to its menu by pressing ‘r1’ and ‘a simultaneously.

The menu should display gadgets, tools, and anything you need for the game. If you can already view these items, including item transformations, then you have successfully modded the game application on Xbox One.

Connect Your Accessories

You can modify your Xbox One console features by connecting to other devices and gadgets. These will add effects and thrill to the games and movies you play on your Xbox One. You can also connect some of your accessories without engaging repair services agencies.

Some Accessories To Mod Xbox Console

Xbox One Console

Bluetooth Adapter

You can circumvent the Xbox One’s Bluetooth restriction using a Bluetooth adaptor or transmitter. However, even though you will be unable to use your headset microphone, the headphones will help customize your movie and gaming experiences.

You can also use some Bluetooth-compatible devices, like speakers, to run with your Xbox One console using the Bluetooth adapter.

Wireless Controller

The use of wired accessories can occasionally detract from your gaming progress. You may prevent these delays by using a wireless controller, which allows you to have more engaging enjoyment. Developers worldwide have worked together to create more complex wireless controllers that may be used to customize your Xbox.


The iPhone has so many restrictions that only selected applications are compatible. The Xbox One console is one of those devices that can work well with an iPhone and other gadgets from Apple.

The AirServer feature for Xbox transforms your Xbox console into a receiver. This will allow Apple devices, like the iPhone, to transfer their displays directly to your Xbox console through the AirPlay mode. You can then stream music and games from your iPhone while using Xbox.

Use External Hard Drives

An external hard drive mods your Xbox One console by expanding its capacity to accommodate more game, film, and data files. These hard drives are easier to transfer data from your Xbox to other devices.

Xbox consoles are compatible with most current hard drives available on the market. The requirement of USB 3.0 functionality is available and standard even for inexpensive USB external hard drives. Using the USB 3.0 capability lets you have fast data transfers between your Xbox console and the external hard drive.

While some think it impractical to use hard drives, the Xbox One is found to play and perform better using an external hard drive. The 3.0 USB drive response rate is quicker than the SATA II drive inside the Xbox One console.

You can attach and detach hard drives or use more than one external hard drive to store your data or Xbox files. Then, you can swap them out when you need to play the games or need the files from each of these external hard drives.

The Xbox Play Anywhere

Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere is a free downloadable application. It introduces a convenient feature to the gaming public. The application allows gamers to use a PC for their Xbox games and use the Windows version for some of their games. Its modification to the gaming scene is the availability of all PC tools that the gamers can use during Xbox games on their personal computers.

Even though this function may not be compatible with all Xbox games, consumers still like it. And for individuals who can play on their own computers, their game earnings and changes will be transferred to the Xbox.

In Summary

The Xbox One console was primarily developed by Microsoft to enhance the user entertainment experience. The features that go along with it were expected to satisfy gamers and users alike. But as technology advances, its consumers’ tastes and enjoyment levels also have advanced.

Since Microsoft’s official modifications to its Xbox One take time, people resort to modding. There are a lot of modifications or ‘mods’ that users and gamers discover as they enjoy their Xbox games and entertainment features.

The advancement in technology and how users differ in film or game appreciation requires modifications from the basic to the more complicated features of this console. The internet is full of insights and tools that may be used if you want to customize your gaming experience.

Modification software and programs are made by developers to help gamers and device users worldwide. There are also a lot of tools available to mod gadgets and devices, including all Xbox series. You can search a lot of them on the web, or you may have a lot of gaming friends in the other parts of the globe that can offer you a savvier mod for your Xbox One.

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