Gaming is all about fun, right? Until you know whether you’re gaming  with a hacker. That may happen when you join a public session. When you join a public session, your IP gets visible to other players, which can lead to a targeted DDoS attack, or you can get kicked out of the session. Let’s see xresolve.

However, if you want to know more about your opponent, get help from online tools like resolver. xResolver is an IP grabber that is packed with advanced algorithms that helps you in gathering information about a player’s IP, username, Geolocation, city, and even ISP.

What is a Resolver?

In the gaming world, xResolvers works as a database service that keeps track of Gamertags and IP addresses of users playing Xbox, PlayStation, and PC games.

Although the data contained on the xResolver’s website is somewhat legal because it is accessible publicly, it can cause trouble for gamers playing frequently online. 

So, if you want to learn about Xbox xResolver and other IP grabbers, this article is for you.

Xbox xResolver

As mentioned above, Xbox resolver is a tool that extracts a player’s information like their Xbox game code or Gamertag. xResolve is an IP sniffer tool that allows you to gather your opponent’s information and use it to your advantage during gameplay.

xResolver is the perfect choice if you are looking for personal monitoring and packet identification. xResolver uses some of the most advanced algorithms and gathers information about the opponent’s IP address, username, etc. 

Moreover, xResolvers also supports dual networks, Wi-Fi and Lane 6, which allows secure protocol tracking.

Features of xResolver

Gamertag and PSN Username Resolver 

xResolver offers Xbox and PlayStation resolver, where you get the Gamertag to IP address resolver, and you get a username and IP address resolver for PlayStation. xResolve has millions of Gamertags and usernames in its database.

Geo IP Lookup

xResolver also lets you find out the location or the time zone of your opponent with the help of the Geo IP Lookup service. You get access to all the information regarding an IP address using the Geo IP lookup service. 

IP Logger

IP logger by xResolver, lets you create custom links, which can be sent to people to get their IP addresses. With the help of these custom links, you can get IP addresses, Geo IP information, along with browser and operating system information. 

Creating a new IP logger with xResolve is very easy; all you need to do is type in your new nickname, choose a logger type, and click on “create new” that’s it!

PSN Username Checker 

PSN username checker is a great feature for PlayStation users. With this feature, you can check whether a username is available or not.

IP Storage

As the name suggests, IP storage helps you in storing and organizing IP addresses. Add it to the storage, type in the OIP address, and add a short note.

Blacklisting your IP Address 

With xResolver blacklist feature, you can prevent users from resolving Gamertag or username. In order to use this feature, you first need to purchase it, and then you can keep your identity safe and secure. The only problem with this is that you can only blacklist one username or Gamertag at a time.

Getting Started with xResolvers

xResolver is available in two variants: free and premium. To get full access, you first need to gain full access, and for that, you need to select a username and provide your email id.

The premium version of xResolver starts at $7.99/month and offers a ton of aforementioned features.

Lance Remastered PCPS 

xbox resolver

Similar to xResolver, Lance Remastered PCPS is built to seize IPs from Xbox Live, Playstation, PC, and other gaming consoles. This platform offers analysis and monitoring tools that easily resolve Gamertags and IPs.

Further, it also comes with the advantage of persistent updates, thus making it a very secure and reliable IP grabber. The most important thing about Lance Remastered PCPS is it’s absolutely free.

That simply means that you don’t have to worry about expensive premium packages and is also easy to set up. You can get help from user guides that offers you detailed setup instructions. 

At last, the Lance Remastered PCPS can be accessed online as well as offline. Meaning you can get your opponent’s info while gaming offline.


xbox resolver

Winning games was never this easy with Octosniff. This IP sniffing tool is compatible with multiple consoles, including Playstation, Xbox, etc. 

Also, Octosniff is easy to install, and you can even set it up by watching the tutorials available. Other features Octosniff boasts are packet filters, geo IP locator, IP to username function, and DDoS protection lookup. 

If you are considering Octosniff, it is a paid tool but comes with reasonable pricing and offers value for money. Also, it comes with a free trial, so you buy it after using it.

Xbox One Booter

xbox resolver

If you liked xResolver, you would definitely be going to love the Xbox One Booter. This tool is among those that offer offline boots in addition to grabbing gamer IP. It is known as the most powerful IP puller that uses a layer and boots opponents offline, thus helping you win automatically.

Apart from booting Xbox gamers offline, Xbox One Booter also has the ability to gather other info such as Geolocation, username, and even the city your opponent is living in. As the name suggests, Xbox One Booter is only compatible with Xbox, and that is only the downside. Let’s see xresolver com.

Console Sniffer

xbox resolver

Another popular IP puller is Console Sniffer, which is compatible with many gaming consoles, including Xbox. This IP grabber is very easy to set up, and the most interesting thing is that it doesn’t require jailbreak. 

With Console Sniffer, you can easily track other players’ IP addresses and usernames, which gives you some advantage in gameplay. Similar to other premium IP grabbers, Console Sniffer is a combination of reasonable and reliable. 

Also, it uses advanced network packet filters and advanced algorithms to grab players’ IP, username, Geolocation, and other information. Moreover, it is also compatible with homes as it provides VPN services, allowing you to go full ‘Ninja’ mode.

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Xbox Replay

xbox resolver

Xbox Replay is different from other IP grabbers from this list. That’s because Xbox Replay is a free home network monitoring and packet identification tool that helps you know your opponent.

This tool can grab a gamer’s IP, username, and Geolocation with the help of network monitoring and packet analysis, using the most advanced algorithms.

Furthermore, Xbox Replay doesn’t require any complex installation process and can be set up in minutes. You just need to enter your opponent’s Gamertag or username, and all the related details will appear on the screen.

Psycho Coding

xbox resolver

Psycho Coding is a VPN service that doubles as an Xbox IP puller for gaming enthusiasts. Psycho Coding’s website is stuffed with capable Xbox filters and DDoS protection features, which makes it easy to retrieve your opponents’ information.

Apart from that, Psycho Coding also gathers and displays other details like the player’s IP, username, Geolocation, and ISP. Dive into the straightforward and easy process and get started with Psycho Coding. Know the xresolver com.

xbox resolver

The Final Thought

Playing games on Xbox and PlayStation is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy yourself with your friends, until and unless your IP address and Geolocation are exposed to the world. And to solve this problem, you will need online tools like xResolve that help you in securing all the information.