Are you a puzzle solver? If you like games that combine both brain and fun, Akinator unblocked games is the best choice for you.

What! Have you ever heard about Akinator? Relax, there’s nothing to worry about. Akinator is similar to the ‘Twenty questions’ game where the computer asks you some questions, and you need to guess the answers.

The best thing is that you can answer anything that comes to your mind, and the computer catches it instantly.

What is the Akinator Unblocked Games All About?

Akinator unblocked games

Artificial Intelligence is used in making Akinator and was created by three French programmers in 2007. You can find this game on every windows system and windows mobile.

Akinator unblocked 66 is so interesting that it will keep you hooked to your screens. You can choose to play it alone or with your friends.

In this game, you need to think about a character and answer the questions that show up on the screen. The game will ask you 15 questions, but you must answer more questions if the character is not well-known.

It’s just like Aladdin’s genie, but this genie will try to read your mind and guess the character.

That’s why the logo of Akinator includes a genie on it.

How Does Akinator Work?

Akinator unblocked games

First, you will need to start the game, and for that, you need to think about a famous character. After that, click on the ‘play’ button and start answering the questions from the option given.

And then, the Akinator will guess the correct name of the character.

If you are wondering how the genie guesses the answer correctly? Then it is the sole purpose of the game because it was made that way only.

After you have chosen all the answers, the Akinator will display the correct answer on the screen along with a picture of it.

In Akinator, you can add characters in the game, but they should be public figures. You also have the option to modify the existing name of the character by clicking on suggesting a new name.

After completing the game, you have the option to upload a picture of a character that’s not on the list.

If there’s no picture of the character, simply click on ‘send a picture and then follow the instructions to upload the picture. If there’s already a picture available, you can suggest a new one by clicking on ‘suggest a picture.’

After you have done, just accept the terms and conditions, and you are good to go. You can play Akinator unblocked 66 game.

The Secret of This Game

Akinator unblocked games

If you are still wondering how this game guesses your answer right, then here is the trick.

Akinator was developed by, which uses a program called Liuli.

The Liuli program is a type of algorithm that’s the brain behind the game.

How to Unblock Akinator?

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Removing e URL from the host file and
  2. Unblock using a 4ever proxy website

Removing URL from the Host File?

If you have a Windows PC or laptop, a host file is present in the operating system. If you want to search that host file, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on start and open notepad.
  • Open the hosted file in the notepad and,
  • Then check for the Akinator website in the list. If it is listed, delete that line and save the file again. That’s it; you are now ready to play Akinator online.

Unblocking using 4ever Proxy Website

To use unblock websites, you need to use proxies and a VPN. However, your identity can still get exposed with a VPN, so what can you do?

Follow these simple steps to find the answer:

  • First, go to the 4ever proxy website.
  • Write Akinator’s website URL in the search bar.
  • Just click continue, and you will be redirected to the Akinator game’s home screen.


Can I talk to the Akinator

Yes, you can talk to Akinator; just ask your Google Assistant if you want to speak with Akinator, and you are good to go.

Is the game free to play?

As the Akinator is available online, there are absolutely no charges to play the game.

Wrapping Up

Akinator unblocked games is a fun and interesting game. It is a puzzle game, and puzzles are always known to sharpen the mind and memory, and so does this game.