Everything You Want to Know About the Akinator Unblocked Games

Akinator unblocked games

Akinator unblocked game: 

Akinator unblocked game is a famous and popular mobile game available across all. The major operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and many other. The player has to think of some character and the game will come to the answer. You can guessing through some twenty set of questions. Also, you can think of any character, whether real or fictional and then click on the menu “play->characters”. Now, answer the questions ask by the Akinator truthfully and he will tell you the correct answer. Surprising right?

You might be thinking that how can he think what we are thinking, right? But, that is the sole purpose of the game and that is what it is made for. Now, talking about the secret of the game, the game uses the Limule program that is publish by Elokence.com. This algorithm is the original creation of the game development company. It is their own secret that they won’t disclose.


When the game gets complete and Akinator has guess the right character for you. Then you can add a picture for that character. The user has to take care to upload the right picture of the character. To watch live sports channels and HD quality streaming with multiple options you can use goATDee.

Akinator unblocked games

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Guess Name:

If you found out that the character for which you have play out has no picture in the game. Then you can click on “Send a picture” and follow the instructions given there for uploading it.

If the character you have play out is already having the picture and if you wish to suggest a new one. Then you can do so by clicking on “Suggest a picture” and follow the given instructions.

You have to accept the terms and conditions for uploading the picture. The new picture that you have suggest will be visible once it is validate and accept by the moderator. For game players, you have to buy big and tall recliners.

Akinator unblocked games

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You can even add a character in this game. The character has to be a public figure. You can even modify the existing name of the character by clicking on “Suggest a new name”. You will then be ask for the reason why you want to modify it the name and a short description of that character.

If after the game completes and the Akinator is not able to guess the right answer, you can then add the name of the character in the database.

Thus, this was a brief about your favorite Akinator unblocked games. Download and install the game if you haven’t try it out and see the magic how the Akinator guesses the right character that you are thinking in your mind.