The modern generation of the 21st century saw wide-ranging developments in the field of technology and communication. Technological advancement propelled the whole world to turn into a global village. People relish the aspect of interconnectedness that the new software developments have to offer. Nowadays, people can communicate with their distant counterparts through various messaging apps. It helps them stay in touch and also collaborate for numerous purposes.

One such is Discord. It gained immense popularity over the United States of America and the United Kingdom, along with more than a billion users around the globe. However, recently the news of Discord shutting down surfaced. People started getting worried as they used the platform for messaging and gaming purposes. Before we address the issue of Discord shut down, let us know what Discord means in detail.

What Is Discord?

Discord Shutting Down

Discord is a stable platform that supports group chatting, specially made for gamers to communicate while playing their game. The platform might be for gamers, but it soon became a domain for the normal public. Ever since its unveiling in 2015, it spread its branches to bring in various communities from all over the internet, right from k-pop stars to writers.

The covid19 pandemic made governments all over the world impose nationwide lockdowns.

During this period, as people got locked inside their houses, they turned to online messaging for relief. Online messaging gave them the chance to talk to their close ones and converse with new people.

Discord gained immense popularity during this time as people played games and used social media for socialization. You would be in utter disbelief to know that now they have 140 million active users every month.

Is Discord Shutting Down?

Discord Shutting Down

The rumors of Discord shutting down have been floating in the global community ever since 2020. A rumor went around stating that Discord is shutting down on 7th November 2020. However, you can still find out Discord is an active messaging app.

Recently again, the rumors have gained momentum leaving a few folds on the user’s head. However, you need to not worry as such rumors are too good to be true. With the growing popularity among the masses, the chances of Discord shutting down is lower than minimal.

There have been no hinted announcements from the creators or the discord management team about the stoppage of services. The fun fact is that the Discord stream seems to be growing more with no chances of slowing down. In the year 2016, Discord had only 10 million active users. Look at now where it reached, with over 140 million active users per month of 2021.

The origin of the rumors might be some prank from some random user sending you and other users messages regarding Discord shut down. Such messages are baseless and only cause ruckus among the online community. Conversely, if this rumor was true one what would you do?

If this happens, it is natural for the users to feel distressed. Errors like No route problem can halt their daily activities of communication and gaming together. Consequently, there is no need for worry as numerous alternatives can give the users a very good experience.

Here are some of the online platforms that you can opt for, provided Discord gets shut down;


Discord Shutting Down

When Discord is no longer in existence, you will look for an alternative to play games. Teamspeak features at the top of the list of replacements for Discord. The user design that Teamspeak flaunts has a stark resemblance with Discord even though it arrived way before Discord did.

One of the most popular and common platforms that eSport gamers use for communication, Teamspeak is a reliable one. It can run smoothly on any operating system configuration, be it Mac, Windows, Or Linux. Teamspeak welcomes its users with a reliable connection and zero chances of lagging while communicating with your partners.

You also get hold of special customization facilities with Teamspeak that allow you to create your server within the application. For the gamers, they will immediately shift to Teamspeak if Discord shuts down any day.


Discord Shutting Down

Mumble is another gaming app that receives a lot of popularity among the social masses. It runs along the same lines as Discord and Teamspeak, with its establishment dating back to 2005.

The appearance of Mumble might be a turn-off for various users, thus leading them to exit the app. However, the primary focus on its usage overrules its appearance. If you are looking for a way to lower latency for talking to other group members without any fear of lagging, Mumble is your option.

Mumble app also provides efficient support if you wish to play with a huge group of gamers. You do not have to fear any disconnection issues or the inability to use voice chat during the game.


Discord Shutting Down

Overtone is one of the most recent platforms for gaming and has been around for a few years now. Your search for a platform focused on gaming will be over with the use of Overtone.

If you compare Overtone with Discord, you will find that their levels of usage and characteristics match a lot. Conversely, the Overtone app is a new one and thus can have certain advancements or degradation in the future. Passing a judgment right away will not be right.

Overtone might not be at its full potential now, but it still looks good as an alternative to Discord if it closes or you wish to shift. There is a high probability that Overtone might perform way better than Discord and attract people owing to its mind-boggling features.

Reason Behind Discord’s Popularity

There can be other alternatives to Discord, as mentioned above, but there have to be reasons for Discord to feature at the top and garner such high popularity. Following are some of the features that make the users consider Discord as one of the top messaging applications;

Free Of Cost

Discord Shutting Down

The primary reason behind Discord’s popularity is that you do not have to pay a penny for using it. You can talk to your friends and fellow gaming mates without any hassles. Numerous messaging apps charge money for setting the bridge of communication. Had Discord charged money for the messaging features, it would have a way lesser popularity than it does now.

Platform For Official Games

Discord Shutting Down

Discord proves to be one of the best and most efficient platforms for playing online games. Popular games around the globe like Minecraft and Fortnite have their servers attached to Discord.

It signifies that you need to use Discord to play games like this while communicating with your gaming buddy about the next step. Such high-profile partnerships with these popular games and even more acted as catalysts to boom discord’s growth among the people online.

No Advertisements

Discord Shutting DownYou would find many social media applications or internet apps flashing various advertisements. When they pop up on the screen, such advertisements act as a barrier to your messaging view as well as your gaming view. Anyone who is a gamer full of dedication will hate such interruptions. Numerous applications use such ads in their landing pages to make money against promotion. Discord does not flood its look with spamming advertisements that will hinder your flow. Thus you get an assurance of smooth and hassle-free gaming.

How Can You Say Discord Shut Down Is Nothing More Than A Rumour?

Discord Shutting Down

You can very well understand how the talk that Discord is shutting down is no more than a rumor. Four compact reasons support the fact about it being a rumor and dismiss all nonsense.

  • Discord holds supreme authority as a mode of communication for gamers. The application has a stable ground, and as of now, there have been no massive incidents to crash it down. If someone tells you that Facebook is shutting down or google is shutting down, would you believe it?
  • One of the reasons behind Discord shut down is that Discord has a high population, and its server has an overload. This resulted in a few users being at the end of slower services. Thus, Discord removed a few inactive user accounts to reduce the load off the server and facilitate smoother functioning. You can consider this as a drawback as Discord is a famous application worldwide and yet does not have enough space for its ever-increasing users.
  • Some people have this fear of losing their discord accounts. They try to mark themselves as active by sending such false facts to the people they have a connection with. The objective of this rumor is to spread rapidly, and that’s what it is doing.
  • The message starts by saying that the information is from one of the people who invented Discord. Had that been the case, why are there no mention of any names or designation? This itself is proof that the message is fake.
Discord Shutting Down

Thus now you know how rumors spread like wildfire. They spread to such an extent that people consider it as the truth. You should not fall for such rumors and continue using your discord account without any fear of deletion.

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