Discord is a well-known chat application that allows you to talk with friends and the gaming community while playing the games. You can talk through audio, video, or text via the discord platform. Let’s discuss about discord ip resolver.

People often talk about apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram when chatting with other people. But now, discord is growing quickly, and you may see its name in the top communication platforms.

In 2020 after the pandemic, discord began introducing various templates that allowed users to join many types of communities and build connections. The change benefitted discord a lot.

People also make use of Discord IP resolver for tracking their IP address.

People search on the web to find the answer to the question – of how to get someone’s IP; stay with us to get the answer to this question.

Here, we will talk about how someone can track IP addresses using discord, and we will also talk about discord in detail.

The Rise of Discord

Initially, discord was made for playing games like Fortnite, and discord got on a boom. Messaging was allowed through the platform, and then billions of messages started exchanging.

In the instance of discord, the platform has pleased a segment of the market concerned with the capability for a more private social networking experience—an experience in which the platform is not monitoring every single move you make on your computer or phone.

Discord is a social media platform, but it is less public and designed for people who love more privacy. It ensures privacy by providing the chat room & communities. In today’s era, when privacy is such a big issue, discord has become one of the favorite options for people.

If anyone wants to join a server, then there is a specific link for the same. It will prevent users from spam or trolls. Unlike any comment area, discord offers real-time interactions that are more human. Teenagers and young adults can participate in all the best features of a group chat, which is why they feel most at ease on a platform like discord.

What is Discord IP Resolver?

A discord resolver is an IP-grabbing tool used to track your Discord IP address from the server.

People know discord as a chatting application but have very less knowledge about discord’s ability to resolve IP addresses.

When you sign up for discord, then the first thing that it will ask you is about the IP address. It is necessary because discord will then use your IP address to connect to other discord users.

Can You Find IP Address from Discord?

The answer to this question is – Yes. You can find someone’s IP address from discord by following some steps. But do remember that you cannot do it through discord directly as it has its privacy guidelines.

The best way to get the discord id to IP address is through discord IP resolvers. However, it has been controversial, and many people debate whether one can do it through IP resolvers or not.

However, there are some definite ways by which you can get the IP address of the people you want. Here, we will discuss such methods in this blog.

How to Track Someone’s Location on Discord?

If you have a question about how to get someone’s IP from discord, then use the following ways to track someone’s location on discord:

1. Track the Username with Beenverified

When tracking someone’s IP address, we are tracking his/her location. If you want to know the location of the discord user without a link, then you need to use a social media search tool.

You can benefit from the fact that many users use the same username across several websites by performing a reverse username lookup.

BeenVerified is a robust tool that can help you to know which person is behind the username and what is their present location.

Use the below steps:

  • Open BeenVerified Username Search.
discord ip resolver
  • Enter a discord username and enter the search
  • Hold till the tool searches the private databases. Once it catches the match, you will be able to see all the details related to the discord username, which includes the name, address, and the number of the user as well.
discord ip resolver

2. Discord IP Resolver

The most common answer to how to pull IP on discord is by using the Discord IP resolver. It is a next-gen tool that makes use of advanced technology to extract & decrypt the IP addresses of the users. To make use of the discord IP finder, you need to get the user ID on the discord first.

Use the below steps:

  • Open the discord client to enter the dashboard and click on the settings icon at the bottom.
discord ip resolver
  • Go down the left sidebar, select the advanced and toggle on the option next to the developer model. It will allow you to see the bots that were written with the use of discord.
discord ip resolver
  • Go back to the dashboard to see all the users that are using the bot application. Right-click the profile of the users that you need to resolve and click on copy id.
discord ip resolver
  • Visit the discord IP resolver website and then input the user id which you got in the box and click on Resolve.
discord ip resolver

3. Grab the IP with Grabify IP Logger

Another efficient way is to use the discord IP grabber – Grabify IP logger. If you are a tech-savvy user who knows to get the information from an IP address, you can use an IP grabber to sniff the IP with a logger link.

Use the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, create a normal link to reduce suspicion. You can also use a YouTube video link.
discord ip resolver
  • Visit Grabify, paste the link in the box, and click on create URL.
discord ip resolver
  • Grabify will generate the tracking link. To make the link look normal, view other link shorteners.
  • Select a shortener to generate a new shortened tracking link.
  • Send the link to the discord user.
discord ip resolver
  • When someone clicks on the link, the discord IP puller will track the IP address, and you can see the logged client IP address on Grabify.
  • You can use an IP lookup tool like WhatIsMyIPAddress to get the IP’s geolocation.

4. Spokeo

Many people’s search tools do not support reverse username lookup since it necessitates a high level of specialization and a substantial volume of social media data. In case, BeenVerified does not work for you, you can try Spokeo.

Spokeo is a well-known social media search tool that offers you to look up a username on more than 120 social networks.

Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Spokeo search page.
discord ip resolver
  • Enter the discord username and click on ‘search now.
  • Wait for some time as Spokeo gathers matching the results for your search. Once done, you will see a report that shows the name, photos, and past & current address of the user.
discord ip resolver

5. Wireshark

Wireshark is a highly used network protocol analyzer that helps you get the IP address from discord. Use the following steps:

  • Download the application of Wireshark from its website and install it on your PC.
discord ip resolver
  • Do ensure that the discord is running on your computer and you are chatting with the target.
discord ip resolver
  • In the window, search the discord, which should display all the ongoing processes enabling the user IP. To know the IP addresses of the target, one needs to enter the username in the application’s search bar.
discord ip resolver


Is Getting Someone’s IP Address Illegal?

If you want to know someone’s IP address for a good and valid reason, then it is not a problem, but if you are doing it for any vindictive reason, try and avoid it.

However, obtaining someone’s IP address is essential if you want to know how sincere they are. It is forbidden to obtain an IP address for improper purposes.

Does Discord Leak IP Addresses?

It is not easy to get someone’s IP address through discord. However, you can use some methods to get the other person’s IP address. But discord won’t leak anyone’s IP addresses.

How Can I Protect my IP Addresses?

There are many different ideas for hiding your IP address while using some platforms. One can use VPN or proxies to make it hard for anyone to get the IP address.

The motive is to prevent vindictive hackers from getting your IP addresses and doing evil things to you or extracting personal data.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that discord has become very popular quickly due to its unique features. The platform entertains many users who want to chat online but with ensured privacy. There are various communities on the platform where one can join and interact with like-minded people.

Discord is not limited to its chatting features; it is much more than that. Now, one can also find IP addresses through discord. If you want to track someone’s IP address for all good reasons, then you must go through the methods mentioned in this blog.

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