Carl Bot Discord: What is it and How it Works?

carl bot discord

Discord is an amazing application that was released 6 years ago and since then, it has become a very popular choice for messaging. It is a voice over IP messaging and distribution platform that was originally made for gamers to communicate seamlessly when they are playing the game. Let’s see carl bot discord.

You can start a server at no extra cost and share your screen to enjoy with friends and chill while you play your favorite games because discord have this feature to stream or share your screen with others. You can stream also zoom, movies, Hotstar, and Netflix on discord. When you are running a server, problems are bound to occur. To make stuff more manageable, you can use a bot that can handle stuff and make things organized. Today, we will be looking at the famous carl bot that can work to manage things. Read on to know more about the same.

Carl bot is an advanced bot that can help you in dealing with logs, chats, and reaction creating roles. It also controls the stuff getting posted, and penalizes those who are involved in spam or non-friendly activities. If you have new members, you can create a friendly environment in Discord with the use of the carl bot. Carl bot also gives you the power to perform certain operations, which is why it is widely acknowledged. However, it is not technically easy to implement this bot. If you are a novice in using Discord, try to implement the beginner level bots such as dyno bot.

Features of Carl Bot:

Log Chats

Logging messages that have occurred on your server can be done with utmost ease. You can log things such as members left, total members that have joined and many more things. Carl bot helps you in organizing such things and this way you can track as well as store a variety of things on your server. 

Welcome Newly Joined Members

If you want to welcome newly joined members in a unique style, Carl bot can do the same on your behalf. You can create automatic welcome messages that will greet members when they join the channel. It can also create a message to display on the user’s screen when he/she leaves the channel. This way you can automate certain messages so even if you are busy, you can manage greeting the new members. 

Assign Roles Based on Reaction

This feature can be undisputedly said as the key reason behind the popularity of the carl bot. It can define roles for the members as well as the moderators. If you have a small group, this may not be necessary but if your group is in thousands or in lacs, you must opt for this to ease out various things. Based on the message and the reaction given to it, members will be assigned a role. You can even choose roles from the available 250 roles. It can also help you in reducing spammers in your server. This way, it can help you in blacklisting/whitelisting members of your server. 

AutoMod – Your Savior

If you want to maintain the decorum in your server even when you are offline, carl bot can assist you as it also possesses the AutoMod server. It will handle the server on your behalf and will punish members who will break the rules. This way, users using offensive language or sending spam messages will be warned and punished. 

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Establish a Permission System

A permission system can be set up to administer various command rules that too from the primary dashboard. It will help you to be peaceful and not be pestiferous to anyone. After you have successfully set up the permission system, you will not be required to interfere with it. You only need some changes if you want to update it. It can also help you in overriding the default settings without facing any additional issue. 

As we have known the key features of this carl blot, let us also look at how to set up this bot.

  • To begin with, visit website through your browser. 
  • On the top-right corner, there will be an option named Login. Click on it and then follow it up by registering your discord server by entering a valid email address (if you have not previously registered). 


  • After you have registered, click on the discord server where you want to set up the carl bot. 


  • Select the features that you wish to have on your server and once have finalized them, click on Accept. 


  • Now you will be able to see the carl bot on your server’s dashboard. 


  • To apply the commands, visit the commands tab.
  • Soon you will get familiarized with the working of carl bot, which will help you in organizing and managing stuff on your server. 


That was all about discord carl bot. The bot is very useful but requires little bit of knowledge to use it. We hope that the article has given you information that can help you in deciding about the carl bot and will help you in setting it up.

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