Playing online games is a medium of entertainment for both kids and adults. As parents, you need to be aware that your kids should play such games that are beneficial to them.

Also, children can learn anything if you try to introduce any topic while playing a game. Playing those games helps them learn new skills, develop their creativity, and improve their problem-solving ability. Here we will look at 15 games for kids that make learning enjoyable

Endless Alphabet

Games for Kids

Endless Alphabet is a game that comes to mind when you think of games that are good for kids. The game is Developed by Originator Inc. This game has an interactive surface.  It helps to learn the alphabet and new words and improve their spelling skills. As kids play the game, they encounter more difficult words that increase their vocabulary. There are also audio pronunciations of each word in the game.

Endless Alphabet is easy to use and ideal for kids aged 4 and older. The game is available on iOS and Android to play store. Endless Alphabet is a fun way to introduce kids to the world of words


Games for Kids

D20 is a board game. It has become popular among children and adults in recent years. It is a dice-based game. The game is played using a 20-sided die, known as a D20. It generates a random number between 1 and 20. The game involves strategy, imagination, and storytelling. One of the best things about Roll a D20 is that it can help kids improve their social and thinking skills.

The game requires players to use their problem-solving skills. It encourages creativity and imagination as players must create characters and develop storylines throughout the game. It makes learning fun and interesting and helps children to work together and communicate. D20 dice are mainly used for RPGs, tabletop, and board games

Prodigy Math: Kids Game

Games for Kids

The online game Prodigy Math aims to make learning mathematics fun and interesting for children. This is made for kids between the ages of six to fourteen. The goal of the game is to solve math questions and puzzles. This can help them get better at logical thinking and analysis. The levels of the game help to understand math gradually from easier to more complex problems.

Kids can enjoy a personalized learning experience with the app. The parents can also sign up to track their children’s progress. The game is available on iOS and Android to play store. The game is made to be fun and interesting, so it’s a great way for kids to learn and improve their math skills while having fun.

Sight Words

Games for Kids

The game Sight Words is great for kids just learning to read. Sight Words is an interactive game that helps kids identify and memorize common words we use frequently. Sight Words are a great way for parents and teachers to help kids learn these important skills because it makes learning fun and interesting.

Sight Words is made to be fun and interesting for kids. It has colorful images and fun audio effects that interest and motivate kids. It is suitable for children aged 4 and above. The game can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, as well as on desktop computers.

Scrabble Go-Classic Word Game

Games for Kids

Scrabble GO is a classic board game. It provides both educational and fun experiences to the kids. The game aims to form words by placing letters on a board. It expands their vocabulary and thinking skills.

Scrabble Go can be played in solo and multiplayer modes. Kids can play this game with friends and family. The game also has a unique dictionary feature that helps them to learn more unfamiliar words. Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game is suitable for kids above 8 years old and is available on App Store and Google play store to download. Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game is a fun and helpful game for kids. It helps them learn words while having fun.

Twelve a Dozen

Games for Kids

It is a different math game. Ages 8 to 14 can enjoy the game. Created by Touch Press Games, this instructional arithmetic game. The game aids kids in exploring more difficult algebraic equations and learning the fundamental algebraic reasoning process.

Your youngster will go through the world of numbers in Twelve a Dozen alongside the titular number’s hero, Twelve. They will also use their abilities and comprehension of fundamental mathematical ideas to solve puzzles. The Apple App Store has the game.

Start with Art

Games for Kids

Start a trip through visual learning, art, and creativity with your own Art Guides. The game is built for more than 7 years old kids.

The game will take your kid through four basic lessons in art. It has fun art projects called “Creativity Builders” to help children be more creative, solve problems, and think more critically. All the lessons are based on Creativity Express. You will get this game on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore

HOMER: Fun Learning for Kids

Games for Kids

HOMER: Fun Learning For Kids is designed to help children develop reading and math skills. It is developed by HOMER Learning. It has a wide range of fun and interactive features. By providing kids with individualized, enjoyable, and efficient learning tools, they try to give them the best possible start in school. Ages 8 to 18 will find this game enjoyable. This early learning approach has two components: reading and tales.

HOMER Reading creates a customized reading plan based on a child’s reading proficiency and interests. HOMER Stories chooses timeless and modern tales that the youngster will like based on their interests. The app is available online on Google Play, Apple, Amazon, and other app stores.

Dungeon Sweep

Games for Kids

Dungeon Sweep is an outstanding game for kids as it keeps them entertained and has many positive effects. The puzzle game requires players to utilize their ability to solve problems to get through a cave and kill monsters. The game needs strategic thinking and data-driven decisions.

Dungeon Sweep helps kids enhance their focus and memory. It also helps children to improve their eye-hand coordination. Dungeon Sweep is an action-packed game that challenges their brains to overcome obstacles. So, Playing this game is fun and helps to build analytical skills at the same time for the children.


Games for Kids

The game is designed to encourage creativity in children. Tinybop Inc. develops many interactive models in the game to let kids learn about multiple concepts and frameworks in a fun and interesting way. The game discusses many things, like the human body, environments, weather, and space.

Tinybop can be played by more than 6 years old kids. It is specially designed for curious and creative minds! The game pushes kids to experiment and make discoveries.  The game is available on Google Play store, Apple App Store, Microsoft


Games for Kids

Learning programming is crucial if you want to survive in the digital age. Everyone should know the basics of programming languages. Tynker’s award-winning coding classes were developed in recognition of their importance. They are entertaining and offer self-paced instruction for all skill levels.

Tynker’s courses motivate kids to develop skills, earn cool new badges, and feature more than 3,700 entertaining modules. Additionally, they will be available with interactive explanations, how-to videos, mini-game previews, and other resources. Only the Apple App Store offers the game designed for children ages 4 and up.

Codespark – Coding for Kids

Games for Kids

This coding game helps kids develop skills like creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving, which are all important for programming. It has characters called Foos that lead players through puzzle games where they can learn about coding concepts like sequencing.

The game is not suitable for kids below 7 years old. Like many other games in this list, you can play it on the web or iOS or Android.

History for Kids: All Civilizations Learning Games

Games for Kids

History for Kids: All Civilizations Learning Games is a game that teaches kids about the history of different civilizations. The game has an engaging and interactive layout. It allows them to learn about the history through play.

It has quizzes and puzzles to learn in a fun way. Playing this game, kids will learn about 14 different civilizations. It can inspire children to become interested in history and develop a curiosity about the world’s diverse cultures. Overall, this game is great for kids who want to learn about history interactively. You will find it on the Apple App Store.

National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz

Games for Kids

National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz is an educational game that uses multiple trivia questions from different areas. The game keeps kids interested and challenges their brains. National Geographic Kids made the game. It has more than 1,000 questions about science, geography, history, and animals.

The game is appropriate for children aged 8 and up, and it is accessible from the app store and play store. Parents can also play this with their children to encourage them to learn. It helps children to expand their general knowledge about different topics. The game increases curiosity about the world around them.


Games for Kids

Minecraft is a video game that is very popular between children as well as adults. The game lets the players build their own virtual world. It helps kids to be creative and think outside of the box. Players can build and make anything they can think of with different blocks and tools.

Kids can play this game in multiplayer mode. It can help kids learn how to work as a team and get along with others. Minecraft helps them to develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. You will find this game on almost every online platform.


Games can be an extremely beneficial tool for the growth and development of children. Playing educational games has various benefits, such as problem-solving and analytical thinking.

Numerous options are available to help children learn and grow in a fun, engaging, and enjoyable way. Choosing games right for their age and interests is important to ensure your child is fully interested and motivated to learn. By playing games that are beneficial for their development, we can help to improve their skills and have fun at the same time.

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