Health and fitness mobile apps have exploded in popularity in recent years. People are increasingly tracking activity, nutrition, sleep, and more right from their smartphones. The connectivity, convenience, and built-in sensors of devices like iPhones and iPads make them ideal platforms for wellness apps. In this post, we’ll review some of the top-rated health app on iPhone that allow you to set and achieve health goals, monitor progress, find motivation, and gain valuable insights.

Whether your aims are fitness, nutrition, sleep, or overall well-being related, there are excellent apps that can assist you on your journey towards better health. Let’s see the best health app on iPhone and iPad.

1. MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter health app

With over 200 million users, MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular diet and calorie-counting apps. Log your foods quickly using the built-in barcode scanner or search the massive database of over 6 million foods. Easily track nutrients including calories, fat, carbs, protein, and more. MyFitnessPal seamlessly syncs with many activity trackers and apps to log steps and exercise.

The app provides a daily calorie budget based on your weight loss goals. Track your water intake and connect with friends for accountability and support. The app is free with ads or upgrade to premium for customized macros tracking and meal planning tools. If you want to lose weight by tracking calories and exercise, MyFitnessPal offers a convenient solution.

  • Huge food database makes logging calories easy
  • Syncs with many fitness devices and apps
  • Diet and Fitness Tracker
  • Social features help motivate
  • Free version available
  • Can be time consuming to log all foods
  • Mobile app lacks some website features
  • Food database has some inaccuracies

Price: Free with ads & Premium $9.99/month or $49.99/year

2. Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace Mindful Meditation health app

Headspace provides short, guided meditations to relax, focus, and be mindful. Hundreds of themed sessions cover stress, sleep, self-esteem, work, and more. Designed for beginners with friendly guides and animations. Try the free basics before unlocking the full library with a paid subscription. Insights track time meditated and benefits. Headspace offers content for all levels, from meditation basics to advanced techniques. Start with the “Basics” packs teaching foundational skills like breath awareness through short 5-10 minute sessions. Move on to other themed packs with 15-20 minute meditations when ready.

The excellent sorting and filtering make finding the right meditation easy. Look for sessions by duration, focus areas like stress or sleep, or trainer. New content added weekly such as self-care, letting go, and more. Headspace encourages regular meditation through features like reminders and tracking. Look back on your calendar to monitor consistency. Earn achievement badges for milestones like 7-day streaks. Track your total time meditating and see benefits like increased calm. Headspace makes incorporating meditation into your routine easy.

  • Ideal for beginners new to meditation
  • Relaxation for Sleep & Stress
  • Short sessions accommodate busy schedules
  • Friendly and engaging guide
  • Content covers practical goals like sleep
  • Limited free content
  • Can get repetitive over time
  • Very basic animations

Price:  Free basic version & Premium $12.99/month or $69.99/year

3. Strava: Run, Bike, Hike

Strava health app

Strava transforms your iPhone into an advanced tracker for running, cycling, and swimming. Using GPS and sensors, it records your route, distance, speed, elevation, pace, and more during activities. Connect Bluetooth devices like heart rate monitors for even more in-depth data. Join challenges to stay motivated toward goals like running 100 miles in a month. Follow friends to compare workouts and cheer each other on. Leaderboards rank you against other locals on frequently used route “segments” – aim for the top spot!

Strava accommodates all levels, from beginners to competitive athletes. Upload and permanently save activities to track progress over time. Get alerts when you set new personal records on segments, runs or rides. Use the training log to monitor fatigue and fitness. For customized training plans, videos and more, upgrade to premium. Whether training for a marathon or simply aiming to get fitter, Strava provides the motivation, social connections, and analytics active people need.

  • Excellent analysis of activities
  • Motivating challenges and leaderboards
  • Route mapping useful for training
  • Robust sensor integration
  • Primarily for endurance athletes
  • Social features won’t appeal to all
  • Need own sensors for best experience

Price: Free version & premium $11.99/month or $79.99/year

4. Water Tracker: WaterMinder

Water Tracker health app

WaterMinder helps you meet hydration needs by tracking daily water intake. Easily set your customizable goal to match your needs – input total glasses, ounces, liters, or milliliters per day. The default goal is 64oz or 8 glasses to get you started. Log your water simply by tapping the prominent plus button as you drink glasses and bottles throughout the day. The calendar provides great visual feedback on progress, showing your cumulative intake compared to your goal with a colored bar.

Beyond basic logging, WaterMinder offers helpful charts and patterns. View daily, weekly, or monthly graphs of average and high amounts consumed to identify trends over time. Tag each drink with notes like “after coffee” or “post workout” to see correlations. Integrates with apps like Fitbit to automatically sync hydration data. Use reminders if desired for staying on track with your water goals throughout the busy day. Whether you want to meet a daily target or simply drink more water overall, WaterMinder provides an easy yet powerful way to develop the hydration habit.

  • Simple and intuitive logging
  • Daily Hydrate Reminder Alarm
  • Customizable daily water goals
  • Quality reminders and notifications
  • Charts provide hydration insights
  • Only focuses on water-tracking
  • Limited analysis compared to other trackers

Price: Free basic version & Premium $2.99/month or $14.99/year

5. Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle health app

Sleep Cycle helps you wake up refreshed by analyzing sleep patterns using your phone’s microphone or accelerometer. Place the phone on your mattress and it detects movement, sounds, and breathing disturbances as you sleep. In the morning, the intelligent alarm wakes you during light sleep near your set time, leaving you energized for the day. The alarm works great whether you sleep on back, stomach, or side thanks to the sound and motion analysis algorithms.

The alarm time window can be adjusted wider or narrower based on how important it is to wake at a particular time. Review easy-to-understand charts rating sleep quality, time in bed before falling asleep, and sleep stages including light, deep, and REM sleep. Upgrade to the premium version for more detailed statistics and tools. Access your sleep heartbeat, respiration rate, trends over time, and digital sleep aid with relaxing audio.

  • Tracks sleep automatically via phone
  • Snore Recorder & Alarm Clock
  • Smart alarms wake you at optimal time
  • Charts provide sleep-stage insights
  • Can improve sleep quality over time
  • Needs phone on your bed
  • Sleep tracking not as advanced as wearables
  • Need subscription for full features

Price: Free version & Premium $29.99/year

6. Calm – Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation

Calm health app

Calm is a popular app for meditation, sleep, relaxation, and mental wellness. Walk through introductory programs if new to meditation to learn techniques. Hundreds of guided sessions address reducing anxiety, better sleep, improved focus, and more. Sleep Stories help you drift off with calming narratives. Try the free limited version before unlocking the full content library with a paid subscription.

Calm makes getting started easy with the “7 Days of Calm” beginner meditation program. Daily sessions teach techniques like body scanning, visualizing, noting thoughts, and more. Guided sessions range from 3 to 25 minutes – fit them into your daily routine. New meditations added weekly on self-care, letting go, gratitude, and more. Great way to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. The Sleep Stories are fan favorites, with soothing tales narrated by voices like Stephen Fry. As you listen to stories of stargazing on the Savannah or exploring bookshops in London, you’ll gently fall asleep.

  • Excellent programs for beginners
  • Soothing sleep stories and music
  • Sessions as short as 1-2 minutes
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Very limited free features
  • Lacks more advanced programs
  • Not as data-focused as some apps

Price: Free limited version & Premium $69.99/year

7. Fitbit: Health & Fitness

Fitbit health app

The Fitbit app syncs with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales to log steps, distance, active minutes, heart rate, sleep stages, and more. Dashboards and charts allow easy analysis of all your health metrics in one place. Log food, record workouts in detail like weights and reps, and document your weight to see trends. Motivating features help you hit your fitness goals like earning badges, completing challenges, and sharing progress on social media.

Fitbit offers leading sleep tracking with stages like REM, light, and deep sleep. See time asleep, restlessness, and sleep quality scores based on your age and gender. Review tips for improving sleep habits and consistency based on your data and trends. With Fitbit Premium, get a Wellness Report assessing your activity, nutrition, and sleep. Customize your health goals whether targeting nutrition, mental health, fitness, or overall wellness.

  • Seamless syncing with Fitbit devices
  • Activity, Sleep & Nutrition
  • Complete activity and sleep tracking
  • Premium plan offers workout programs
  • Community features help motivate
  • Requires Fitbit tracker to use
  • App is basic without premium subscription
  • Fitbit Premium is an extra cost

Price: Free basic version & Premium $9.99/month or $79.99/year


Mobile apps provide powerful tools to track and improve health and wellness. The top-rated apps for fitness, nutrition, sleep, and more offer convenience, motivation, social connections, and insights to build healthier habits. They transform your smartphone into a personalized health assistant. Whether your goals involve losing weight, meditating daily, or improving sleep, tailored apps can support your needs. Integrating just one app into your routine can catalyze positive changes.

So download an app aligned with your wellness aims today and let your phone become your partner on the path to better health.

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