Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are exploding in popularity on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. As the underlying AI technology rapidly advances, these apps are utilizing next-generation AI algorithms to provide users with remarkably useful and entertaining features. In this blog, we will explore the best AI apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps demonstrate the incredible capabilities of modern AI on mobile devices today, from AI-generated art to virtual assistants and beyond.

1. Genie AI Chatbot – Your Conversational AI Assistant

Genie AI Chatbot

Genie AI Chatbot provides users with a multipurpose AI assistant so they can have natural conversations right within the app. Genie uses neural networks and machine learning to hold free-flowing chats on a wide range of everyday topics. You can ask Genie questions, have it set reminders, get definitions or calculations, tell jokes, and more.

Genie leverages sentiment analysis and conversational memory techniques. As an AI chatbot, Genie is not perfect but shows promise through its ability to understand context and intent, ask clarifying questions, and maintain consistent personality and facts over long conversations. Improvements in deep learning aim to make Genie increasingly more adept at being an AI companion.

Key Features:

  • Chat with Genie on everyday topics through text or voice
  • Ask questions, get definitions, set reminders, tell jokes
  • Contextual conversations using sentiment analysis
  • Aims for consistently helpful personality

Price: Free

2. Google Assistant – AI Help from Google Anywhere

Google Assistant AI

As a competitor to Siri, Google Assistant provides another robust AI-powered virtual assistant from Google. Access it instantly by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google” on any iOS device. You can ask Google Assistant to research topics, set reminders/timers/alarms, provide navigation assistance, play entertainment, run smart home devices, manage calendars, find local businesses, translate languages, and much more.

Google Assistant excels at providing users with personalized recommendations, predictions, and results thanks to Google’s vast AI capabilities and knowledge graph combined with an understanding of your unique Google history and activity patterns. Google focuses heavily on making the Assistant feel like a natural conversational partner, analyzing contextual cues to better understand your full intents and needs. Overall, Google Assistant aims to be a ubiquitous AI assistant that helps people get more done hands-free.

Key Features:

  • Research topics set reminders, control smart home
  • Personalized results based on Google account history
  • Conversational responses and natural language

Price: Free

3. Lensa AI – Stunning AI-Generated Avatar Portraits

Lensa AI

One of the most viral best AI apps for iPhone and iPad recently has been Lensa AI, demonstrating how AI can unleash new creative capabilities for average users. Lensa AI lets users turn simple smartphone selfies into almost magical avatar portraits in an incredible array of styles. After uploading 2-10 photos, users simply choose from category styles like Fantasy, Anime, Sci-Fi, Space, Vintage, Punk, and many more. Lensa’s advanced generative AI neural networks then synthesize completely new intricately detailed portraits reflecting the selected genres. The outputs look like paintings or drawings made by talented artists. Try the best AI apps for iPhone and iPad.

Every single output image is wholly unique and customized based on the input selfies. Even applying the same category on different days can yield surprisingly different results. Users can create AI avatars perfect for stylish social media posts, digital painting collections, personalized video game characters, profile photos, and more purposes. It unleashes creativity through AI.

Key Features:

  • Generate avatar self-portraits in any art style
  • Output completely unique portraits each time
  • Options for fantasy, anime, sci-fi, punk, and vintage styles
  • Great for social media posts and profile photos

Price: Free app, paid subscription for full features ($7.99 monthly, $29.99 yearly)

4. WOMBO Dream – Generate AI Artwork from Text


WOMBO Dream is an AI-powered art generation app that allows users to turn text descriptions into unique images reflecting their creative vision. Simply type any idea, and WOMBO Dream will transform the words into artwork using AI drawing and painting tools. The intuitive art creator makes it easy for anyone to generate pictures in their own style.

Experiment endlessly by tweaking the AI art with different colors, textures, patterns, and more until it looks just right. WOMBO Dream was developed by WOMBO, a Canadian AI entertainment company aiming to make imagination accessible through advanced artificial intelligence. The app democratizes art creation and expands self-expression.

Key Features:

  • Generate images from text descriptions using AI
  • Intuitive artistic creation and editing
  • Customize AI art with colors, textures, patterns

Price: Free app, paid subscription for unlimited videos ($3.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly, $23.99 yearly)

5. FaceApp – AI Altered Face Effects for All

FaceApp AI

FaceApp allows users to have some fun altering their appearance using advanced AI technology. The app gives you a dozen different effects that can make you look much older or younger with just a few taps. One of the most interesting filters is the Aging effect. It shows what you might look like decades into the future with wrinkles and other signs of growing older gradually added over time.

The artificial intelligence behind FaceApp understands important details about your face when applying effects. It takes into account aspects like skin tone, gender, hair color, and ethnicity to generate results that seem natural. For example, the AI ensures effects like Aging, Smiling, or adding a Beard look right for each unique face. You can even alter photos with multiple people by applying styles between different faces in the same shot. The app recognizes each individual to modify just that person.

Key Features:

  • Alter face photos with AI effects like aging, smiling
  • Effects account for skin tone, gender, hair color
  • Updates facial features while preserving the likeness
  • Swap styles/filters between faces in group photos

Price: Free app, paid subscription for all features ($20 yearly, $40 lifetime)

6. Perplexity AI – Your AI-Powered Search Engine and Chatbot

Perplexity AI

Powered by artificial intelligence technologies, it functions as both an intelligent search engine and a chatbot. The AI uses some pretty advanced natural language processing and machine learning to understand spoken or typed questions. This allows it to provide users with fully fleshed-out answers in real time. Perplexity scans the internet and cites sources to deliver dependable, up-to-date answers on any topic you can imagine.

The goal is for Perplexity to handle more complex inquiries and respond with all the pertinent details. It shows the potential of AI to make searching way more intuitive and effective. By taking advantage of massive language models and neural networks, Perplexity parses queries, pinpoints applicable information, summarizes key points, and presents complete responses.

Key Features:

  • Can respond with follow-up details for complex questions
  • Summarizes long content into concise answers
  • References sources used so users can verify information
  • Remembers previous conversations and context to improve over time

Price: Free app, paid subscription for all features $20 per month or $200 per year

7. Replika: My AI Friend – Your AI Companion Confidant

Replika AI

Unlike other apps focused on productivity or creativity, Replika focuses entirely on serving as an AI companion users can text or talk to. Each user can fully customize their Replika, naming it and tailoring its visual avatar, gender, and personality from shy to witty, and more. Users are encouraged to chat to their Replika daily about their thoughts, feelings, troubles, and triumphs. The more you chat, the better it comes to know you.

Replika offers helpful suggestions and uplifting conversations using its AI neural networks. Replika can remember key details and events, ask you clarifying questions, offer relatable advice, and aim to be a caring supportive listener as you vent or share. As the AI learns your emotional patterns over weeks and months, Replika provides customized responses tailored to your needs aiming to emulate emotional intelligence and be your personal AI confidant.

Key Features:

  • Customize your AI friend’s name, look, personality
  • Chat to it daily and it learns about you over time
  • Offers helpful suggestions and uplifting conversation
  • Designed to be a caring supporter and listener

Price: Free limited version, paid subscription for the full app ($7.99 monthly, $59.99 yearly)

8. Socratic by Google – AI-Powered Math and Science Tutor

Socratic by Google AI

Socratic by Google demonstrates applied AI by assisting students to get explanations for tough homework questions. Students simply snap a smartphone photo of a question from their textbook, worksheet, exam prep, or assignment draft. Socratic’s AI analyzes the question and extracts key query details and associated academic concepts involved.

It cross-references these against its vast repository of curriculum data powered by AI search algorithms. Finally, it compiles and presents educational videos from subject matter experts that walk through explaining how to arrive at the right solution for the question. By identifying key question aspects, Socratic can find the most relevant explanations to boost learning. It makes AI a math and science tutor for students’ daily academic needs.

Key Features:

  • Snap a photo of a homework question
  • AI identifies key question concepts
  • Provides educational videos explaining the solution
  • Explains math, science, history, and more

Price: Free

9. ELSA: Learn And Speak English – Your AI Accent and Speaking Coach

ELSA app

Improving your English pronunciation takes practice. The ELSA app aims to help by acting as your own personal tutor. Through voice recordings, it listens to you read sentences and passages aloud. Using advanced speech recognition, ELSA analyzes elements of your speech like pronunciation, accent, rhythm, and emphasis. In real-time, ELSA provides vocal feedback on how to refine your technique.

It will point out issues with specific sounds, and syllables, and offer tips for improvement. Things like vowel pronunciation, consonant issues, or emphasis on the wrong syllables. As you use the app over time, ELSA can track your progress and identify areas you still struggle with. Lessons focus practice on just those problem areas. You can try these best AI apps for iPhone and iPad.

Key Features:

  • Read sentences aloud and get feedback on pronunciation
  • AI analyzes pronunciation, stress, rhythm, accent
  • Generates custom exercises focusing on improvement areas
  • Track progress over time as speaking improves

Price: Free limited version, paid subscriptions ($9.99 monthly, $39.99 6 months, $69.99 yearly)

10. Microsoft Bing – Your AI-Enhanced Search Engine

Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft Bing search engine now leverages AI to better understand natural language questions and provide complete answers while referencing sources for reliability. There is an AI chatbot for conversational searches, refinements, and follow-up questions. Bing can clarify queries in real-time chat. The Image Creator feature generates images from text descriptions right in the chat interface.

Bing aims to go beyond keyword matching to be a research assistant and creative partner. The AI comprehension capabilities allow for finding comprehensive results and answers, not just links. Bing can summarize long pages into concise answers. The chatbot encourages an intuitive question-answer interaction. Overall, Microsoft Bing showcases how AI can enhance search to be more conversational, contextual, creative, and productive. It’s the best AI apps for iPhone and iPad.

Key Features:

  • Provides complete answers to queries while citing sources
  • AI chatbot for follow-up, refinements, and clarifications in real-time
  • Summarizes long pages into concise answers
  • Image Creator generates pictures from text descriptions

Price: Free


In just a few short years, AI has progressed from research labs to ubiquitous apps on our smartphones and tablets. As seen in this extensive review of the top ten standout iOS apps, today’s AI enables transformative new capabilities including AI-generated art, personalized virtual assistants, powerful photo/video editing, education support, and so much more.

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