Fallout 4 is a game develop by Bethesda networks. It is an action-base game and is the 4th game roll out in this Fallout series. There are many weapons in the game that can help you achieve greater milestones. That being said, some of them indeed give the advantage while some are just to show off and may not have any specific task assign. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss Fallout 4 best weapons that have different advantages. 

Following are some of the weapons that are part of the game:

Kellogg’s Pistol

fallout 4 best weapons

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This gun sneaks up all of a sudden, and despite the fact that it crosses your way beautifully right off the bat in the fundamental storyline, it stays significant all through the game. Including amazing halting force match with nice reach and exactness, Kellogg’s Pistol fills the exemplary computer game specialty of the magnum gun. The capacity to top off your AP on basic hits makes it extra destructive in VATS, as well. 

The interesting aspect is that it requires only 44 rounds for ammo, which is a long way from average cases. The ammunition searching advantage is useful in such a manner, yet generally, you will need to save this firearm for especially difficult fights or if you want to carry attacks sneakily. 


Just before you leave the vault, you head straight to Kellogg. Though it takes a short span again to discover him and then only you can take his gun. You need to go to diamond city and find Nick Valentine. Soon, you will be doing a mission name Reunion where you and Nick will be led by Dogmeat to Kellogg with the help of his cigars. 

He staye in Fort Hagen along the western edge of the Commonwealth. He has many synth companions and likes to utilize a secrecy kid, so prepare for a really genuine manager battle. Luckily for your difficulty, his garments are likewise a good arrangement of remarkable defensive layers that are likely in a way that is better than all else you’ve found to that point. 

His stay is in Fort Hagen which is along the edge of the Commonwealth. He loves to use the Stealth boy and also has different synth companions. You should be prepare as the fight will be boss-level though the armour set is something better than you’ve ever seen before.

Righteous Authority

fallout 4 best weapons

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Just as Kellogg’s pistol, this weapon is also the earlier one that people find. Luckily, it works on common fusion cells and as they are available everywhere after the start of fight synths, they are easier to find. Moreover, double damage is done by critical hits and they get ready more quickly.  

A Distress radio beacon will be available to pick from the Cambridge Police Department once you move in the southern direction of Diamond City. Following the path, you will find that the Paladin Danse will be with you to help. 

He will be wearing power armour which will mean excellent backup along with Righteous Authority. Soon, he will reward you with his personal gun with an invitation for you to join the Brotherhood of Steel. You can join the clan to collect the knight’s power -armour, regardless of you wanting to be with them for the long term or just temporarily. 

Grognak’s Axe

fallout 4 best weapons

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Sometimes, it may be possible that you are short of ammo and hence, you can not duel with the above-mention weapons. Instead, you would prefer that you would be having a melee weapon. This axe will fulfill your need and do not worry, it deals with a high amount of damage too. 

If you are near Hubris Comics, you will find the axe locate on the first floor. It will be available in a case that will be lock and at the back of the counter. Feral ghouls will appear after some time, as at the beginning it will be empty. Right when they peek, you can throw a Molotov cocktail to deal with them. In short, stay prepare when you come here. 

Furious Power Fist

fallout 4 best weapons

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Furious power first will give damage of 57 units. Having said that, the damage gets increase if you hit the same person repeatedly. Average enemies can get remove easily with the help of sneak attacks if perform carefully.

In comparison with Grognak’s Axes, it does weigh less but it is an upgrade version of the Grognak. You will find a swan pond in the middle of Boston Common. Go there and you will find that it is worn by a super mutant whose name is Swan. You need to acquire yourselves with a lot of explosives and stay at a certain distance from him. Once you fell him off, you can get the Power Fist from his body. 

Le Fusil Terribles 

fallout 4 best weapons

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This one is one of the best weapons in the gaming. It has the ability to load around 32 shells at once. Moreover, most of the shotguns in the game are not quick in firing and are extremely slow in loading. Moreover, they also have poor range along with small magazines. This one is the exception to all those shotguns as it is explicitly impressive in dealing with damage. If you want to blast off limbs, then this one is the appropriate one for you! 

There is a place call Libertalia often include in raider settlement. It resides in that place. To the north of the airport, you will find it in the water. In the captains quarters, you will find it on top but to reach there, you will have to go through hurdles of many boats. If you are part of the institute, you will reach there as a part of the quest but you can reach there without it at any other time also. 


fallout 4 best weapons

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If you want to have a suppress pistol and ammo that can be found anywhere, this one’s for you. It has 10-mm ammo which is available everywhere. Also, it is great VATS because of its high accuracy that is achieve through AP means. It also comes with a suppressor so that you can achieve sneaky plays with it.  

You need to go after the freedom trail and this way, you will be at the Railroad. Along with Deacon, complete the quest. The quest includes infiltration of the hideout, and after the completion, Deacon will give you the Deliver as a sense of appreciation. 

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Overseer’s Guardian 

fallout 4 best weapons

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All the rifle lovers out there, this one’s for you. It also has a special feature through which you can shoot two bullets just for the cost of one. You can also mod it as per your convenience and use it for combats. This way, you can do a sensible amount of damage. To take anything of the Commonwealth out in one shot, you need to put more emphasis on Gun Nut and Rifleman perks. 

In vault 81, the Overseer’s Guardian is sold by Alexis Combes at the price of 3000 caps. The location is situate in the easter part of the city and if you consider it with Beantown Brewery in mind, then it will be in the southern direction. You can opt from two things to earn trust. Either you can pay 3000 fusion cores or you can be a smooth talker and convince them in giving it to you. 

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

fallout 4 best weapons

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Gamma weapons can be hit or miss, since (understandably) a lot of enemies have radiation resistance. This is the best gamma weapon since it also has the add bonus of delivering a telekinetic blast, which will knock your enemies on their butts like you’re Yoda. It’s a fun, powerful, and totally unique effect.

This one is a gamma weapon. From the conventional gamma weapons, it is different. All these conventional gamma weapons can be hit or miss as most of the opponents have resistance from radiation. But, Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun has the special ability to convey a telekinetic blast. This blast will give extreme damage to your enemies. 

fallout 4 best weapons

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This was all about fallout 4 best weapons. All these weapons have special abilities and are different from one another. Some help in conducting the combat in short-range while some act as melee weapons. We hope that the article has serve its purpose and will help you in identifying the best weapons in the game.