Discord is one of the most popular online platforms used by millions of users for various online activities.

These activities include connecting with friends, people, certain communities, streaming, and meeting people of similar interests. Sometimes due to various reasons, you might have got your discord account disabled.

So, Why Does a Discord Account Get Disabled?

discord account disabled

When your account gets disabled, it normally takes place in a single server, but getting your discord account disabled from numerous, and at times all servers is uncommon but that might happen. There are various reasons for your account getting disabled, but among the most common reasons might be :

  • Violating the Terms of Services of Discord.
  • Violating the Community Guideline of Discord.
  • Conducting Harassment on Discord.
  • Continuous use of invalid login credentials.

There is a significant chance that your discord account was disabled due to one of the above reasons since these consist of the most probable reasons for discord account bans. There are a few other uncommon reasons, but a discord account ban rarely occurs in such circumstances.

Discord can eliminate your entire server in case you are conducting hazardous or illicit activities, as well as result in Discord alarming your nearby law authorities in certain cases. Even though these are extreme situations, these happen, so it is extremely crucial to maintain healthy conduct on Discord.

Not all Discord-disabled accounts stem from bad things you may have done. You can likewise have your account disabled if you have entered some invalid email ID or password initials. This is to ensure the security of your account and stop malicious users from logging into your accounts. This is part of Discord’s security protocols and can be resolved easily. Sometimes, there are certain miscalculations on Discord’s end that will result in Discord accounts being disabled for reasons unknown.

Now that you know why a discord account might get disabled, you must differentiate whether your account is disabled or has been deleted. Yes, account deletions do take place in Discord, and there are reasons for that as well.

How Disabled Discord Account Different from Deleted Accounts?

discord account disabled

The most fundamental factor that differentiates a Discord disabled account from a deleted account is that deletion is voluntary, whereas disabling of discord accounts can be involuntary.

Only you can choose to delete your discord account. Once you’ve deleted your discord account, it is not possible to recover such accounts. One must delete their discord account after much consideration because this is an irreversible process.

On the other hand, disabling discord accounts is a different story. You can opt to disable your discord account voluntarily or might get your account disabled by the authorities of Discord as well, which is involuntary and without any prior notice. Unlike deleted accounts, it is possible to recover disabled accounts. If you have disabled your discord account, it is even easier to get back your original account without any hassle.

So, how will you know if your account is disabled or not? Here’s how.

What Disabled Discord Accounts Look Like?

discord account disabled

Once you do not have access to your account anymore, it is expected that you might wonder what a disabled discord account looks like or how it might be portrayed to others who view your account.

When you get your discord account disabled, your account is not removed from the existing servers and communities that you were previously a part of. In simple terms, it shows you offline permanently as long as you don’t recover your account.

In comparison to deleted accounts, where it would clearly show that the user has deleted their account, disabled accounts do not do that. Instead, even if someone messages you, the message would come through, but you won’t receive it. Such does not happen when your account is deleted.

So that answers the question of how does a disabled discord account looks like, but now comes the crucial part. That is regarding the recovery of your disabled account.

How to Restore Your Disabled Discord Account?

discord account disabled

Once you’ve figured out whether your account was disabled or deleted, then you can take appropriate steps to recover your account if it was disabled.

  • The first method for discord account disabled recovery is solely for the cases where you might have disabled your account voluntarily.

To recover your account, you would have to log in using your previous credentials. You would see a “Your account has been disabled “message pop up when trying to log in. Since you had previously disabled your account, all you have to do is click on restore account and follow the appropriate steps provided to you to recover your disabled account. This is very easy and convenient and does not have many complications.

  • Secondly, you can try using an appeal. So, what is a discord account disabled appeal? It is a simple method where you refute the reasons for getting your account disabled from Discord. It is quite common that the reasons provided for your ban are sometimes not in any violation of their terms and policies. Therefore, a discord account disabled appeal is a very useful solution.

To take this method, you would have to abide by the following steps :

  • Go to this website where you can contact discord services.
  • Initially, select the “Trust and Safety” choice for “What can we help you with?”
  • Enter your email address in the provided area
  • Then Select the “Appeals, age update, other questions” section from “How can we help?” to advance with your appeal.
  • Then, at that point, select the “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” choice, under which you can find more options.
  • From those, choose the “An action taken on my account” option.
  • Affirm that the checkboxes expressed that “You are not young” and “You have read the Terms of service & community guidelines” to file an appeal against successfully disabling your account.
  • Enter the subject and describe your situation regarding your account being disabled, and you’re all set to recover your account!

After completing this process within 15 days of getting your account disabled, you will recover your account successfully. But in the case of not doing this procedure within the mentioned time, Discord would delete your account.

Once you have completed your discord account disabled appeal, you have to look for further emails from Discord. You will hear from them through your email, so try to check it routinely. On the off chance that you haven’t heard back from Discord within the following five to seven days, then, at that point, you should also check the spam folders of your inbox.

The reply from Discord might contain an apology if your account was disabled by mistake or due to login issues on the side of Discord.

For the cases where there was indeed a violation of the terms of services of Discord Administrations, there might be a reply required before getting your account reinstated. Discord will educate you thoroughly about not violating your terms and guidelines in the future, and then you will be able to access your account shortly.

Normally, discord account disabled recovery happens within a few hours after hearing back from Discord and is not a hard process. But in the rare cases where you do not hear from them through email, you would have to opt for contacting them through social media.

Contacting through social media may include services like Facebook, and is similar to filing an appeal where you express your grievances through Messenger, and you will surely hear back from them eventually, following your account getting recovered,


So, that concludes everything you would have to know about if you got your discord account disabled. From identifying the reasons to taking proper steps, all the required information has been provided to ensure that you can get your account recovery with ease.

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