Apple gained immense popularity all over the world owing to its sophisticated devices and their exhilarating features. Their uniqueness makes them a major attraction among the people, where they aspire to buy any new apple product launched. In this blog, we will dicuss about where is the i icon on apple watch for those who are finding it difficult to locate.

Apple Watch is one such product that people crave to have on their wrists. The stylish feeling of the watch, along with its mind-boggling features, is a major attraction. Consequently, numerous users tend to suffer from the doubt, “where is the ‘i’ icon on an apple watch?”

Here we are going to find out where is the ‘i’ icon on your apple watch. Consequently, before we find out where the ‘I’ icon is in your apple watch, you must know something about the ‘I’ icon.

What Is the ‘I’ Icon on the Apple Watch?

The ‘I’ icon appears in the lowercase within a circle on the apple watch screen. It is not uncommon and generally indicates the section where you would get all the necessary information about the device. Here you will get to know what software is running your watch, the unique intricacies, and its name that will help pair with devices.

While you are pairing your apple watch, you will get to see the ‘I’ option. A start pairing button will show the path to begin the pairing procedure of your watch with another device. Provided your automatic pairing procedure fails to work, find an encircled ‘I’ option to start a manual pairing procedure.

There is another option where you have the control center to check your connection. A green iPhone icon emerges when you successfully connect your apple watch. Proceed by bringing your apple watch and iPhone close enough to facilitate a connection. Provided they fail to connect, follow the steps given below to know where is the i icon on apple watch ;

On both devices, select the “start pairing” option. You would find the name of the apple watch on your iPhone and vice versa. Tap on the option stating “pair apple watch” to pair the devices manually. Now you should get to see your device name on your apple watch.

You would find a Wi-Fi icon in the control center when your apple watch connects with Wi-Fi instead of your iPhone. When you turn the GPS on in your apple watch and the cellular, it connects with a cellular network. The number of dots on the screen resembles the strength of the connection.

Consequently, on your iPhone, visit the “Apple Watch” app and tap the tab stating “My watch”. Once you tap the icon on the top of the screen, find the icon that looks like a lowercase ‘i’ in a circle. Select it and find the option to unpair your apple watch.

Where Is the ‘I’ Icon on the Apple Watch?

Finding the ‘i’ icon on your apple watch is not so difficult. Start the procedure by bringing your iPhone and Apple watch close in proximity. Once you find the apple watch pairing option on your iPhone screen, select it to continue. You can also open the Apple Watch app on your phone and start the pairing there. When you get the indication of pairing, place your watch close to the phone for quicker find in the viewfinder of the watch.

There select “pair watch manually” and find the” i’ icon. Inside the ‘i’ icon, you will find the name of your watch. Select the same name on your iPhone for successful pairing.

Sometimes, you get an opportunity to find the ‘i’ icon without much hassle. When you find it difficult to pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone, such an occasion will arise. Such cases witness software issues, where the watch will ask you to visit the ‘i’ icon. Thus, the path to finding the icon becomes easy. Try to reconnect the devices to resolve the existing issues.

Remember that if you have manually created a pair between devices, there would not be an automatic connection from the next instance. The data gets lost after the devices are not more connected.

Why Is There No ‘I’ Icon on Your Apple Watch?

You might suffer from the question, where is the ‘I’ icon on my apple watch and might end up believing that you do not have one. Do not worry, as every smartwatch will have the ‘i’ option in it. When you pair your device manually, you can see the ‘i’ icon by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Start by putting your apple watch across your wrist and turning it on.
  • Select the continue button to set the apple watch as per your convenience.
  • Choose the option stating “Set For Me”.
  •  Select a language that suits you.
  • Tap the “Start pairing” option on each of the two devices.
  • Find the option “Pair Apple Watch Manually” and tap on it.
  • Now you will find the information icon as a lowercase I in a circle. A click on it will help you know the name of your device.
  • Now visit your iPhone to find the device name of your apple watch and click on the same.
  • A six-digit code will appear on your apple watch. Type the same code on your iPhone in the given space provided to make the pairing successful.
  • The prompts that come next will guide you through the remaining dos.

Sometimes you might require to reset your apple watch to get the settings straight. Following are a few steps that you must follow;

  • Click on the digital crown visible on your watch to go to the home screen.
  • Select the gear icon for settings.
  • Once you enter settings, click on general to find reset.
  • Clicking on reset will cause all your apple watch contents and settings to disappear.
  • Now you can pair your apple watch with the help of a camera.

All your doubts regarding where is the i icon on an apple watch will find a solution once you follow the above-mentioned steps. Once you know the uses of the Apple watch in detail, start enjoying its royalty.

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