VPNs ensure that your internet protocol address is hidden, so you can browse the web securely and privately. You often want to surf the internet confidentially so that no one can snoop on what you browse, whether it is your internet service provider, a browser, or a website.

In that case, you can use VPN as a solution. Many users leverage a VPN service to access sites around the world for entertainment purposes as well. So if you happen to use this so-called Virtual Private Network for any of these requirements, you can do so on your iPhone. Having so many options available, we’ve found the 10 best options to get a perfect one.

1. VPN – Proxy Unlimited Shield

VPN Proxy Unlimited Shield is the top-rated and most installed VPN for iPhones and iPads. The reason is that – it’s free and offers numerous VPN servers across the globe. Take any region, be it the U.S., Asia, Australia, U.K., Russia, UAE, or any other, the VPN offers servers in all of them.

VPN - Proxy Unlimited Shield

Also, if you want a server for a U.S. location, the VPN provides servers in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Virginia, Chicago, or anywhere else you may need. A tap on your screen and you are connected to the VPN server, hiding your IP address. In order to increase security, you can select from different proxy options, such as Auto Mode, IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.

Last but not least, you’ll be able to check your internet speed after you connect to a VPN server to make sure it doesn’t suffer from low speed. With all of these features in one app, you’ll surely love this VPN for iPhone.

  • Countless server locations in the free plan
  • Super fast connection
  • Multiple server proxy options
  • Internet speed test option
  • A set of VIP servers for business purposes
  • Ads in the free plan

2. Turbo VPN Private Browser

If you wish to hide just your IP address and browse privately, Turbo VPN is the ideal VPN service that will help you do so. Turbo VPN connects your device to the fastest server and offers you a stable internet connection as well as secure VPN connections.

Turbo VPN Private Browser

In my opinion, Turbo VPN’s strongest feature is its private browser. As soon as you switch on the VPN, it takes you straight to its in-app private browser. The private browser is super fast and easy to navigate through as well.

As part of this VPN app, you will also enjoy access to special streaming servers, enabling you to stream foreign content with an even faster and more stable connection. The additional features of Smart DNS and Kill Switch make this package even more useful.

Lastly, the app has multiple VIP servers so that you can unlock premium features.

  • Private browser support
  • Speed test in private browser
  • Multiple VPN server configurations
  • Fast connection and disconnection from VPN
  • Special streaming servers
  • Too many ads in the free plan
  • Only one server location option in the free plan

3. Secure VPN Proxy

Many users just want to browse the web securely using a VPN and don’t want to get caught in the hassle of VPN configurations. If you’re one of them, Secure VPN Proxy is what you need! This app has nothing but a relatively simple and easily navigable interface. Tapping on the VPN switch connects you to the fastest server, and you’re off to anonymous browsing.

Secure VPN Proxy

Despite being so simple, it features more than a dozen server locations at your disposal, whether you are looking to utilize them professionally or just for fun.

Also, Secure VPN Proxy displays internet connection statistics like upload speed and download speed so you know how fast a VPN server is. However, there is one small yet impactful feature in the app that alerts you whenever your Internet connection is slow or nonexistent so you can unplug the VPN.

Featuring basic features and a minimalist user interface, Secure VPN is for users who just want to hide their IP and browse anonymously.

  • Clean and minimal user interface
  • Speed test
  • Free multiple server options
  • Should have provided VPN configuration options

4. NordVPN

You can’t go wrong with NordVPN if you want a high-end VPN app that can be configured for your business. NordVPN is one of the top-rated VPN services available and using it on iOS devices is seamless.


There are no typical server locations or VPN configurations offered here. The MeshVPN offers the ability to link multiple devices and route traffic accordingly. NordVPN also has blazing fast servers around the world, making it one of the fastest VPNs available. There are some that are paid, while there are some that are free. The Meshnet feature lets you securely access files on other devices.

Likewise, Double VPN and Obfuscated servers are available for those who would like to take advantage of an advanced VPN technique. Not least, you can also select NordLynx or OpenVPN as a VPN provider, select a custom DNS address, and select a network protocol.

However, NordVPN stands out in providing detailed statistics regarding your VPN usage. You can view detailed statistics on your VPN usage, such as which protocol and server location were used the most and at what speed.

  • Most customizable VPN
  • Features Meshnet to access files from your computer discreetly
  • VPN servers available globally
  • Striking and powerful design and performance
  • Custom DNS and insights into VPN usage
  • No ads at all
  • Most server locations require you to purchase premium
  • Need to sign up before using its VPN

5. Free VPN

If you want to use a VPN especially to stream content that is not available in your region, you should use this app. Free VPN boasts a striking user interface in the Dark and offers a variety of VPN servers from which to connect and access global content. Your choice of server location lets you select which streaming service is available in that location’s region.

Free VPN

Numerous streaming platforms are available, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC Player, ITV, HBO Max, and Roblox. Additionally, Free VPN features Acceleration, which speeds up your internet and minimizes network glitches.

Last but not least, this VPN offers Super Adblock features that prevent unwanted advertisements from appearing across any browser. In terms of streaming video content, Free VPN is a good choice due to its few VPN servers and convenient features.

  • Best VPN servers for different streaming platforms
  • Best additional features such as Super Adblock and Acceleration
  • Speed test option
  • Requires you to watch ads to start a VPN connection
  • Premium features require you to switch to a premium plan

6. X VPN

X VPN is specifically designed for gaming and streaming purposes. Each game and streaming service has its own server. In order to browse a particular video platform, you can utilize a specific VPN server. If you want to play a global game that is not available across your region, X VPN has a special server for you.


And the greatest thing about it – you can configure your server according to many different VPN protocols. To this date, X VPN has more than a hundred server locations for streaming and over ten servers for gaming purposes. There are several additional features that make X-VPN appealing, such as the Kill Switch, which turns off internet access if X-VPN disconnects, and the Connection Log, which allows you to view your past connection history.

And there is one more – Stable Connection – that gives you the peace of mind that your VPN server won’t go down midway through your private browsing session. To top it all off, you can connect your X-VPN servers directly to gaming consoles to play games on them.

  • Dedicated and fast gaming and streaming servers
  • Doesn’t require you to watch ads to connect and disconnect
  • Can host VPN on Gaming Consoles
  • Fast and easy navigation
  • Get notified of new content on streaming services
  • Access for only one server location in the free plan.

7. Hotspot Shield

Despite being one of the least used VPN apps on the App Store, Hotspot Shield is absolutely worth it. This VPN is definitely worth a spot on this list because it is easy to use and has great features. Connecting to Hotspot Shield automatically connects you to a VPN server. It is also possible to choose between different available locations if you prefer region-specific information.

Hotspot Shield

This VPN app also hosts a few dedicated servers for gaming and watching videos online. Over 25 server locations are spread across the US continent, so it focuses on serving users in this region. As part of its customization options, it lets you use different VPN protocols, split tunneling, Always-on VPN, and Kill Switch.

  • Worldwide server locations with a focus on US-Specific regions
  • No display ads experience
  • Advanced VPN protocols and customization settings
  • Dedicated server for gaming and streaming
  • Need to watch maximum ads to use the VPN for a longer time
  • Only a couple of free servers are available in the free plan.


Have you ever heard of a VPN with such an unusual name? As well as having a different name, this VPN is equipped with a different set of VPN configuration features. In line with its name, this VPN allows you to hide your Internet Protocol address and browse whatever you want without fear of being caught. Bloatware-free, Cloudflare’s VPN app has no ads or third-party integrations, providing a seamless, straightforward user experience.

Cloudflare offers WARP, a more private browsing protocol than any other modern protocol, as an advanced approach to safe and private browsing. Aside from that, you can set excluded routes, change DNS settings, and save Wi-Fi networks so that you can connect to different networks according to your needs.

A simple navigation interface and advanced DNS capabilities make this VPN stand out from others.

  • Seamless user experience with no ads and integrations
  • WARP DNS and customization options
  • One-tap connection and disconnection
  • Only one server location is available
  • Not advanced protocol configurations

9. Daily VPN

Essentially, this VPN is your go-to app when it comes to VPN needs on a daily basis. You can connect and disconnect from a few different server locations within seconds with the app.

Daily VPN

A simple tap of the switch turns on the VPN server and turns it off again. Neither settings nor configurations are needed, and there are no worldwide server locations in this app. Just a simple remote VPN server to hide your IP and you can begin surfing the web privately. There are only eight locations: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, India, and Singapore.

Navigation and user interface are seamless as well, so you can set up a VPN and use it right away.

  • Most minimalist VPN app for iPhone
  • Simple and fast navigation and VPN connection
  • Features display ads only
  • Lacks advanced VPN configuration settings
  • Lacks worldwide server locations
  • Supports only one server location in the free plan.

10. VPN Proxy Master

Here’s another VPN with no ads and a super-fast connection experience. You’ll be able to access VPN Proxy Master from anywhere in the world since its servers are located worldwide. But here’s the real deal. It was designed with entertainment in mind. Therefore, VPN Proxy Master is a must-have for anyone who wants to watch foreign sports or videos.

VPN Proxy Master

This VPN also has dedicated servers for dedicated video platforms as well as for famous sports channels on the internet. A step further, different VPN protocols can be utilized to choose the best option for your browsing experience.

Smart DNS, Wi-Fi Protection, and Auto Connect are additional features that enhance your VPN experience.

  • Dedicated VPN servers for streaming video and sports channels
  • Ability to configure different VPN protocols
  • Fast VPN connections
  • Only one server location available in the free plan
  • Advanced configurations only work in the premium plan.


VPNs are great for browsing your content discreetly so that third parties cannot spy on you. The use of VPN has become ubiquitous as regions tend to ban and block specific or foreign content. But VPNs appeal to gamers, entertainment lovers, and foreign service providers. Listed above are VPNs for every need, so you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. We encourage you to try them all and report back on which one seems to meet your needs the best.

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