Looking for the most expensive gaming laptops? Well, why not? Gaming has become a profession, people are earning from it. A few years back from today, who thought gaming can help people become famous as well as billionaires. Let’s see some most expensive gaming laptop.

Also as technology is advancing laptops can do as much as work a desktop can perform. Gaming laptops are getting thinner physically but technically, they are growing more and more. From playing basic games to reckoning the dozens of hours on high-end gaming applications like PUBG, Call of Duty (COD), and Minecraft.

In my opinion, you should go for the best and most expensive gaming laptop in 2023. Why so? Well, the above statement might sound harsh and biased, but the best gaming experience requires a lot of features, and they are something that you can’t compromise.

As a gamer, even you won’t like a disturbance in your playing or streaming hours. Right? So let’s see what are the minimum requirements that you should look for while buying a gaming laptop?

Minimum Requirements for Best Gaming Laptop

Graphics: 6GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Your first concern should always be about the graphics card. Why? It plays a key role in the gaming laptop. Don’t even think about a normal PC’s graphic card, gaming, and video editing requires high processor than that.

There’s a reason for having a specific gaming laptop category in the list. The high processor graphic card defines whether a game will load at 6  or 60 frames per second. So to play without the game being slow down, get a gaming laptop with the best graphic cards.

Processor: 9th Gen Intel Core i7

CPU is another key feature that you must look for the best gaming laptop in 2023. The processor holds up the speed and gives you the ultimate experience of gaming. Nothing beats Intel for the processor, but there are other options as well like AMD. 

You will need both GPU and CPU for smoother gaming and lesser burden. Also, Intel’s CPU and Nvidia’s GPU makes the best combination for gaming laptops. You can also go for AMD’s processor as they are specifically made for the gaming purpose also!


What is the need for RAM? It speeds up the loading process and smoothens the task. We increase RAM to get the speed and lessen the burden on the processor. Do having high-quality inbuilt RAM, will help you a lot. 16GB is the minimum tab, you can go upto 32GB or more for the effortless experience.

Storage: 1TB SSD

This is the feature many of us neglect, be it a gaming laptop or the normal one, it is necessary to look at the storage side. It might not speed up the processing but it definitely helps in improving the system’s efficiency. How?

With proper storage, all the data will be stored in it reducing the burden on the processor. This way it will indirectly help the processor to work efficiently. You can opt for the 1TB SSD or more than that for storage. 

Display: 15-inch FHD IPS (1080 x 1920)

Why is display important in the gaming laptop? Is this even a question? (Technically, yes, but it shouldn’t be.) The display will help you watching the graphics and judging whether they are upto the mark or not. 

Get the laptop with a high HD resolution display that will load the game quickly. If your system is not able to load the high-resolution game, it will multiply the burden on the processor which will result in the hanging and heating of the laptop and game.

Hence, get the minimum display resolution of 1080 x 1920.

Battery: Up to 5 hours

You are going to spend a minimum of 5 game-play hours and you can’t always keep the charger plugged in the entire time. It will heat the battery and reduce its life. So the best option is to select the battery providing maximum usage.

Most Expensive Gaming Laptops:

In this list, you will find the most expensive gaming laptops with the best of the best features for an amazing experience.  

Acer Predator 21 X

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: arstechnica.net

Specification Table
Dimension 22.4 in x 12.4 in x 3.3 in
Weight 19.51 lbs
Display 21” (2560 x 1080) (WQHD)
Processor Intel Core i7 (7th Gen) 7820HK / 2.9 GHz
Storage 2.024 TB (2 x 512 GB SSD)
Battery 6000 mAh


  • Most powerful gaming laptop
  • Five fan cooling system
  • Backlit mechanical keyboard
  • Easy to use 


  • Bulky design
  • Heavy 

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MSI GT75 Titan 4K 071

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: futurecdn.net

Specification Table
Dimension 16.9 in x 12.4 in x 2.3 in
Weight 10.05 lbs
Display 17.3” (3840 x 2160)
Processor Intel Core i9 (8th Gen) 8950HK / 2.9 GHz
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080  



Storage 2 x 512 GB SSD PCIe – MSI Super RAID 4
Battery 75 Wh


  • Amazing graphic performance
  • 40 frames per second with a maximum setting
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • 4K display resolution


  • Gets heated
  • Had deal with loud fans
  • Entry level HDD Model

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MSI GT83 Titan 4K-247

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: theworldsbestandworst.com

Specification Table
Dimension 16.85 in x 12.36 in x 1.66 in
Weight 13.13 lbs
Display 18.4” (1920 x 1080)
Processor 3.1GHz Intel Core i7-7920HQ (up to 4.1 GHz)
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 x 2 


Intel HD Graphics 630

RAM 64GB (16GB x 4)
Storage 1TB PCIe SSD



Battery 75 Wh


  • 136 frames per second graphics
  • Play any PC game without disturbance
  • Hardware controlled cooling fans


  • FHD display
  • Uncomfortable keyboard
  • Dubious mousepad

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MSI GS75 Stealth Gamer Notebook

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: ignimgs.com

Specification Table
Dimension 14.08 in x 9.75 in x 0.69 in
Weight 4.14 lbs
Display 17.3” (1920 x 1080)
Processor 3.9GHz Intel Core 9th gen i7-8750H (up to 4.2 GHz)
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB GDDR5, Max-Q)
RAM 16GB DDR4 (8GB x 2)
Storage 512GB SSD
Battery 82 Wh


  • Amazing speed and lots of space
  • Light-up keyword
  • One of the best 4K gaming laptops
  • Thermal management
  • Built-in Camera
  • Long battery life (as compared to others)


  • Poor audio quality
  • Gets burning hot

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MSI GT76 Titan

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: pcmag.com

Specification Table
Dimensions 1.30 in ×15.63 in ×12.99 in
Weight 9.26 lbs
Display 17.3” (3840 × 2160)
Processor Intel Core i9-10900K 9th Gen 3.7 GHz
Storage 2TB SSD
Battery 90 Wh


  • 4K UHD Display
  • RGB keyboard
  • Maintenance and upgrade options
  • Built-in 4 fans


  • Underpowered battery
  • Thick and heavy body
  • Super loud fan

Asus ROG G703Gx – x1376

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: asus.com

Specification Table
Dimension 16.7 in × 12.5 in × 2 in
Weight 10.4 lbs
Display 17.3” (1920×1080 Pixels)
Processor Intel Core 9th Gen i9-8950HK 4.8 GHz
Storage 512GB Samsung SM961 SSD 


1TB hard disk

Battery 96 Wh


  • Super performance
  • Solid design
  • Two high capacity fans
  • Fair battery life


  • Bulky, thick, and heavy body
  • Loud fans
  • No 4K option

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Asus ROG Mothership

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: futurecdn.net

Specification Table
Dimension 16.1 in x 12.6 in x 1 in 
Weight 10.4 lbs
Display 17.3” 
Processor 2.4GHz Intel Core i9-9980HK
GPU Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080
Storage 3 x M.2 NVMe PCIE 3.0 512GB
Battery 90 Wh


  • Better tier-power
  • Excellent performance
  • Internal fans and cooling pipes across CPU and GPU
  • Built-in webcam
  • 142 graphic fps (frames per second)


  • Worst keyboard setting
  • Heating under heavy usage

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Asus ROG Strix Scar 17

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: smartprix.com

Specification Table
Dimension 15.74 in x 11.55 in x 1.10 in
Weight 6.4 lbs
Display 17.3” (1920 x 1080)
Processor Intel Core i9-10980HK 2.4 GHz
Storage 1 TB SSD
Battery 66 Wh


  • Base stays cool for a longer time
  • Diagonal fan grill
  • Excellent performance
  • High-volume speaker


  • No Webcam
  • Small touchpad and okay-okay keyboard
  • Bulky design

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Razer Blade Pro 17

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: techspot.com

Specification Table
Dimension 15.55 in × 10.23 in × 0.78 in
Weight 10.6 lbs
Display 17.3” (3840×2160)
Processor Intel Core 10th gen i7-10875H %.1 GHz
GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
Storage 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
Battery 70.5 Wh


  • Custom vapor chamber cooling system
  • Eye-catchy design
  • Quality speakers
  • RGB Backlit keyboard
  • Super-fast, and reliable expensive gaming laptop


  • Heavy body
  • Gets hot quickly
  • Short battery life

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Alienware Area 51m

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: futurecdn.net

Specification Table
Dimension 16.1 in x 1.7 in x 15.85 in
Weight 8.40 lbs
Display 17.3” (1920 x 1080)
Processor 3.6GHz Intel Core i9-9900K (up to 5.0 GHz)


Intel UHD Graphics 630

Storage 2 x 512GB RAID 0 SSD (PCIe) 



Battery 90 Wh


  • Stylish and smart design
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Outstanding performance
  • Wide options available for upgradation
  • Loads 157 frames per seconds Graphic 


  • Noisy fans
  • Over heating
  • Isn’t easy to port

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M17 R3

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: redd.it

Specification Table
Dimension 15.7 in x 11.6 in x 0.9 in
Weight 6.6 lbs
Display 17.3″ UHD (3840 x 2160)
Processor Intel Core 10th gen i9-10980HK 5.3 GHz
Storage 6TB (4TB x+ 2TB PCIe M.2 SSD)
Battery 86 Wh


  • Wide and colorful screen
  • Overwhelming keyboard and mousepad
  • Thin and Sleek design
  • 89 fps at 1080p and 53 fps at 4K


  • Annoyingly loud fans
  • Blows too much hot air
  • Poor battery life

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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

most expensive gaming laptop

Source: ultrabookreview.com

Specification Table
Dimension 12.8 in × 8.7 in × 0.70 in
Weight 3.64 lbs
Display 14” (1920 x 1080)
Processor AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 9 (2.3 GHz)
GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q
Storage 1TB SSD (PCIe)
Battery 76 Wh


  • Most powerful gaming laptop
  • RGB keyboard
  • Attractive and Crystal style screen
  • Best battery life


  • No webcam
  • Loud fans
  • Relatively slower display response for gaming

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(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs on Best Gaming Laptops

1. Are High-End Laptops Worth It?

Yes, obviously they are! The more you spend on the laptops the more features you get and absolute mobility. The $800 – $900 gaming PC is equal to the $1200 – $1400 gaming laptops. 

2. Why Should I Go for an Expensive Gaming Laptop?

Gaming requires long-lasting battery life for hours of gaming sessions. The battery in the gaming laptops is expensive to run for a longer time along with the processors without disturbing the play. So if you are planning to play games with mobility, expensive gaming laptops is your solution.

3. Should I Get a Gaming Laptop or PC?

If mobility and portability are your preference then you should go for gaming laptops, but if that’s not the case, stick to the PC. The only reason is power consumption. Gaming requires a lot of battery life, and this is the reason gaming laptops are expensive.

4. Do Gaming Laptops Last Long?

Well, that depends on how you take care of it, if you are sorted from your end, it might last for 5 years and even 10 years as well. However, till then the processors and hardware will be obsolete, so it won’t make any sense.

5. Are Gaming Laptops Are Good for Everyday Use?

Yes, they are good for everyday use. As they are manufactured for that purpose only. You might have to use the charger separately for longer use.

Get the Most Expensive Gaming Laptop for 2023

In this list, you saw the most expensive gaming laptops that will help you in moving ahead with the gaming profession. Look at the processor, graphics, storage, battery, and fans that will keep the laptop cool for hours. Gaming laptops are designed in a way to provide you portability along with the features. 

Each and every product has few drawbacks, but good things come at some cost. Right? Did you find the gaming laptop of your dreams? (I hope you did!) don’t strain yourself from buying one of the above most expensive gaming laptops because of battery life. It can be extended through the system’s amazing features. Read the review article thoroughly for exact information.

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