If you are an avid iPhone user, adding an Apple Watch to your tech arsenal is a must. The Apple Watch has been around for some time now and is here to stay. If you are not a fan of Apple watches already, this blog will certainly turn you into one. Keep reading! Staying on top, year after year, is not a child’s play. To be the best smartwatch in the market, you have to have the USP. Here are the ‘USPs’ that make it a must-buy for an iPhone user.

1. Ease of viewing notifications

The days of checking the device now and then for notifications are long gone. You can conveniently check the notifications to determine whether or not it’s significant when it vibrates on your wrist. One can also answer a call or reply to a text message without touching your phone.

Ease of viewing notifications Reason to Buy Apple Watch

You can check what’s happening on your phone at a glance owing to the quick and user-friendly notification delivery system provided by the synced integration between the iPhone and Apple Watch. On top of that, the watch prioritizes your most critical alerts with an easy-to-use interface thanks to its colorful display and adjustable settings.

2. Distinct Health Features

Periodically, your Apple Watch might remind you to stand up and go for a stroll or to take a few minutes to focus and breathe. These little characteristics can boost your general mental and physical well-being. Additionally, it has the ability to monitor your heart rate, record it, and alert you to any anomalies, such as an increased or decreased heart rate.

The Apple Watch has the ability to save your life, and that is something the brand wants you to know. There are countless stories of Apple Watches saving lives. Furthermore, in addition to tracking heart rate, the Apple Watch Series 4 and later models, including the UItra line, can also generate an ECG. You can also accurately monitor your blood sugar levels also.

3. Daily Fitness Tracking

Running, walking, or focusing on your exercise while having your phone in your pocket isn’t always comfortable. The Apple Watch lets you measure a range of metrics when working out, such as heart rate, active time and total calories burned, among others. You can even create customized exercises in the watch’s OS.

Daily Fitness Tracking

Closing out your activity rings on your Apple Watch is another method to keep yourself physically active. The activity rings are daily tasks that encourage you to be active all day long. They can also serve as a great tool, serving as a gentle reminder to stand up and move. Apple and Nike have partnered to provide Apple Watch bands specifically tailored for runners.

4. Vital Safety Features

Your Apple wearable can instantly alert your emergency contacts and local emergency services, like medical help, whenever you suffer a hard fall. In 2022, the crash detection feature was also introduced, allowing the watch to determine whether the wearer has been in a collision.

Additionally, if you ever get into a perilous situation wherein you are unable to reach your phone, you can always use the Emergency SOS feature. It will inform the concerned people and authorities about your situation. Moreover, the watch also notifies you whenever an emergency or alert, government/public has been issued. It is meant to keep you safe and informed at all times.

5. Music & Podcast Streaming

A specialized Music app is available on the Apple Watch. When your watch and iPhone are connected, your watch can control the music that you generally play on your phone. Wireless music streaming from the Apple Watch is made possible by the ability to pair it with a set of AirPods with Bluetooth. Use it as a remote for all your music needs.

Buy Apple Watch and enjoy Music & Podcast Streaming

This is a great feature when you work out or engage in other activities where it can be inconvenient to carry your iPhone around. For on-the-go music listening, the Apple Watch and AirPods make a terrific combo.

6. Access Apple Pay from your wrist

Transactions are easy thanks to Apple Pay integration with the wearable. All you have to do is touch the side button twice and make your choice to complete the payment. This ease of use is particularly beneficial for quick and safe transactions when on the go.

Access Apple Pay from your wrist

Further, you can keep your tickets or travel pass in it and use it for public transport, including trains, metro/subways, and buses in the approved cities. The ability to use Apple Pay on your watch makes it unnecessary to always carry your wallet with you. You now carry your money around on your wrists when you wear the watch.

7. Completes the Apple Ecosystem

An Apple wearable device is all you need to complete the puzzle. It is that single piece that would be missing from your digital ecosystem if you are a keen Apple user.

Your health tracking and connectivity within the Apple ecosystem is possible with a watch. Using the Watch app, first pair your iPhone and Apple Watch. Additionally, it combines with other Apple products, like the iPad, MacBook, and AirPods, to provide an integrated environment that improves the user experience everywhere.

8. Aids in saving iPhone battery life

Your iPhone uses a small percentage of battery life each time you pick it up to check the time or glance at a notification. When multiplying this activity by several dozen times, we can expect a substantial discharge of the battery. To assist in saving battery for more crucial tasks, you can see alerts and know the time on your Apple Watch rather than your iPhone.

9. Standalone Connectivity

LTE smartwatches can run internet-required apps since they have standalone connectivity. This makes it possible to use app-based services without always having a smartphone on hand. Select an Apple Watch with LTE capability, and you’ll be able to communicate via phone calls, messaging, and music streaming even when your iPhone is out of reach.

For people who wish to stay connected without always carrying their phone with them, this is revolutionary. There are two distinct cellular variants for the Apple Watch Series 9, the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra 2, to accommodate the LTE bands utilized globally.

10. Siri Integration

Siri Integration

This is a groundbreaking feature of Apple’s wearable technology, mixing tech with routine life easily. The watch’s microphone and speakers aid in achieving crystal-clear communication. Moreover, Siri’s understanding of various languages makes the interaction a breeze.

Wish to make a call? Want to know about a particular thing? Bring up your wrist and ask Siri. Be it knowing the weather forecast or setting up an alarm, Siri’s blending with the watch optimizes the holistic experience.

11. Can be used as iPhone Camera

You can set up your iPhone camera to take the perfect picture by using the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch. Next, use the app to switch between the front- and rear-facing cameras, record video, take single shots or a burst, set a timer, and more.

You can also change modes and get a photo similar to what you have in mind. Moreover, viewing the photo by clicking the bottom left corner is also available.

12. Water Resistant Capability

The Apple Watch Series 2 and beyond demonstrates exceptional water resistance capabilities, making it well-suited for a range of water activities. Swimming and other shallow water sports are doable with the Apple Watch SE and Series 9’s water resistance rating of up to 50 meters and the Ultra 2’s rating of up to 100 meters.

It has a sophisticated water eject mechanism that effectively expels fluids for underwater activities. It has got your back and tracks your swimming time, calories burnt, laps, and distance covered.

13. Boost your sense of style

Up your style statement by wearing the accessory on your wrist. Don’t like the band you are wearing? You can change it anytime. Also, it’s really simple to change the band. You can acquire third-party or official watch bands to match your personality and outfit.

Furthermore, you have a plethora of possibilities to personalize the watch face to fit your attire or band! To be exact, replacing the watch face with a new one that goes with your appearance whenever you purchase a new shirt or sweater will always keep you stylish.

14. Affordability

The cost of smartwatches is a common deterrent to their adoption, mostly because smartphones are capable of doing many of the same tasks. However, the Apple Watch offers experiences and functionalities that are exclusive to smartwatches.

Three models make up the most recent Apple Watch lineup: the Series 9, SE, and Ultra 2. Even if it might not be the most exciting model among them, the Apple Watch SE is a fantastic deal. It includes the majority of the features that Apple Watch owners adore and value, even at that low cost. Adding an Apple Watch to your environment doesn’t have to be expensive.

Added tip: The Series 9 is the best watch to buy. Although, if you are on a budget, you can go for the Apple Watch SE.


Additionally, having Lock Screen widgets can facilitate speedy app opening. Adding the Voice Memos app to the Watch face enables the Apple Watch to open it more rapidly compared to the iPhone. Once done, it only takes two touches to unlock and begin voice recording. You don’t have to turn on your phone, look for the app, and then begin recording.

Final Words

The Apple Watch is the best option if you currently own an iPhone and are considering purchasing a smart wristwatch. The iPhone owners have everything to gain from having an Apple Watch, given all these strong reasons. Given its array of useful and even life-saving qualities, it’s a difficult product to resist.

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