The Apple Watch has become a key revenue generator for Apple and a lavish yet useful accessory for Apple lovers since its release in 2015. 

Though the launch of the new Apple watch series is a few months away, there are many rumors and leaked details about it. 

So the story goes that Apple was working on a new and refreshed design prior to series 7’s release. The rumors said that the design would have flat edges just like iPhone 13, but it did not happen.

However, in September, Apple is apparently anticipated to launch the Apple watch series 8 extreme sport variant alongside iPhone 14. It is rumored to be called the Apple Watch series 8 pro.

Moreover, it might also feature a flat display. If this happens, we can see the anticipated design for Apple watch series 7. In addition, it will also be the largest smartwatch display. 

The ‘pro’ model of series 8 will be focused on the athletes and workout people. So, it will be rugged, and the display will be robust. Moreover, it is also said that the watch will be made using strong metal material.

Hikers and athletes experience extreme conditions, so this new watch series 8 will be the best fit for them. 

Speculated Specifications

Apple Watch Series 8 Extreme Sport Variant


  • Its screen will measure almost 2 inches diagonally.
  • It will have 7% more screen area compared to the current largest Apple watch.
  • Its resolution will be around 410 to 502 pixels.
  • It will be able to show more information and fitness metrics on the watch screen in a single time.
  • It will have a shatter-resistant screen and a comparatively larger battery. Hence, professionals can use it for a longer time without any interruption.
  • Tracking metrics will also be improved. For example, swimming data, hiking elevation data, and much more.
  • The extreme sports variant of series 8 will have an S8 processor. Its standards will be similar to the previous S7 from series 7 and S6 from series 6. For the first time, the company will retain the same performance for three generations.

Probable Health Features

Apple Watch Series 8 Extreme Sport Variant


  • The new variant could introduce a temperature sensor and be used for fertility planning.
  • It might use the current blood oxygen sensor to detect sleep apnea.
  • It could also include sensors like accelerometers which will measure spikes in gravitational force and detect car accidents.
  • It might also detect how many times the person is in the condition of atrial fibrillation.

The prominent tipster, Mark Gurman, also predicts that the price of this high-end model of Apple watch will have a high cost of around $999. It is similar to the initial outlay for iPhone 13 Pro. 

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Apple has created a vibe by launching new products every year. Moreover, people start anticipating them months before their release, strengthening that vibe.

This year too, it is predicted and rumored that Apple will launch the new Apple watch series 8. We have listed above the features that will probably be included in the new series. Moreover, it is also rumored that Apple will launch three models for the watch- Apple watch series 8, Apple watch series 8 SE, and Apple watch series 8 Pro. 

However, the truth will be revealed maybe in September.

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