Check Out The Best iPhone Car Charger

iphone car charger

Technology has endless chances for improvement. Every other day we get an update about the advanced level of upgrades on our phones, computers, automobiles, and many other gadgets. And eventually, we adapt all technological advancements as the days pass. In today’s time, we are all so dependent on our mobile phones that we need it for pretty much everything. The usage of a phone in the car is not a surprise anymore. We have numerous apps on our phone, helping us with navigation like Google Maps, iOS maps, Google Earth, and many more.

Similarly, for entertainment and listening to your favorite tunes in the car, there are apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more. With all these facilities, comes an issue which is keeping everything charged. On long trips, real good phone batteries do drain, and sometimes they are not charged enough for the whole drive. And that’s when we need the best car chargers the most. There are a variety of car chargers available in the market ranging from wired and wireless versions, along with some extra features. 

Talking about iPhones, not all car chargers last long. You should buy your car charger as per your car features as well as your instrument’s requirements. The best iPhone car chargers are available in different formats, some need to be plugged in your phone, and some are wireless charging. 

Here’s what you should keep in mind while buying a car charger:

  • Don’t get attracted to fancy equipment. 
  • You must always check the features of all gadgets and make sure you are getting what you paid for. 
  • Sellers throw around plenty of terms and certifications for each product. You must check if the iPhone car charger is certified for the mentioned features. 

Here we have listed down some of the best iPhone car chargers that you can use for any iOS model. 

USB Car Chargers

1. nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Quick Charge


The ZUS car charger can charge your phone 24 times faster than other car chargers and includes two reversible USB-A ports. Download its app, and it will offer plenty of benefits along with charging the phone. It can also save your car’s location and so you can keep track. The ZUS app will help you find your vehicle in the parking area with a map. This charger can also monitor your car’s battery status, and notify you when the battery is not performing well. You will never have to pay a parking ticket as this little friend will send you alerts for parking meters. This ZUS charger is one of the best iPhone chargers which is available on Amazon for $30. It also does automatically register the mileage for IRS reporting. 

2. Anker 12W 5V Lighting Car Charger


Anker Lightning Car Charger is a compact charger having a pair of USB-A ports that can charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod up to 2.4 amps of power. If you want only a car charger for your phone, then this instrument is all that you need. It is small in size and won’t take a lot of space in your car. It has its lightning cable made of durable materials. The USB of the charger is 3-feet long and has quick charge capabilities. This iPhone car charger is available on Amazon for $12. 

3. Aukey USB-C PD car charger


Aukey USB-C PD car charger is a fast charger of all iOS instruments without a problem. It offers dual ports, one USB – C port and other USB-A port, to charge any other device. This charger can fast charge the iOS models up to 50% battery in just 30 minutes. You can use the same port to charge a MacBook (type C). This product is available on Amazon for $20. 

4. Ainope Car Charger


Ainope Car Changer is a tiny piece of equipment that will sit tight with your car charger port. It allows you to charge devices at the same time with two 24 A ports. As it features just two ports, you can charge any USB-A cable to charge your iPhone or any other instrument. Ainope car charger is available on Amazon for $13.

5. SDBAUX Car Charger


Don’t want to create a mess in the car with USB cables? Or what if you forget your USB at home and your phone is dying? The SDBAUX car charger has your back, with a pair of inbuilt USB-C, lighting, and micro USB sockets in the device. When you are using any of the cables, they will extend a little over two feet. The USB’s will retract back to its place when not in use staying out of the way. There is also a regular USB-A socket on one of the sides where you can plug in the cable for any other USB – gadget. Charge your iPhone for up to 2.1 amps from any of the inbuilt cords and up to 3.1 amps using the USB port. The most output of the charger is only 15W. So if you are charging multiple devices at a time, then they may not be charged as fast. This charger can be used as an iPhone car charger as well as for other devices. It is available on Amazon for $14.99

Wireless Car Chargers

Wireless chargers are popular these days. It is believed that they can’t charge as fast as a good wired charger. But to be honest, a hands-free charger for your phone is much more preferable than having to mess with cable cords every time you step in or out of the vehicle. But for a fact, all smartphones do not support the latest wireless chargers. Some of these wireless chargers may find it challenging to keep up with the power-hungry demands like navigation and playing music. Before purchasing any charger, check the features and specifications of both phone and charger as anything under 7.5 watts of power can be an issue. 

1. Anker PowerWave Wireless Car Charger


The Anker PowerWave Wireless Car Charger is a little expensive in comparison to other wireless car chargers. Its reason for being expensive is it includes one of the company’s two-port QC 3.0 chargers, which can be plugged into the accessory socket. If your device supports it, you will get a full 10W of power from its Qi-compatible charger. The other USB port can be used to charge other accessories apart from the iPhone. The mount attaches to the vent firmly, and it can be turned 360 degrees. The phone will get extra support with a pair of legs on the vent side of the mount, providing more stability. It works with the majority of vent models and through phone cases with a thickness of around 5 mm.  

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2. CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger


If the vent design in your car makes it difficult to organize a wireless charger on them, then you can put it on the windscreen or dashboard. The Choetech Wireless Car Charger sticks easily to a wide range of flat or moderately curved places. They can also be moved around if needed. If you wash the suction cup, it will restore the sticky surface if it gets dirty. This wireless charger serves to power up to 10W, as long as it is connected to a QC 3.0 USB car charger. It is available on Amazon for $20 to $22. 

You can choose an iPhone car charger from any of the above, be it wired charging or wireless charging. The only concern with wireless charging is that it is not as fast as wired charging, though it is convenient eliminating the mess of cables in the car. For more information, visit Technographx.