Our smartphones are some of our most important and expensive possessions. A cracked screen or lost device can deal a real blow to our productivity and wallets. This makes having proper cell phone protection critical. Cellphone insurance provides financial security against damage, loss or theft. Policies generally cover the cost of repairing or replacing your device for a monthly fee. With many providers to choose from, it’s important to find coverage that fits your specific needs and budget.

In this article, we’ll explore the top cellphone insurance options to keep your iPhone, Android or other device protected in upcoming years.

1. AppleCare+

For those invested in the Apple ecosystem, AppleCare+ is a standout choice for insuring your iPhone or other Apple devices. Offered directly by Apple, this plan provides global coverage for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. For between $3.99 – $13.49 per month, AppleCare+ gets you repairs or replacements for accidental damage events like cracked screens or liquid spills. Theft and loss coverage provides additional peace of mind.


AppleCare+ plans can be purchased alongside your new iPhone or added within 60 days of purchase. A major perk of AppleCare+ is 24/7 access to Apple technical support by chat or phone. Apple’s own experts can help troubleshoot issues and provide guidence. For seamless service through Apple stores and quick fixes directly from Apple, fans get a lot of value.

While premiums are higher than some competing insurance options, you are paying for Apple-certified repairs and dedicated support. For those already invested in Apple products, the convenience and quality assurances of direct Apple service may be worthwhile. Just be aware that AppleCare+ coverage is limited to Apple devices only. But for protecting your iPhone or iPad, AppleCare+ is a solid choice.

  • Direct coverage from Apple
  • Access to Apple tech support
  • Seamless service through Apple stores
  • Covers loss/theft
  • More expensive monthly fees
  • Only for Apple devices

Pricing: Plans from $3.99 – $13.49/month

2. SquareTrade

SquareTrade shines as a top no-hassle cellphone insurance provider, offering extremely competitive premiums and deductibles. Plans start at just $8 per month, providing broad protection against cracked screens, water damage, device malfunctions, and more for both iPhones and Android phones. This makes SquareTrade a versatile choice whether you have an iPhone or Samsung.


When you sign up for SquareTrade insurance, you get next day replacements with fast claim approvals. The customer service response times are excellent, with options to start a claim easily by phone, online through their website, or through SquareTrade’s convenient mobile app. Reviewers consistently praise SquareTrade for their smooth claim processing and quick resolution of any issues.

SquareTrade is known for getting customers back up and running with minimal headaches. They have an extensive network of repair centers that can often fix your phone quickly without needing a full replacement. With highly affordable pricing, broad coverage, and great service, SquareTrade is regarded as a top choice for solid all-around cellphone protection on a budget. If keeping your monthly premiums low is a priority while still getting comprehensive coverage, SquareTrade should be strongly considered.

  • Very affordable monthly premiums
  • Low deductibles
  • Covers iPhone and Android
  • Fast claim approvals and replacement
  • Great customer service
  • Limited to 1 claim per 12 months
  • No option to insure other devices

Pricing: Plans from $8/month

3. Asurion

Many major wireless carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, provide comprehensive cellphone insurance plans through Asurion. This makes Asurion a convenient option for purchasing protection alongside your existing cell plan. Monthly premiums with Asurion typically start around $13. For this cost, you get robust coverage against loss, theft, damage, and out-of-warranty breakdowns.


Deductibles can be as low as $29 for quick next-day device replacement through your carrier’s retail stores or by mail. A key benefit of Asurion is seamless integration with your carrier account. You can add the insurance when buying a new phone, then manage it through your Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint account. Claims can be filed by mobile app or on your carrier’s website for speedy processing.

Asurion offers access to a huge network of authorized repair centers which facilitates fast service. While premiums are a bit higher than some competitors, having streamlined insurance through your existing wireless provider can be an attractive option for many. Overall, if you want protection bundled alongside your cell plan, don’t mind slightly higher monthly costs, and appreciate integrated claims handling through your carrier, then insurance from Asurion is advantageous. For AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers especially, it’s a convenient choice.

  • Purchase through major carriers
  • Integrated billing and support
  • Low deductibles
  • Next day device replacement
  • Slightly higher monthly fees
  • Must be a customer of participating carrier

Pricing: Plans around $13/month

4. Worth Ave Group

When it comes to stellar customer service, Worth Ave Group stands out as a top cellphone insurance provider. Their protection plans start at very reasonable rates of just $8 per month. Coverage includes typical accidents like cracked screens or water damage, as well as loss or theft of your device. But where Worth Ave Group really shines is their renowned customer support throughout the claims process.

Worth Ave Group

Their team is easily reachable by phone, live online chat, email, or social media. Knowledgeable agents guide you through filing a claim quickly and answer any questions. Once submitted, claims are handled rapidly, with processing and payouts taking just 1-2 days on average. The Worth Ave Group app also makes starting a claim straightforward through your smartphone.

Customers consistently rave about the friendly, responsive service they receive when settling a claim. The staff truly focuses on providing a smooth and headache-free experience. Combined with very competitive pricing, the exceptional customer support makes Worth Ave Group a leading choice if you prioritize quality assistance. For service that many reviewers say is the best in the cellphone insurance industry, Worth Ave Group is a great option to safeguard your device.

  • Low premiums starting at $8/month
  • Renowned customer service
  • Fast claims payouts in 1-2 days
  • Fewer plan options
  • Less nationwide brand recognition

Pricing: Plans from $8/month


AKKO is a newer player in the cellphone insurance space that offers affordable protection starting at just $5 per month. Plans cover common damages like cracked screens and liquid spills for iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and other popular models. A standout feature of AKKO is their low deductibles, ranging from $20 for screen repair up to a maximum of $100 for a replacement claim. This means you pay less out of pocket if you need to file a damage claim.


Another perk is free battery replacement once during your policy term after just 6 months of coverage. AKKO policies can be purchased online in minutes with instant approval. Customer support options include phone, email and web chat for convenient assistance. Claim processing is fast, with repairs or replacements shipped quickly after claim approval. While not yet a household name, AKKO provides extremely competitive pricing on premiums and deductibles.

For the budget-conscious, their plans deliver solid protection at affordable rates. Limitations include a claims cap of 2 per 12 month period. Overall, AKKO is a promising newcomer delivering quality cellphone insurance with low monthly fees and deductibles. For those seeking to maximize value, AKKO is worth considering to minimize the cost of protecting your device.

  • Very low $5 monthly premium
  • Low deductibles from $20-$100
  • Free battery replacement after 6 months
  • Fast and easy online signup
  • Claims limited to 2 per year
  • Lesser known company
  • Limited plan options

Pricing: Plans starting at $6/month

6. Samsung Care+

Samsung Care+ provides protection plans designed specifically for Samsung devices like the Galaxy S series and Samsung foldables. Offered directly by Samsung, it provides peace of mind for those invested in the Samsung ecosystem. For $12 per month, Samsung Care+ covers common accidental damages like cracked screens or liquid damage. You also get coverage for mechanical breakdowns after the warranty expires.

Samsung Care+

Theft and loss protection offers additional security for your expensive Samsung phone. A key perk is support directly from Samsung technical experts by chat or phone. Repairs can be handled at Samsung authorized service centers for quality assurance. Replacements are shipped quickly after claim approval. While more expensive than third-party insurers, those already loyal to Samsung may find the tailored coverage and genuine Samsung support worthwhile.

It offers convenient repairs without voiding your standard warranty. Limitations are that it is restricted solely to Samsung phones, with no coverage for other brands. It also must be purchased within 30 days of getting your device. But for protecting your investment in a new high-end Samsung Galaxy, having coverage directly from the manufacturer can provide peace of mind.

  • Direct coverage from Samsung
  • Access to Samsung tech support
  • Repairs at authorized centers
  • Theft and loss protection
  • Convenient for Samsung loyalists
  • Only for Samsung devices
  • Must purchase within 30 days
  • More expensive monthly cost
  • Limited enrollment period

Pricing: $3-16 per month

7. T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection

For T-Mobile customers, a convenient cellphone insurance choice is T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection. This plan is designed specifically for phones on T-Mobile’s network. Monthly fees are reasonable, starting at $7 for robust coverage against loss, theft, and all types of damage. You can easily add it when purchasing a new device through T-Mobile, with the charge appearing on your regular phone bill.

T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection

Deductibles run $20-$175 based on the repair type and device value. T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection also includes the company’s JUMP! Upgrades, letting you trade in your phone and upgrade to a new model up to twice per year. Claims can be filed quickly through T-Mobile’s mobile app or website. The Company coordinates replacements and repairs through T-Mobile stores or by mail. The streamlined process ensures you get your phone fixed or swapped out rapidly.

While not the cheapest option, T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection offers convenience for T-Mobile subscribers. Seamless billing and upgrades, fast claims resolution, and competitive pricing make this tailored insurance plan a great value for T-Mobile customers looking to safeguard their phones. If you want cellphone insurance fully integrated with your mobile carrier, it’s an excellent choice.

  • Designed for T-Mobile devices
  • Reasonable monthly fees
  • JUMP! upgrades included
  • Convenient billing through T-Mobile
  • Fast claim handling
  • Must be a T-Mobile customer
  • Deductibles can be high for premium devices
  • More limited compared to third party insurance

Pricing: Plans from $7/month

8. Verizon Wireless Protection Services

Verizon Wireless customers can consider the company’s Protection Services for safeguarding phones on their network. This first-party insurance plan is designed specifically for Verizon devices. Monthly fees typically start at $14 for coverage against loss, theft, and all types of damage including cracked screens, water damage, and mechanical breakdowns after the warranty expires.

Verizon Wireless Protection Services

Deductibles range from $29 for screen repair up to $249 for replacing premium phones. Verizon Wireless Protection Services bundles loss and theft tracking features for extra security. A major advantage is direct integration with your Verizon account. You can add it when activating or upgrading your phone, then manage it alongside your wireless plan. Claims can be filed through the MyVerizon app or website for quick processing.

Repairs and replacements are handled at Verizon stores or other authorized repair centers. While premiums are a bit higher than third-party options, relying on Verizon for service can be more convenient for some customers. Overall, Verizon Wireless Protection Services offers competitive coverage for safeguarding your device when bundled with your existing Verizon plan. For Verizon subscribers who appreciate integrated billing and claims handling, it’s a solid first-party insurance choice.

  • Integrated for Verizon devices and plans
  • Broad coverage options
  • Bundles loss/theft tracking
  • Managed through MyVerizon app/site
  • Among the higher monthly premiums
  • Must be a Verizon customer
  • Higher deductibles than some competitors

Pricing: Plans from $14/month


When choosing cellphone insurance, be sure to compare premiums, deductibles, coverage limits and add-on perks like tech support. Carefully read the terms to avoid surprises. Establish insurance as soon as possible after purchasing your device. With the right provider, you can have peace of mind knowing your phone is protected from life’s inevitable mishaps. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Do your research and secure the coverage you need to keep your phone safe.

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