Driving while using your iPhone can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have a secure phone mounting system. When so many options are available on the market, it can be difficult to find iPhone mounts that are specifically designed to hold iPhone models in place and provide optimal viewing. With the 11 best car mount for Phone we found, you can use your device hands-free, watch navigation while driving over bumps, listen to music, and make calls.

1. TOPGO – Universal & Adjustable Car Mount

TOPGO Universal iphone Car Mount

With the TOPGO Upgraded Cup Holder Phone Holder, you can hold devices sized 2.01′ – 3.54′ in your car, truck, or SUV’s cup holder. Easy-to-use release buttons on the side arms make installation quick and easy. An adjustable heavy base and durable plastic construction ensure your iPhone stays securely positioned inside the cup holder.

Protective feet and curved arms cradle devices without scratching them. With 360 degrees of rotation, you can view navigation apps or take hands-free calls in ideal vertical or horizontal modes.

Compatible Devices: Most cars, vehicles, pickups, trucks, SUVs, vans, buses, taxis, Teslas, speed boats, golf carts, etc.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Heavy weighted base for stability
  • Fits various cup holder sizes
  • Can potentially block gear shift
  • Blocks cup holder

2. Gloplum – Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

Gloplum Magnetic Wireless iphone Car Charger Mount

With Gloplum’s magnetic wireless car charger mount, iPhone 12 series and newer models or MagSafe case-covered devices can be charged wirelessly. The 20g powerful N52 grade magnets offer 1.3kg of vertical tensile force–enough combined magnetic power to uphold 9 iPhone 13 minis simultaneously!

An adjustable locking air vent clip backbone provides a sturdy grip while the magnetic smartphone plate stays aligned with your iPhone for wireless charging speeds up to 15W, optimized viewing, and simple one-handed mounting.

Compatible Devices: All iPhone Models, Samsung Galaxy Note Series, LG, Google, OnePlus and all many more.

  • Seamless MagSafe iPhone alignment
  • Fast 15W wireless charging
  • Secure vent clip mounting
  • One hand open/close
  • Fits range of phone sizes
  • Only compatible with newer iPhones
  • No cable management

3. iOttie – Easy One Touch 6 Air Vent Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 6 Air Vent iphone Car Mount

Easy One Touch phone mounts were designed with convenience in mind by iOttie. As soon as your iPhone is pressed against the trigger button, the mechanism grips it automatically and the sides squeeze in to protect it.

With or without cases, self-centering cradle arms adjust inward up to 3.5 inches wide. For larger phones like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the bottom foot pulls out for expanded width capacity. Even when holding modern, heavier iPhones, the sturdy air vent clip footing remains firmly planted.

Compatible Devices: All iPhone, Android Smartphones, Smartphones, Google Pixel

  • One hand open/close
  • Auto-grip cradle with case capacity
  • Secure lock air vent clip
  • Brand known for quality materials
  • Fits range of phone sizes
  • Grips may loosen over time
  • May block some vent airflow

4. AINOPE – Gravity Car Phone Holder Mount for iPhone

AINOPE Gravity Car Phone Holder Mount for iPhone

AINOPE cuts out complications with their clever gravity slide-in car phone holder mount. Just center your iPhone vertically across the top clamps and it’ll automatically lock into place once released, without pressing any triggers.

The spring-loaded side arms flex to contain devices between 4-7 inches in size and up to 14mm in thickness while protective interior silicone guards against scratching. For unmatched dashboard vent grip, AINOPE equipped their mount with a specialized vertical vent hook that withstands slipping when turning.

Compatible Devices: All Smartphones

  • Automatic gravity closure
  • Secure vent hook
  • Space saving foldable design
  • Zero fumbling or dropping phones
  • No buttons needed to secure device
  • Not optimal for smaller phones
  • No horizontal positioning

5. ESR – Compatible with MagSafe Car Mount

ESR - Compatible with MagSafe Car Mount

ESR’s magnetic air vent car mount takes advantage of built-in MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12 series and later. The four embedded neodymium magnets offer a powerful 2,300 gram pull force for a secure lock whenever your iPhone gets within range.

A convenient circular air vent clip rotates 360 degrees to fit any directional slats. Adjustable arms on the magnetic plate provide a sturdy base for proper phone alignment. Note the mount is not compatible with wireless charging.

Compatible Devices: All iPhone

  • Ultra-strong 2,300g magnet hold
  • 360-degree rotating air vent clip
  • Adjustable magnet plate arms
  • Works on any vent type
  • Unshakeable Stability
  • No wireless charging support
  • Only works with iPhone 12 or later

6. Belkin – MagSafe Vent Mount Pro

Belkin - MagSafe iphone car mount

Belkin draws on Apple’s MagSafe expertise for their certified magnetic car air vent phone holder. Optimized for all iPhone 12 series and newer devices, the mount leverages embedded magnets to self-align your phone accurately across the charge plate every time.

Included cable management tidies up any loose wires connected to your iPhone while integrated vents disperse heat properly during faster wireless 15W charging sessions. The swivel ball joint shifts effortlessly between portrait and landscape orientations.

Compatible Devices: All iPhone

  • Officially MFi certified MagSafe
  • Keeps cables neatly managed
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Renowned tech accessory brand
  • Flexible device viewing angles
  • Only compatible with iPhone 12 or later
  • Wireless charging sold separately

7. Belkin – Boost Charge Wireless Car Charger

Belkin - Boost Charge Wireless Car Charger

Also from Belkin, the BoostCharge wireless car charger flaunts an upgraded sturdy magnetic module to attract and uplift the latest iPhones. Rubberized grips secure it firmly onto most dashboard vents while allowing 15 degrees of rotation in all directions for portrait or landscape comfort.

A 15W fast charge ceiling meets 50% power in around 35 minutes without overheating concerns thanks to smart material heat dispersion across the exterior charging surface and interior.

Compatible Devices: All iPhones and Smartwatches

  • High quality construction
  • Powerful magnetic uplift module
  • 15-degree rotatable base
  • Advanced heat management
  • Fast 15W wireless charging
  • Bulkier vent clip design
  • Very Expensive

8. TOPGO – Secure and Stable Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car

TOPGO - Secure & Stable Cup Holder Phone Mount

TOPGO supplies an affordable secondary option for cup holder iPhone mounting as an alternative to dash or vent placement. Soft-grip handle extensions provide a secure hold within beverage container slots ranging from 2” to 4” in diameter.

The spring-loaded base and side arms flexibly adapt to smaller or larger phones measuring approximately 2 to 3.5 inches in horizontal width. Devices charge without obstruction through the hollow lower half while the top steadies horizontally across the padded cradles.

Compatible Devices: Almost All Phones.

  • Value cup holder mount
  • Minimizes phone distraction
  • Charging port access
  • Handles phones 2-3.5” wide
  • Very stable base
  • Not optimal for large phones
  • Can’t use cup holder

9. iOttie – iTap 2 Magnetic Car Mount

iOttie - iTap 2 Magnetic Car Mount

iOttie’s rare earth magnet dashboard mount caters towards old iPhones & Android device owners rather than new iPhones. Two strong circular magnets housed within the holder attract the included metal plates applied to either the smartphone itself or onto an accompanying phone case.

From there, the magnetic locking mechanism secures your old iPhones, Galaxy, Pixel, or other Android device firmly in place while the suction cup and semi-permanent dashboard pad options lend flexible mounting. Note that wireless charging does not apply for this particular model.

  • Strong magnets
  • Dashboard & windshield options
  • Flexible ball joint angles
  • Universally holds most phone brands
  • Dash pad + suction options
  • No wireless charge capability
  • Only supports iPhone 8, iPhone x, iPhone 11 series

10. LISEN – Magnetic Phone Car Mount with MagSafe Case

LISEN - Magnetic Phone Car Mount with MagSafe Case

LISEN manufactures a magnetic air vent cradle focused specifically on the latest iPhone models as well as MagSafe compatible phone case covers. It leverages 4 embedded magnets inside the mount with 5 within iPhone 15 series devices and cases for an ultra-secure magnetic lock able to uphold even the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The LISEN magnetic iPhone car mount positions away from air vents to prevent overheating and utilizes steel clips fitted to grasp horizontal slats securely without shaking. Note that wireless charging does not apply, but wired charging remains accessible while driving.

Compatible: All iPhone with MagSafe cases

  • Made for newest iPhones + MagSafe cases
  • Steel vent clamps keep stable
  • Charging port easily accessible
  • Extendable arm
  • Easy to install
  • MagSafe iPhone models only
  • Round vents may not fit

11. HUSSELL – 360° Universal Magnetic Car Mount

HUSSELL - 360° Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Finally, HUSSELL sets itself apart with four ultra-strong circular magnets embedded within an air vent mount cradle designed for literally any smartphone make or model – iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, you name it. The intense magnetic pull secures even larger phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max rock steady.

Despite its locking power, you can still easily detach your device using one hand when entering or exiting your vehicle. Full 360 degrees of rotation caters the phone viewing experience exactly how you prefer it for navigation, music access, or hands-free call stability.

  • Works with all phone types
  • Very strong 4 magnet lock
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Easy to use
  • Ventilation Flow
  • Basic cradle design
  • No wireless charge feature


After closely reviewing 11 leading mounts designed explicitly for iPhone compatibility, optimization became abundant based on personalized priorities and settings. Ultimately, cutting-edge magnetic models promise the most straightforward docking convenience for tech-savvy drivers, while flexible cup holders and air vent grips supply their own strengths like integrated charging or adjustable angles. Identify any pet peeves about your current setup, then match targeted features on a shortlist to improve your in-transit tech experience.


Are magnetic car mounts safe for iphones?

Yes, magnetic car mounts are safe for iPhones. Most mounts use weak magnets that won’t damage your phone’s internal components or battery. Newer iPhone models even have small magnets inside them, such as the MagSafe feature.

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