Have you invested in the Apple Vision Pro? Personalizing it will further add to its appeal. The wait to discover many options, ranging from elevating comfort and battery life to increasing functionality and opening up new possibilities, is over to some extent. Regardless of your profession—creative visionary, productivity geek, or a casual user seeking to enhance entertainment, this article will provide you the know-how to select the best accessories for Apple Vision Pro to customize, meeting your specific requirements.  

1. The Vision Pro Travel Case

The Vision Pro Travel Case

Taking your Apple Vision Pro along with you on a trip? Don’t leave its safety hanging in the air. For all of your on-the-go safety demands, this Apple-designed travel case is the perfect companion, providing sturdy protection and organized storage.

You can confidently travel the world with the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case, knowing it is secure. It is the perfect match your Vision Pro was looking for! Get your hands on it fast!

Key Features:

  • Protective material
  • Perfect while traveling
  • Microfiber lining for shock-absorption

2. Apple USB-C Power Adapter

Apple USB-C Power Adapter

The Apple Vision Pro’s nature as a spatial computer will tempt you to use it constantly, making it crucial to keep it charged at all times. For that, a power adapter is all you need! Fast and effective charging can be achieved at home, in the workplace, or while on the go with the Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter. 

Along with utilizing the power adapter with the MacBook Air and Apple Vision Pro, it can also be used with any USB-C device. Additionally, you can further use it with specific iPhone and iPad Pro models to benefit from its fast-charging capability.  

Key Features

  • Offers 30W power
  • Effective charging
  • Compatible with multiple devices

3. Apple Vision Pro Battery

Apple Vision Pro Battery

Although the Apple Vision Pro is an amazing technological innovation, it requires a power supply, just like other devices. This is where the Apple Vision Pro battery comes in. With a single charge, this stylish aluminum battery will make your Vision Pro last up to two hours for general use when connected via a USB-C connector.

The battery is a handy travel partner as it is small and fits comfortably into your pocket. So, the Apple Vision Pro Battery keeps you connected and fueled up whether you’re traveling or watching your favorite TV series.

Key Features:

  • High-performing
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Contains USB-C port

4. Apple Vision Pro Light Seal

Apple Vision Pro Light Seal

For less distractions and a more focused viewing, the Apple Vision Pro Light Seal is a trailblazer. It provides a precise fit, softly adapts to your face, and blocks out unwanted light. In addition, it has several shapes and magnetically attaches to the Apple Vision Pro. The accompanying Light Seal Cushions are simple to remove for cleaning and also magnetically attach to the Light Seal.

Concerned about hygiene? Not a problem! Your VR experience will remain comfortable and new thanks to the Light Seal Cushion’s simple removal and hand washing feasibility. Now, say goodbye to distractions with this Light Seal!

Key Features

  • Precise fit
  • Provides Comfort
  • Magnetic attachment

5. Sony PS DualSense Wire Controller

Sony PS DualSense Wire Controller

Though you most likely didn’t purchase a Vision Pro specifically for gaming, you can pass hours immersed in a variety of fascinating games. All you need is this gaming controller. Playing games is made simple by connecting the DualSense wireless controller to your Apple Vision Pro.

Despite not requiring a DualSense Wireless Controller, the Vision Pro is a great device for enjoying games from the App Store. Get this DualSense Wireless Controller and get set for gaming!

Key Features:

  • Adaptive triggers
  • Responsive feedback
  • Low latency

6. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

The Apple Vision Pro’s audio output is adequate but insufficient for an immersive experience. Moreover, it may annoy nearby people if you’re in a public area. Your day can be saved if you have AirPods. And nothing matches the appeal of AirPods 3rd Gen. 

Additionally, the AirPods also support MagSafe charging. Moreover, because of its ultra-low latency, fast pairing, easy interaction with other Apple devices, and compatibility with lossless music, it is one of the recommended products.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Good audio output
  • Quick pairing

7. Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard

Typing on Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a wholesome experience altogether. For Vision Pro, the Magic Keyboard offers exceptionally accurate and comfortable typing. 

With a long-lasting internal battery that can power your keyboard for up to a month between charges, it is also wireless and rechargeable.

Key Features:

  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Top typing experience
  • Good battery life

8. Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

Although the Apple Vision Pro’s gesture controls are simple to use, employing the pinch motions in public can make the device appear strange. This is where the Magic Trackpad can be used. With its wireless design and rechargeable battery, the Magic Trackpad offers all of the Multi-Touch motions and Force Touch functionality. 

On top of that, Sensors detect subtle variations in the pressure you exert, providing you with greater functionality and a more profound interaction with your material.

Key Features

  • Convenient and wireless
  • Offers top-notch experience
  • Multi-touch motion

9. GOSETH Clear Case

GOSETH Clear Case

Specifically made for Apple Vision Pro, this protective cover successfully guards against bumps and scrapes to the headset, preserving the original state of Vision Pro. This protective case, which is made of premium materials, is pleasant and light, eliminating tiredness even after extended periods of use, and is made with shock-absorbing TPU material.

With this case, you can enjoy virtual reality anywhere—at home, at work, on the go, or in any other setting. Being a top first line of defense, get this reliable, clear case right away!

Key Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Provides good protection
  • Good suitability

10. Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

Fingerprints, dust, or grease can negatively impact your Vision Pro experience. It’s essential to use a cleaning kit on a regular basis to maintain your Apple Vision Pro. The Cleaning VR Kit is simple to use and eco-friendly since its unique cleaning element may be used up to 500 times without drying out, scratching, or spilling.

Key Features

  • Safe and effective
  • Can be used for up to 500 uses
  • Can be used to clean other devices as well

End Words

The above accessories are among the best ones available for Apple Vision Pro at this moment. Once all the accessories are available, you will get a fair idea of which one would suit you well.  

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