Most of you might be using or have used Snapchat at least once in your life and have seen the different icons in it. Here, we are discussing the blue arrow Snapchat symbol. 

These are the chats and snaps that you have sent to other people. There are the following three icons that are present in this category of icons.

Sent Icons

blue arrow snapchat

The reddish/raspberry-colored fully filled-in arrow means that you have sent a Snap without audio. The reddish/raspberry is used for all Snaps and Chats that don’t have sound.

The purple fully-filled-in arrow indicates a Snap with audio. The purple Snapchat icons are consistently used for Snaps and Chats with audio. Some icons in Snapchat can be confusing.

Blue Arrow Snapchat

blue arrow snapchat

The blue arrow in Snapchat Symbols means a sent Chat message. You might be knowing that a chat is different from a snap.

Opened Icons

blue arrow snapchat

The other category of icons in Snapchat is the “opened” icon. This will let you know when someone has not only received your messages but also opened your chat or snap.

This reddish/raspberry-outlined arrow shows that a friend has opened a snap without audio.

This purple-outlined arrow informs you that your friend opened a Snap with audio. So, Purple represents a message with audio, and an open purple arrow represents your friend who opened it

This blue outlined arrow lets you know that your friend has read the Chat that you have sent to them. Now, you have to wait for their reply to your message.

blue arrow snapchat

The green arrow is for the Snapcash feature of Snapchat. Snapchat partnered up with Square ( which is a credit card processing and business solutions business. The users of Snapchat can link their debit cards and can send or receive money from anyone else with a debit card linked to Snapchat. The green empty arrow means that your friend viewed and received cash.

So, this was an overview of the different symbols of Snapchat. We hope that you have understood the meaning of every symbol clearly and won’t find any problem using these Snapchat Symbols now.

blue arrow snapchat

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