A dash of humor and a touch of uniqueness are essential ingredients for creating cool, funny, and interesting private story names for Snapchat.  

Are you also looking for interesting private story names for Snapchat to impress your friends and followers? You have landed at the perfect place. 

We Will Check Out the Best Private Story Names Before That What Are Snapchat’s Private Stories?

In this blog, we have carefully curated and enlisted 200+ best private story snapchat names ideas. When you usually share a story on Snapchat, it is visible to all your connections. However, with the private story feature on Snapchat, you can share your story with selected individuals, for example, close friends or family members, and hide your story from the rest of the connections. 

You can share almost any type of story only with the people you want to. Generally, Snapchat stories expire after 24 hours of posting. But with the Snapchat private story feature, you can control the visibility duration. You can delete Snapchat private stories before the 24-hour timeline. 

So when you’re keeping a story live for a brief duration, you want to create maximum impact in the minds of the viewers. Good private story names are one of the easiest ways to keep your private story etched in the minds of your story viewers for a significant time.

How to Upload a Private Story on Snapchat?

private story names

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  • To create and upload a private Snapchat story, click on the bitmoji icon in the top left corner. For direct uploads, click on the blue arrow button.
  • From the options, select “Custom” and then click on “Private Story.”
  • After that, select the connections that you want to share your private story.
  • To confirm the entire selection list click on the tick icon in the bottom right corner. You can do more edits or choose the autosave option to save it permanently in the “memories.”
  • Now click on “Create Story.”
  • You’ll then be prompted to draft a private story name for Snapchat at the top of the screen. 
  • Enter the desired name from our list of private story name ideas. Then select the story (if you’re uploading from the gallery and not directly from the Snap camera). 

Congratulations! You have created a private story on Snapchat. An interesting Snapchat private story name helps you to stand out in the crowd, become popular among your friends, and increase interaction.

Funny Private Story Names for Friend Gang

  1. Homies United
  2. Buddies forever
  3. Matchday Bonanza 
  4. On Fridays, we wear an alcohol
  5. Backstage babies
  6. Gossip girls 
  7. Mean girls
  8. Snap squad
  9. Homie squad
  10. Hotshot girl gang
  11. BTS army
  12. Howling hyenas
  13. Soul sisters
  14. Better together
  15. Squad goals
  16. Glitch bitches
  17. Most useless friends
  18. Badass guys
  19. Night club Fiesta
  20. Spam squad
  21. How’s the gang
  22. Designated drinkers
  23. The boys
  24. BFFs ❤️
  25. Ridin’ together 
  26. Baddies only
  27. Since (the year you became friends)

Hilarious and Smart Snapchat Private Story Names

private story names

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  1. Chamber of secrets
  2. Restricted entry
  3. Invitation only
  4. Embarrassing secrets
  5. Bout’ last night
  6. Don’t tell my parents
  7. Worst story ever
  8. Secret collection
  9. Limited edition
  10. Stubborn days
  11. Story of my life
  12. Peekaboo
  13. Knock, knock!
  14. Imperfect creations
  15. Solitude stories
  16. Imperfectly perfect
  17. Don’t try this at home
  18. Proceed with caution
  19. Open when alone
  20. Day in a nutshell
  21. Sshh!! 
  22. Best kept secrets
  23. Flying high
  24. Life updates
  25. Raining dramas
  26. Bloopers incoming
  27. Reality is overrated
  28. Now you see me
  29. Secret ingredients
  30. Prada Glow
  31. House of Gucci
  32. Extravagant buys
  33. No filter revelation
  34. Enjoying the moment
  35. Unboxing life
  36. Unboxing secrets
  37. Guilty pleasures
  38. Trouble in paradise
  39. Aspire to inspire
  40. The Secret Life of (name)
  41. Dear Diary
  42. Always better together
  43. Deep dark secrets
  44. Wild things
  45. Sunshine days
  46. Travel with me
  47. Secret serial killer
  48. Trouble makers
  49. Little things
  50. Secret passion
  51. Underrated stories
  52. Stranger Things

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Good Private Story Names for Fashion Stories

  1. Like a boss
  2. Devil wears Prada
  3. Hot mess
  4. Glow up
  5. Next in fashion
  6. The bold type
  7. Hollywood hacks
  8. The Kardashian Closet
  9. Made by design
  10. Beautiful Blitzz
  11. Best story ever
  12. Worst situation ever
  13. The big reveal
  14. Mystic stories
  15. Exclusive collection
  16. Hot Fashion
  17. Shimmery nights
  18. Uncut scenes
  19. The luxury club
  20. Latest fashion haul
  21. The makeover
  22. Under fashion spell
  23. The Secret Life of fashionista
  24. Shopping Day out
  25. A date with fashion
  26. Secret fashion obsession
  27. Inside story
  28. Look at me now
  29. The party weekend look

Good and Funny Private Story Names 2023 for Travel Content

private story names

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  1. Waking up to this view
  2. Beach therapy
  3. Mountains calling
  4. Peaking blues
  5. On cloud 9
  6. Mesmerizing morning
  7. Road trip memories
  8. (Name of the place) dump
  9. Wonderla soul
  10. My happy place
  11. Bucket list
  12. Wanderlust and Highway dust
  13. Miles and smiles
  14. Route to heaven
  15. The road not taken
  16. Travel. Explore. Sleep. Repeat
  17. Brb-traveling
  18. Explore mode on
  19. Take me to the paradise city
  20. Sunrise stories
  21. Scenic Route
  22. Hitting the road


Private Snapchat stories can be extremely fun and an amazing way to interact with your friends. Cool Snapchat private story names can make you popular with your friends’ circle. So next time when you upload a private story, try these unique and interesting private story names to make an impact.

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