4 Best Note Taking Apps for Effective Note-Making

Best Note Taking App

Today, whether we go for a meeting in our office or go to the boss’s cabin for a quick discussion, we all jot down notes to remember the key points. It is very troublesome to carry that heavy diary with us all the time as most of the time, that much space is also not required to write down the points. 

 If we keep a simple paper with us then also it is fine but it looks weird to write in a single paper, right?. So, what is the solution? Note-taking apps! Just download a note-taking app on your smartphone and note down the notes there. 

You can even sync these apps with your other devices. Today, we will have a look at the 4 best note-taking apps in this post. Let us read ahead and figure them out. 

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Best Note Taking App

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Most of you have heard Evernote as it is one of the oldest and widely used app for note-taking. You can keep your notes perfectly organized with this app. The best part is that it is available free to use. You can also save web pages for offline use with this app.

You must use its Web Clipper extension for gathering research as it is quite useful. It lets you save entire webpages. The extension is supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

No matter what device you are using, whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other, you can access whatever notes you made from any device. Some other features of this app are reminder setting, merging the notes together, presenting the notes in PowerPoint-style and much more. 

There is also a premium paid version which costs $14.99 for 2 users. This version integrates with Slack, Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce.

Google Keep

Best Note Taking App

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Google Keep also one of the popular apps for note-taking and is also one of the simplest. You will find it quite easy and comfortable to take notes on this app as if you are taking notes on your physical notebook. 

You can give labels to the notes you make, pair them with reminders, give them a color and much more. If you are looking for a simple note-taking app with minimalistic features then this is the perfect one for you. The best part- it is free! 


Best Note Taking App

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Another famous app for note-taking is OneNote. It is also free and lets you sync notes across various devices. It has a user interface resembling an actual notepad. It integrates with MS office. 

Users can position text boxes, images, and tables anywhere on the page with this app. Some features of this app are very unique, such as recording a video and then embedding it in notes, embedding Excel spreadsheets in notes and much more. 

 If you have invested in the Microsoft Office suite then this is the ideal app to go for as it syncs perfectly with its documents. 


Best Note Taking App

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Looking for one app specifically made for iOS? Then, you must go for Ulysses as it works for iOS only. No matter what kind of notes you want to jot down, whether short or long, this app will let you do that perfectly. 

 This app also syncs between devices. You can also place images in between the documents. These images can be shown in the form of links and when the user double clicks the link, it will show a preview of image thumbnails. 

 This app saves and syncs your documents on iCloud. You can export these documents in several other formats like PDF, Word, Doc, ebooks, and HTML. This app is not free unlike the previous apps on this list. It will cost you $4.99 on a monthly subscription and $39.99 a year. But this app is worth its cost so don’t think twice if you are planning to get one. 

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So, here were the Best Note-Taking Apps that you should try on to write your notes perfectly. Keep following Technographx to read more such informative articles!