Have you always wanted to speak Spanish but do not have the time or money for a full-time course on the language? Would you love to learn Spanish conveniently at your pace, anywhere, and everywhere you go? Learning Spanish with apps is fun and the easiest way. You can choose when and where to study Spanish with the best Spanish apps.

It can be tasking deciding the app that best suits you since there are a lot of Spanish learning apps available today. Some apps are just not worth your effort, time, and money. This article on the best Spanish apps is the perfect solution and will help you choose the right one. We’ve done extensive research and tests to pick the best apps that work well whether you want to get better in writing, speaking, spelling, grammar, listening, reading, or vocabulary.


Apps to Learn Spanish

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Duolingo is renowned and has been downloaded by over 300 million users worldwide. It is a highly engaging app that teaches more than 35 languages of which Spanish is one. It is an excellent choice for beginners and first-time learners of Spanish. Intermediate and expert learners are not left out as lessons are grouped by topics and complexity in short bits which can be easily completed in a short period. 

Duolingo is well organized and exposes beginners to a great amount of vocabulary on different topics and podcasts to develop listening skills. Each lesson ends with exercises that test your comprehension so far. Other amazing features of the app include a bilingual episode that allows you to converse with native Spanish speakers.


  • Short lessons (10 minutes or less)
  • Engaging learning system (games, streaks, etc.)
  • Great design and user-friendly interface


  • It is not specialized in Spanish and uses the same procedure as it does in other languages. 


Apps to Learn Spanish

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Among Spanish learning apps, Mondly stands tall because it provides exercises on all rounds from reading to listening, writing, vocabulary development, and speaking. With all these in place, it still maintains orderliness and has a user-friendly and professional interface. 

It has a dictionary as an added feature so you can look up Spanish words and get their meanings quickly. In Mondly lessons, there is a combination of learning methods and fun exercises, even speaking practices where you can speak with a bot.

A very unique feature that is peculiar to Mondly is the virtual reality tool. From the comfort of your home, you can practice Spanish in real-life situations. This visual learning method has been proven to aid learning by three times, especially for visual learners.


  • Virtual learning tool
  • All-rounder learning set
  • Many engaging and fun features 


  • Not best for advanced learners
  • There are no grammar explanations 


Apps to Learn Spanish

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Memrise is nicknamed the Vocabulary app because it has a huge vocabulary arsenal. Each lesson can help you learn up to 15 new words at a go. To be clear, it is not just a dictionary-like language app that gives words and meanings. It showcases the words as part of a sentence and explains their speech parts.

Memrise delivers its lessons using short video clips with native speakers in a different context to teach the language. 


  • Offers a variety of topics
  • Great user interface
  • Allows you to compete with friends in games


  • Video quality is reduced in some courses
  • Has little and sometimes no explanation for grammar 


Apps to Learn Spanish

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FluentU is a Spanish learning app that teaches you Spanish in a subtle way. It provides interactive videos, movie trailers, music videos, comedy skits, and inspirational speeches. This way you get to learn Spanish as a language while also learning the Spanish culture. Each video comes with a transcript and translation, a simple click on a word or phrase gives the meaning.

Words from the videos that you find amusing, you can add to your list of vocabulary. FluentU only recommends videos based on the vocabulary you have learned. Its contents are extensively native and can be complicated for beginners but is an excellent choice for advanced learners.


  • Good for vocabulary building
  • Features engaging videos
  • Native and correct content


  • Not suited for beginners
  • Very pricey 


Apps to Learn Spanish

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Busuu app is great and can be said to specialize in grammatical lessons. It is very useful for beginners and proves quite handy for intermediate learners. It uses pictures and audio files to teach vocabulary and has plenty of useful materials for text comprehension, vocabulary development, and dialogue. 

This Spanish app allows you to interact with other users and native speakers. You can have basic membership for free, but certain features are only available to premium users. 


  • Very engaging
  • Good quality and wide range of topics
  • Allows conversation with native speakers, although only through chat.

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  • No tutor
  • Requires premium subscription to continue learning 


From this list of the best Spanish apps, you can find apps that can expand your knowledge of Spanish and its culture. You can get better at vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking Spanish.

However, these apps will have minimum effect if not backed up with constant and consistent practicing, especially by speaking. Speaking Spanish, or at the least interacting with the little you learn per time from the best Spanish apps is considered the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish.