Due to mobile proliferation in the market, you can find everyone using mobile phones wherever they are present. You must have witnessed people using mobile phones in waiting areas at railway stations and airports to kill time. One of the reports projected that in 2023, the number of people using smartphones will exceed 6.5  billion. Most people play games through mobile apps.

Here the important thing to note is that people download the games from the apps if they are in the language that they understand. Here, gaming translation can help. This provides ample opportunities for game app developers.

Increased Popularity of Mobile Apps

Mobile App Localization

According to Statista, the number of mobile app users is projected to reach 7.6 billion by 2027. At present, China is leading in the number of smartphones, with approximately 912 million people. On the second number comes India, and on the third, it is the USA. This shows that people who are using smartphones are using mobile apps significantly.

According to the report by Emizen Tech, there are a whopping 218 billion mobile app downloads reported on Android and iPhone. These numbers show the increasing usage of all kinds of apps, including gaming apps.

Why You Need to Localize Your Gaming Apps

Mobile App Localization

As per NewZoo, around $184 billion was generated by games in 2022, out of which the share of the mobile gaming market was 50%, or around $92 billion. The rising popularity of mobile games highlights the importance of mobile app localization services.

As a mobile game app developer, you must hire a professional translation agency if you want to broaden your reach and target different markets. The mobile app for games cannot be localized without the help of gaming translation experts, as it is a complex process.

Why do you need to go for game localization? The answer is simple; to get more downloads and to provide foreign audiences with a better, more localized experience. Otherwise, the mobile game can lose its entertaining appeal. For this, you need to make the localization team understand the character and history of the game.  Once you get your gaming apps localized, you can enjoy many benefits in terms of game popularity and increased sales.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at Some of the Benefits of Localizing Apps

Mobile App Localization

Benefits of Mobile App Localization

Let’s dive into mobile app localization benefits

  • Mobile app localization can help game app developers to reach more customers globally. It will increase their customer base and boost sales.
  • When more and more people get familiar with your game app, you can witness more downloads resulting in more app usage.
  • Increased app downloads and expansion to new markets will provide a high return on investment.

Process of Mobile App Localization

Let’s have a look at the mobile app localization process.


The first stage of mobile app localization is to do proper planning. It includes

  • Which countries to target and which languages to select to get the full benefit of mobile app localization?
  • What are the demands and preferences of the target market?


  • Once, you have done the planning, the next step comes with implementing your localization strategy. In this process, you have to bring changes to the app while considering the cultural and regional intricacies. In this stage, you have to give attention to details so that you can fulfill the requirements of the target market.
  • First, you have to translate the app’s title, description, and keywords into the target language so that your apps can get visible and rank high in local app stores.
  • It is better to include the app’s screenshots and videos so that you can check whether it is according to cultural preferences or not.


  • After localization, you have to do extensive testing. Beta testing is the best form of testing. In this process, the app is reviewed by native speakers. They review the app and check its design so that users can navigate it easily.
  • After testing your app, ask the person from your area to use it and give you feedback.
  • Verify the encoding of the text and make sure the encoding is shown accurately on all the devices.
  • All your app components—graphics, sounds, and text should resonate with cultural and regional norms.
  • Check whether the user can switch between the languages easily or not.
  • Don’t forget to include an in-app feedback feature. The research has shown that it can enhance feedback by up to 750%

Check Customer Reviews and Analyze the Data

  • To check whether your app is doing well or not, you must read the reviews of the customers. This can help you in updating the app according to the new trends.

Wrapping Up

At present, people require personalization services. One of the best ways to provide personalization services to potential customers is with the help of mobile app localization. If you are a mobile game developer then you can provide an immersive gaming experience to avid gamers and reduce retention through mobile app localization.

It is your success if people their leisure time enjoying your games on mobile without any difficulty. So are you ready to invest in mobile app localization? For seamless localization services, a professional translation agency can be of great help.