Apps for Better Education

Lots of business services have been moved to cyberspace where they became more accessible, cost-effective, and fast-growing. Marketing is one of them. Many colleges and universities started creating apps to help students with their studies. Let’s see apps for marketing students.

Many of the educational apps for students have become popular. Education is the third most popular category on the App Store behind games and business only. We have reviewed the apps created to help marketing students with their studies. See our list below for the top picks.


Canva is indispensable for students creating images for social media. It allows you to transfer all its features and capabilities from the website to your device. There are lots of templates you can use to develop professional images, which can be posted on social media platforms directly from your phone.

The templates come with awesome designs and graphics. You can also play with demo versions to test your skills.

Grammarly Keyboard

Apps for Marketing Students

Error-free marketing posts are one of the prerequisites for success. When customers spot spelling mistakes and typos in your marketing materials, it is harder to convince them of the quality of the advertised products or services.

Lean and clean writing is an important priority for marketing students looking for top-rated writing services. That is why they use TopWritersReview to identify a company that hires professional writers to complete high-quality essays and dissertations.

The Grammarly Keyboard is a must for marketing students who want to ensure the highest professional standards. You can use its special keyboard to scan your texts automatically. The great thing about the app is that it is free, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Digital marketing often involves working with influencers. REP provides a user-friendly and convenient platform to link up with them. Its features and tools to do the analytics and overviews of products and services. Influencers get access to a wide range of brands and businesses, enabling them to pick the best fits they can apply to.

Subscription can be free, paid, or pay-per-click, depending on your business needs. Marketing students can start with the free version to practice their skills in the real world of business and marketing.

Facebook Ads Manager

As a marketing student, you will most likely need to use Facebook and Instagram to reach out to your audience directly or through influencers. The Facebook Ads Manager is a great tool that helps you manage your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns with your phone.

Stay on top of all the key developments to manage your schedule, respond to notifications, adjust messages, and monitor progress. As a free app, it is a great choice for marketing students.

Google Analytics

Apps for Marketing Students

As a result-oriented marketing student, you must be able to monitor, track, assess, and utilize data related to your performance and progress. It is inconceivable to improve your marketing strategies unless you can take corrective action based on evidence.

Google Analytics is a trusted mobile app for monitoring your analytics. This free app lets marketing students learn the basic skills of generating and analyzing monitoring data to refine their marketing tactics and approaches.


Mention has been designed to help users monitor each and every mention of you in cyberspace. Savvy market specialists cannot take the liberty of disregarding social media reactions to their actions and campaigns. Learn how to track how your audience reacts and responds to your prompts, create statistics, and use data for better marketing strategies going forward. Marketing students can start by using the free version with paid options ranging from $25 to $600.


Buffer is one of the top social scheduling apps for busy marketing students. The great thing about it is that it helps manage multiple schedules on different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Users can also generate statistics related to each post. Students can opt for a free subscription or one of the four paid options ranging from $15 to $399 a month.

The Bottom Line

As busy marketing students manage multiple tasks related to their college assignments, social life, and personal relationships, they need to use mobile apps to help them with their learning process on the go. The must-have apps we have reviewed provide best-in-class features and options to stay on top of your game by practicing skills, monitoring progress, and refining your marketing strategies from anywhere you go.

Barbara Fielder has been covering marketing & ICT for over a decade. She also has volunteer experience in counseling marketing students about their choice of degree programs, resources, and technology. Barabara’s reviews are top-ranked on the leading marketing websites.

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