Since the pandemic situation has started, many students have turned to remote learning and exploration. As the majority of learners had more time to spare, it also became possible to see what free educational software could be used to record online lectures or improve grammar without having to pay.

Some educators were busy learning the best LMS platforms while discovering various import and export options to use what they already have. It has also pushed various developers to think over the ways to provide something free of charge to stay within the competition. While some solutions have been simple and fun, they have affected the way that we learn, shaping our educational future!

Top 2023 Free Educational Software for Students

Oxford Pocket Dictionary

Free Educational Software

While it may not be all flashy and cool, it is still free and will always remain timeless! You do not have to visit the library or carry all those heavy books when you need to look up some words or avoid plagiarism by using additional expressions! It is also good for people of all ages because we always learn no matter how old we are!

Dragon Dictation

Free Educational Software

It is great for busy students who just cannot write things down. The trick here is to talk into your phone. The app will record your text as audio by converting it to text. This way you can send an email, leave notes for your college professor, or talk to your friends. It has numerous import/export options.

It is also good for those cases when you need to record lectures. Just leave this app running during Zoom conferences or remote learning to get things recorded. It does not take lots of RAM and won’t overload your phone’s processor. When you can playback things or convert audio to text, you will always stay safe!

Hemingway Writing App

It is one of those cool apps for college students that help you get rid of wordiness or grammar mistakes! Just paste your text and have the system grade you. It’s free and inspiring, no matter what you have to write. If you are a blogger, you can use it as well!

However, it won’t fix it all for you when you need to finish that odd assignment! If you get stuck or need more help, consider pairing the Hemingway app with essay writing for sale. Just ask online experts for assistance and things like structure, formatting, or even an explanation of what a thesis statement is!

My Homework Study Planner

If you are finding it hard to plan your homework and manage your time as you want to play a game, have no worries! Just throw your books through the window! No, seriously, you can install myHomework Study Planner. It is an app that can alert you about deadlines and help you learn about urgent assignments.

This app is more than just a calendar because it can help you track your progress and see how much time it takes to get certain tasks done. It will also help you to work on your schedule. It is simpler than EverNote and has no Excel structure that may be boring for some people!


Free Educational Software

If you want to get creative for your school project, or you need to create a presentation for your personal mobile app, you must check Quizlet as it has numerous templates and free presentations. These can be downloaded and edited just as much as you need.

For those folks who prefer creating something unique, there are lots of tools for anything from social campaigns to software creation tips for going global. Just enter some keyword string and see the results! It’s free, logical, and has a friendly community!


Okay, we all get distracted by social media and video games as we learn! This is the best app for students that will block certain entertainment apps just before you finish your task. It has good security measures that will control your screen time as it pushes you to learn! It has an intense blocking for a certain period of time to let you study but it will always pay off as you get your homework done!

How Much Is Enough?

Free Educational Software

Well, do not become an app collector as so many people do! The trick is to use only those apps that you truly need because they help you make things easier. If you have Google Calendar for planning purposes, using EverNote will not help you much! Make it a rule of a virtual thumb: one objective – one app!

Remember that choosing free apps for education does not mean that you are dealing with a compromise because the paid versions may have additional features that you won’t ever need! Just take your time to learn what you have and it will always pay off as you save some time (and nerves!).

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