Making a switch to a Macbook can be bumpy for some users. They might be used to PCs too much and do not expect that it takes so much time to get adjusted to these changes.

Of course, the more time one spends using a Macbook, the better that person will become. However, not everyone can afford to take things at a leisure pace. They need to master the Mac for work or other important matters.

Taking a proactive approach is a good method. Instead of waiting to stumble upon a feature accidentally, you can read about them here and become a better Mac user.

Tip 1 – Keep the Mac Free of Junk Files

MacPaw has a great article on cleanup software. Why would you need such software?

Well, the answer is that a lot of new Mac users struggle to fit everything they want on the computer. The hard drives are relatively small, and if you are left with very little storage space, you are going to experience performance issues.

Cleanup software is one of the best methods to get rid of the junk files that are taking valuable drive space. You can also look to 

Tip 2 – Take Screenshots

There are instances when you only want to screenshot a particular part of the screen. When using a Macbook, select what you want to capture using the cursor and press Command + Shift + 4. This way, you will not have to snap the whole screen and then use editing tools, saving yourself some time.

Meanwhile, if you need to capture the whole screen, use the same key combination, but except for clicking 4 at the end, replace it with 3. You should get used to taking screenshots on a Mac in no time.

Tip 3 – Find Word Definitions

Reading through text or even writing something yourself can be a bit of a chore, especially if there is a lot of terminologies.

Difficult words are not something one can remember that easily, meaning that you may end up needing to use a dictionary or looking for meaning on the internet. The process can be really time-consuming.

Thankfully, the more recent macOS versions have a feature to look up word definitions without leaving the document or page you are currently viewing. Highlight the word and press Command + Control + D. A new window with the information about the word will pop up.

Tip 4 – Add Digital Signatures

Tips to Become Better at Using a Macbook

Digital signatures will save you a lot of time if you have to work with the documents constantly. It takes a toll when one needs to print the document, sign and scan it. Doing so multiple times throughout the day is not fun.

Open any PDF document via Preview. Select “Create Signature from Built-in iSight”. Get a piece of paper and write your signature on it. Hold it next to the webcam and capture the signature. Save the signature on the computer and use it in the documents.

Tip 5 – Create and Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are something you will need more time to master. Some combinations were already mentioned in this article, but there are plenty of other shortcuts to make you even better at using Macbooks.

You can find all the available shortcuts on the official Apple support page. Moreover, if you want to make things easier when using certain applications, there is also an option to create custom shortcuts.

Tip 6 – View and Use Emojis

Tips to Become Better at Using a Macbook

Emojis are not what everyone uses when texting or emailing, but it seems to be growing in popularity recently, especially among younger people.

You can insert emoticons on almost every type of application that lets you send messages. Locate the magnifying glass at the top of your screen. It is a search function. Use it to find the Character Viewer application.

Launch the Character Viewer. You will see all the available emojis. Double-click on the image that you want to insert.

Tip 7 – Use Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the more underrated applications of Macbook. You can use it as a unit converter and calculator. It will also show you the weather forecast as well as the most recent news.

It can become bothersome having to use the different applications, so when there is one that offers so many features, it would be a waste not to use Spotlight more frequently.

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Tip 8 – Manage Applications

Tips to Become Better at Using a Macbook

The Activity Monitor tool shows you which applications are consuming the most resources. If you are looking to lessen the burden of the system, open the Activity Monitor, and sort the processes by CPU or memory.

Tips to Become Better at Using a Macbook

There are some apps you will not be able to remove as they are built-in and are part of the system. But you should still be able to find some that can be replaced or removed from the computer.