People often face the problem of the applications not working on their iPhones. There can be diverse reasons for it, but the major effect is disdain and dissatisfaction. Especially, iPhone users especially do not like something like app crashing as it affects their daily lives, despite spending quite some money on a stable and branded device. Here we are going to discuss a few solutions concerning the problem of Snapchat crashing. Let’s fix snapchat keeps crashing issue.

Let us now go through a few solutions to help you solve this problem of Snapchat crashing on your iPhone.

1. Update Phone Software

Before you think of solving your issue of Snapchat crashing, you need to be sure about whether you have an updated software running the phone. When the software gets outdated, the phone creates trouble with the functioning of its application and in general. You can check for it through the following method;

  • Start by going to the setting app.
  • Tap on the General option there.
  • Following this, you need to click on a software update. Make sure you have a stable wifi connection for the update.
  • If your software isn’t updated, make sure you update your phone with the help of the wifi connection. IOS 14.7 is the latest version available.
  • Find out whether your Snapchat is working smoothly.

2. Updating Snapchat App

If your Snapchat app is out of data in the first place, it will crash. The outdated app is one of the primary answers to “Why does Snapchat keep crashing?” You can update your Snapchat by the following method;

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • On the upper-right-hand side of the screen, you would find your profile. Click there.
  • Now scroll your screen to find whether the Snapchat update appears there.
  • If you find the app update, click on the update option to update your Snapchat App.
snapchat keeps crashing
  • Click on the open button after the update is over. Your app will start working in all probability.

3. Delete and Reinstall Snapchat App

Numerous people come with the query like, “Why is my Snapchat not working even when I have the updated version of IOS?” Here you have to undertake traditional yet effective solutions. You have to uninstall your Snapchat app and then reinstall it all over again. Following is the way you can achieve it;

  • Start with finding the Snapchat app on your iPhone screen.
  • Once you find the app, tap on it till the delete option appears. Once the delete option appears, drag it to the option and drop it for uninstallation.
  • A pop-up will emerge showing whether you want to delete the app or cancel the option—select delete for deleting the application from your phone.
snapchat keeps crashing
  • Now open the App store on your device.
  • Search “Snapchat” on the search bar of the app store.
  • There you will find a list starting with Snapchat and other applications related to Snapchat.
  • Click on the Snapchat app to install it.

Once you reinstall the app, log in with your Snapchat id and password. In all probability, you would find your Snapchat working again.

4. Prevent from Third Party Snapchat Application

People are extremely clever and cunning these days, as they find diverse ways of tricking people and earning money. One such way is by launching fake apps on the Apple iPhone App Store. You need to make sure that you do not download any fake applications that bear the logo of Snapchat. Such fake apps always harm the functioning of your phone and the other applications present. Thus you need to be careful about downloading the authentic version of Snapchat to prevent any instance where your Snapchat keeps crashing.

5. Keep Information About The Status Of Snapchat Servers

snapchat keeps crashing

Some numerous ways and applications will reveal the status of running applications in your region. There you can search for Snapchat’s status in your region and its activity signal. If you find that the Snapchat server is down in your area or location, try contacting the Snapchat app developer. Submit a bug report to the developer stating the problem of the Snapchat crashing owing to the server. You will get a positive response in some time with your app functioning regularly all over again. 

6. Restart iPhone

This is one of the most prevalent ideas that has an infamous functionality owing to its responsiveness. Restarting the device is one of the famous ways to solve minor glitches and errors in software that are normal among iPhones. Switching off your iPhone and restarting it again will remove any such glitches that do not allow any of your apps to perform or reduce the response time.

You can use this trick to solve the problem of your Snapchat crashing. Follow the procedures listed below;

  • Press your power button and hold it for a while.
  • It will result in your power menu popping up.
  • Select power off to switch off your iPhone.
  • Once it switches off, wait for 30 seconds at least.
  • Now press your power button again and hold it till the Apple logo appears.
  • After your phone restarts, check the working of your Snapchat.


All the above methods are effective in solving problems with your Snapchat crashing. You can adopt any method of your choice and relieve yourself from the hassle where your Snapchat keeps crashing.

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