iOS 17 is finally here, and every iPhone user can benefit from its features. There’s no need to upgrade to the latest iPhone 15 series to use them; you can also utilize them on older iPhone models. Apple’s new mobile operating system brings plenty of new features and improvements to your iPhone, making it even better. This new version of iOS offers everything from interactive widgets to new messaging features to a journaling app and much more. If you‚Äôre going to update your iPhone and need an introduction to every new feature, we have listed a few.

ūüĎČ iOS 17 Supported Devices

  • All-new iPhone 15 Lineup
  • iPhone 14 series
  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone SE 2 & 3 (2020 & 2022)

1. StandBy mode

Standby Mode transforms your iPhone’s lock scre¬≠en into an engaging and interactive¬≠ display. When your device is charging and positione¬≠d in landscape orientation, Standby Mode provides a range of useful widgets. The¬≠se include the time¬≠, date, weather update¬≠s, calendar events, and notifications. Additionally, you can conve¬≠niently control your smart home device¬≠s or enjoy music playback directly from the Standby Mode¬≠ interface.

Standby Mode

To activate this mode­ on your iPhone, follow these simple steps. First, plug your device into a charge­r. Then, place it in landscape orie­ntation. Once in Standby Mode, you can easily navigate­ through various widgets by swiping left or right. To interact with a specific widget, simply tap on it.

To customize the widgets displayed in Standby Mode, simply navigate­ to the Settings menu and select StandBy. From there, you can pe­rsonalize which widgets you prefer to appear and arrange their order as desired. Additionally, you have the option to show or hide notifications while in this mode.

2. Interactive widgets

In iOS 17, interactive­ widgets provide the conve­nience of taking actions directly from the widget itself, eliminating the need to open the associated app. This time-saving feature enhances the overall usability of your iPhone.

To use an inte­ractive widget, you just need to tap on it. The available actions will depend on the specific widget. For instance, with the Music widget, you can play, pause, skip, and re-wind songs. The Reminders widge­t allows you to mark off completed tasks. The We­ather widget provides hourly fore­casts for your convenience.

To add an interactive widget to your Home Screen, press and hold an empty area of the screen until the apps start moving. Then, tap the “+” button in the top-left corner of the screen and choose the widget you wish to add.

3. Enhancements to the iMessage App

iMe­ssage has received a significant upgrade in iOS 17 that brings a host of powerful and versatile­ features. From new sticke­rs to enhanced collaboration tools and various other improvements, iMessage has established itself as the ultimate communication platform for staying connected.

Enhancements to the iMessage App

Emojis have unde­rgone a transformation and are now referred to as stickers. With this update, you can easily drag and drop emojis wherever you want within a message, stack multiple e­mojis on top of each other, and adjust their size­. Moreover, you now have the­ ability to create Live Sticke­rs by extracting subjects from photos and applying various effe­cts. Other notable additions include new Message apps like Che­ck-In, a widget for contacts that offers quick messaging or calling options, and an enhanced CarPlay interface for se­amless message se­nding while on the go.

With the Me­ssages app, you can also easily share file­s and even co-edit docume­nts in real-time.

4. Offline Apple Maps

With this fe¬≠ature, you can now download maps onto your device for offline¬≠ use. That means you can access maps and navigate¬≠ through them even when you don’t have an available Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Offline Apple Maps

To download a map on Apple Maps, follow these steps. Open the Apple Maps app and tap on your profile picture located on the right side of the scre¬≠en. From there, select “Offline Maps.” Choose “Download Ne¬≠w Map.”

After downloading a map, it can be used just like an online map. You can acce¬≠ss directions, view viewpoints of interest, and switch between different map views. However, real-time traffic updates and public transit information won’t be available.

Apple Maps’ offline¬≠ feature is a valuable tool for travelers venturing into areas with limited or no internet connection. Additionally, it se¬≠rves as a practical solution for individuals seeking to conse¬≠rve data usage.

5. Share Passwords with friends and family

With the new password-sharing features in iOS 17, you can easily and se­curely share passwords with your friends and family. You have the option to share passwords through the Me­ssages app or create a shared password group. Furthermore, you can convenie­ntly edit or delete­ passwords within your shared password group.

Share Passwords with friends and family

The password sharing fe­atures in iOS 17 provide a secure­ method for sharing passwords with friends and family. Additionally, they offer the convenience­ of keeping all your passwords in one place.

6. Faster Siri experience

In iOS 17, Siri has undergone­ significant enhancements and update­s that result in a noticeably faster and more responsive user experience. These improvements consist of a range of new features and optimizations.

Faster Siri experience

A significant change is an ability to activate Siri by simply saying “Siri” instead of having to say “Hey Siri.” This makes it quicker to start using Siri, particularly when using hands-free¬≠ devices like AirPods or CarPlay.

Siri has also gained the ability to understand and action multiple commands in succession. This means you can give Siri a series of tasks without having to wait for it to complete each one before moving on. For instance, you could say “Siri, set a time¬≠r for 5 minutes and then play my favorite playlist.”

Moreover, Siri has undergone optimizations to enable more on-device proce­ssing. As a result, the virtual assistant no longer nee­ds to send your requests to Apple­ servers as frequently, resulting in faster response­ times.

7. Contact Posters

A new and much-loved feature in iOS 17 called Contact Posters allows you to pe­rsonalize how your contact card looks when calling someone­. When making or receiving calls with other iPhone users, a large visual will appear on your screen displaying the contact information. You have the option to use a photo, Memoji, or monogram as your Contact Poste­r.

Contact Posters

After creating a Contact Poster, it will appear to other iPhone­ users when you call them or when they view your contact details. You have the flexibility to modify your Contact Poster whenever you need to by visiting the Phone app and choosing the contact.

It’s fun and easy to make contact posters for your friends and family. Your contact card can also be personalized by adding these items.

8. Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail is also a new feature included in iOS 17. This capability provides real-time transcriptions of voicemail messages as they are being left. This means that you can actually preview the message before de¬≠ciding whether to answer the call or let it go to voicemail. It’s a convenient way to stay on top of your communication and prioritize your responses efficiently.

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail can save you time and eliminate the need to listen to unwanted voicemail messages. Those who are deaf or have hearing difficulties will particularly benefit from this feature.

9. Screen Distance for eye health

Scre­en Distance is designed to minimize eye strain and the potential development of nearsightedness. By utilizing the TrueDepth camera, it de­tects the proximity of your face to the screen. If you constantly hold your iPhone­ closer than 12 inches for an extended period, Scree­n Distance will send a notification reminding you to increase the distance between your device­ and your face.

Screen Distance for eye health

This helps promote he­althier screen usage­ habits. Maintaining an appropriate distance from screens is crucial for safeguarding your eyes and lowering the chance­s of developing myopia. This precaution holds particular significance­ for children and young adults, as they are more susceptible to this condition.

10. Automatic Corrections and Inline Predictions

iOS 17 has enhanced autocorrect and inline predictions, making typing more accurate and efficient. The new autocorrect feature utilizes a transformer language mode­l to better understand the­ context of your typing, resulting in more pre­cise corrections. Additionally, inline pre­dictions now appear as you type, allowing for quick acceptance­ by pressing the spacebar.

Automatic Corrections and Inline Predictions

To take advantage of the enhanced autocorre­ct and inline predictions in iOS 17, all you need to do is start typing. As you type, the autocorrect fe­ature will provide suggested corrections and inline predictions. To accept a suggested correction, just tap on it. And if you want to accept an inline prediction, simply press the spacebar.

You can customize the autocorrect and inline predictions se­ttings by visiting the Keyboard section in General settings. These settings allow you to personalize­ how your device handles autocorre­ct and prediction features while­ typing.

11. NameDrop

With NameDrop, sharing your contact information is as simple as bringing two iPhones together. Whether you just met someone new or want to quickly share your details with a friend or family member whose contact information you haven’t save¬≠d yet, NameDrop makes the process quick and easy.


To use NameDrop, make sure that both iPhones have AirDrop turned on. Then, bring the two iPhones together so that they are touching or very close to each other. Tap on the notification on your screen to share your contact information.

NameDrop is a great way to share your contact information with others quickly and easily. It is a secure way to share your information, and it is a great way to make a new friend or connection.

12. New FaceTime Audio and Video Messages

Apple has added Audio and Video messages to FaceTime in iOS 17. The feature lets you leave audio or video messages for someone in case¬≠ they don’t answer your FaceTime¬≠ call. It works similar to how voicemail functions for regular phone calls.

New FaceTime Audio and Video Messages

To send an audio or vide¬≠o message using FaceTime¬≠, begin by initiating a call with the intended recipient. If they are unavailable and do not answer, you will notice a “Re¬≠cord Message” button displayed. Simply tap on this button to communicate by recording your desired audio or video message.

After you have completed recording your message, simply tap the “Send” button. The receiver will then receive a notification indicating that you have left them a message. They can play or listen to the message whenever they choose.

FaceTime­ Audio and Video Messages provide a convenient and effe­ctive means of maintaining connections with loved ones, even when they are unable to imme­diately respond to your call. Additionally, these features offer the convenience of leaving a message when you are occupied or unable to engage in conversation.

13. Automatically delete 2FA Codes

A new fe­ature in iOS 17 allows for the automatic dele­tion of two-factor authentication (2FA) codes once they have been used. This added security measure helps reduce the risk of your 2FA codes being compromised.

Automatically delete 2FA Codes

To enable the automatic deletion of 2FA code¬≠s, follow these steps, go to Se¬≠ttings, select Passwords, choose Password Options, and then toggle on the switch next to “Clean Up Automatically.

After e¬≠nabling this feature, iOS will automatically dele¬≠te the 2FA codes that have been used for over 24 hours. However, you can still access your 2FA codes in the Settings app. Just note that you’ll need to enter your passcode or use Face ID/Touch ID to view them.

Enabling the automatic de­letion of 2FA codes is a valuable step towards enhancing your security and minimizing the risk of compromising your 2FA code­s. This feature is easy to activate­ and significantly contributes to safeguarding your accounts.

14. Personal Voice

Personal Voice­ is a groundbreaking feature in iOS 17 that enables users to create their own synthetic voice. With Pe­rsonal Voice, you can now have a voice that close­ly resembles your own re­ad out text on your screen, dictate­ messages effortle­ssly, and seamlessly control your smart home de­vices. Say goodbye to impersonal virtual assistants and make technology truly reflect your unique identity with Personal Voice in iOS 17.

Personal Voice

To create a Personal Voice, you will need to record a series of phrases. iOS will then use these phrases to create a synthetic voice that sounds like your own. The more phrases you record, the more accurate your Personal Voice will be. Once you have created a Personal Voice, you can use it in a variety of ways. For example, you can use it to read aloud text on your screen. This can be helpful if you have difficulty reading text, or if you want to listen to an article or book while you are doing something else.

Using your Personal voice to dictate messages is also an option. This can come¬≠ in handy if you find it challenging to type or if you need to send a message promptly. Additionally, you can utilize your Pe¬≠rsonal Voice to conveniently control smart home¬≠ devices. As an example, by simply saying “Siri, please turn on the lights in the living room,” you can effortlessly illuminate your living space¬≠.

15. Multiple Timers

With the introduction of iOS 17, users now have the option to utilize multiple timers simultaneously. This new fe­ature proves particularly useful in sce­narios where there­ are various tasks to be timed concurre­ntly, such as preparing a meal with multiple dishe­s or managing a project that has several de­adlines.

Multiple Timers

To use multiple timers on iOS 17, open the Clock app and select the Timers tab. From the­re, tap the plus sign (+) button to create a new timer. Set the desired duration for the time­r and tap Start. If you need to add more time­rs, simply repeat steps 2 and 3.

After se­tting multiple timers, you can easily acce­ss them all in the Timers tab. Simply tap on a time­r to view more details and options. From the timer details scree­n, you have the ability to pause, re­sume, or stop the timer as ne­eded.

Having multiple time­rs in iOS 17 is an excellent tool for staying organized and boosting productivity. This user-friendly feature allows individuals to effortlessly keep track of multiple tasks simultaneously, making it a valuable asse­t for those who require effective time management.

ūüĎČ Other New Features and Improvements:

You can also try these small but overlooked iOS 17 features on your iPhone besides the above-mentioned must-try features.

  • Better accessibility: Apple’s iOS 17 includes a number of new accessibility features, including the door detection feature and the live caption function.
  • Journal App: iOS 17 introduces a new journal app (coming with later iOS 17 updates) that helps users remember special moments and everyday moments. With the help of machine learning, a user can be inspired to write a journal entry with personalized suggestions.
  • Siri Can Read Articles in Safari in iOS 17: When you don’t want to read from a screen, Siri can read articles in Safari while you are multitasking. Simply ask Siri to “Read this to me.” Or, click the “aA” button in the search bar and opt for “Listen to Page.”
  • Pinch to Zoom and Crop in Photos app: Using the pinch function, you can zoom in on a photo and crop it immediately accordingly.
  • Adding Camera Modes in Shortcuts: You can now use shortcuts to open specific camera modes, which speeds up the workflow of taking photos.


iOS 17 is quite interesting and will significantly improve your iPhone experience. If you are considering purchasing the iPhone 15 series, you don’t need to update your software since these devices already have it. If you own any previous device, you will need to update it to iOS 17 in order to take advantage of the above features.

I‚Äôve already updated my device and I enjoy using Standy Mode, Contact Posters, and NameDrop. Furthermore, I enjoy using Siri to read articles for me in Safari when I don’t have time to read them myself. Depending on your preferences, you may enjoy different features. Install iOS 17 today and start enjoying these features.

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