What is Kik? 

Kik is a popular mobile messaging application that is free to use and quite similar to WhatsApp and Viber but has some additional functions that differentiate it. Kik supports Windows, Mac, and Android. It means you can use this app on most devices. Here you can see  how to delete kik account. 

The Primary Objectives of Kik Are:

  • One to one conversation.
  • Send messages, videos, photos, etc.
  • Group chat (up to 49 users)
  • Incognito chat

To operate Kik, you only require an email, birthdate, and username to log in. It means that distinct users see only the least information about each other. The app also erases messaging histories after some duration. Regardless, the app also has various privacy issues, including IP logging and a lack of end-to-end encryption.

Children jump their digital lives pretty early, and it’s coming to be increasingly difficult to safeguard them from perils lurking online. Instant messaging is one locale where parents should be careful, and Kik is one of the most famous messaging platforms for young people.

Why Is It a Potential Threat?

There several reasons to delete your Kik account:

Exploitation and online concerns: Child exploitation is brutal on any app that enables people to keep up fairly anonymous, and the Kik is no exception.

Inadequacy of parental control: Teens can operate Kik easily without their parents’ intervention. While minors should possess parents’ permission to use the app, they can escape this effortlessly by entering a false birthdate.

Impoverished privacy. It doesn’t possess end-to-end encryption, so the service providers can detect all your messages or provide them away to a third party. The company can also behold your IP and find out your location. A lack of encryption also propels it simpler for cybercriminals to intercept users’ messages.

Unidentified users credentials. People can log into Kik without a valid email address or phone number. It gets hard to verify somebody’s identity, which develops a lack of accountability and transparency among users, leading to scams, exploitations, and cyberbullying

Inadequacy of transparency. Kik isn’t apparent as its code is not open for independent review, and its design is also not appropriately documented and lacks independent audits.

Kik has shifted ownership in the past year, and as modifications kick in, you may suppose Kik is no longer for you. You can stride away from Kik or delete your online presence completely, and it’s possible to delete your Kik account.

Suppose you’re wondering about your Kik account and how you can permanently delete the app from your device. What sort of rings do you have to jump over to get rid of the app from your phone?

Here’s a guide that will help you permanently or temporarily deactivate your account on this prominent messaging app.

How to Permanently Delete Your Kik Account?

how to delete kik account

Source: dtcn.com

Kik has an easy deletion process and takes a few clicks and a verification email. That verification email is the final step, so it isn’t a tough process. 

In the Kik account, deactivating an account and deleting it differs as Kik cites it as temporary deactivation and permanent deactivation.

Temporary deactivation implies that you will temporarily deactivate Kik messages and emails, and your username isn’t searchable; also, your account can reactivate barely by signing back in. 

Permanent deactivation infers deleting a Kik account forever, which can’t restore. 

Contemplate your options before Kik account deletion.

Permanent deletion isn’t your only alternative. Kik offers an option to “deactivate” an account, and along with this option, you can log in back and reactivate if you want.

The major advantage of deactivation is that you’ll stop receiving Kik messages in your absence.

Employ Kik’s dialogue account deletion

Kik has an easy web form for demanding the deletion of your account to assess any device.

This form only mandates your username and email address and your reason for deletion.

Ascertain that you want to delete your Kik account.

After completing the web form, click the radio button, which implies that you cannot recover your account after completing this process. You will be required to create an entirely new Kik account.

Check the confirmation email and click the last delete button.

Clicking “Go!” will ultimately deliver an email related to your Kik account.

To finish the deletion process, check this email and click “Permanent Delete.”

Permanent deactivation

Permanent deactivation implies that you’ll not receive messages or get emails from Kik ever again. No one can search you on the Kik app; also, your username and profile will be forever erased, and you will no longer be able to log in or access the contact information or conversation history. 

To use the service again in the future, you’ll require to sign up again with a different email address.

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To Delete a Kik Account Forever, You Must:

  1. Go to this application page. Enter your credentials and the intention for leaving, and tick the box below.
how to delete kik account

Source: dtcn.com

  1. Click Go! Button.
  2. Confirmation email will deliver from Kik. Open it.
how to delete kik account

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  1. Tap Permanently Deactivate and follow the instructions.
how to delete kik account

Your Kik account will be permanently deleted.