Samsung’s most awaited event “Unpacked” took place on 17th January 2024. And, it had everything brand enthusiasts were looking for. The newest mobiles, Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra were unveiled. This noteworthy edition also marked the start of a new era for Samsung owing to the introduction of the first Galaxy AI phones.

Hot Updates

The President of Samsung’s mobile division took to the stage and announced that the brand will provide 7 years of OS updates. This makes the brand’s S24 series only the second smartphone series to do so after the Google Pixel 8 Series.

The S24 series will run with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset while also getting a titanium frame.

With a field of view of 85˚ and a 50MP Wide Camera, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has excellent camera features. It also has a 10 MP Telephoto Camera with a 36˚ Field of View and 3x Optical Zoom. The device further has a 12MP front camera with an 80˚ field of view, which guarantees excellent and flexible capturing skills for taking beautiful selfies.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is now more durable, compact, and features a titanium body. For improved screen durability, the smartphone will also include the most recent version of Gorilla Armour.

The All New Galaxy AI

All New Galaxy AI

Samsung just unveiled a game-changer with its highly anticipated tech innovation – The Galaxy AI! It’s a revolution that is growing inside your pocket, not simply an assistant. Imagine a smartphone that, in addition to providing privacy, predicts your wants, breaks down language barriers, and lets you explore your inner artist. Now that we’re ready to explore this fascinating new universe, fasten your seatbelt.

First off, there has been a significant improvement in the way we communicate. Language can be a barrier, especially when we are traveling in a country where the first language is different. Samsung brings a solution with its Galaxy AI. It provides a real-time voice translation while on a call both, verbally and on-screen, right away.

It is like having a personal interpreter effortlessly supporting 13 languages at launch. Moreover, it also includes a split-view, allowing both parties to see everything.

The Chat assist AI-feature

The Galaxy S24 users will now be able to see live translations of their texts in multiple languages. The best part is, it has no barriers. It allows both parties to chat on texts using the language they are most comfortable with. Want to invite a Spanish colleague for dinner? No awkward pauses from now on. The chat assist feature has got you!

Boosted Productivity with the New Note Assist feature

We often take hasty notes without giving formatting any care, and this generally comes back to bite us later.

Imagine dictating emails that write just like you, or taking notes that automatically transcribe. With the help of Galaxy AI, you can multitask like a pro. It can summarize the notes using AI, and create templates that streamline the notes with pre-made formats. The cherry on top? Everything takes place on your phone, keeping your data protected.

Samsung ropes in Photomojis

To bring in the latest AI features, The Galaxy AI will use recently announced Google’s Gemini AI model.

Using Gemini, you can now turn your photos and stickers into Photomojis.

How often have you come across a thing that you were interested in knowing more about and had to change between multiple sites or apps? If the answer is yes, Samsung has something for you.

Available on all S24 versions, the Circle to Search feature requires a long press of the home button to get activated. Without opening a browser, Circle to Search allows you to highlight, circle, tab, and doodle over text and images to display Google search results.

Arrival Of AI Editing Tools

With an outstanding Camera resolution and the addition of AI editing tools, the experience of taking photos and viewing captured images just got optimized to a higher level. It can aid in enhancing your image quality and the Galaxy AI is further made use of for making any suggested adjustments with perfection.

In addition, with the help of Instant Slow-mo, you can watch high-definition videos in slow motion at any moment with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

End Note

This is only a small sampling of the Galaxy AI realm. It is a dynamic ecology that will always be learning and expanding. With Samsung’s partnerships with industry heavyweights like Google, the future appears more promising than ever. Galaxy AI is the name of the future. Embrace it!

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