The Rabbit R1 emerged as the new talk of the town, unveiled at CES 2024. An innovative AI gadget, equipped to do anything you desire to simply by talking to it. This is unlike anything seen before. After knowing everything about it in this article, your curiosity will come to rest.

The New Revolution in AI Devices

In this world of innovation, change is the only constant. With each passing day, you can notice something new coming up that has the capability to solve your daily-life problems or at least make them a bit less complex.

The New Revolution in AI Devices

The Rabbit R1 is something similar. It is here to put an end to Siri’s backtalk and Alexa’s robotic monotone. The purpose of the Rabbit R1 is not to test your intelligence by playing games. Its purpose is to completely transform the way we use technology. Consider it as a version of your personal AI helper, but only much cooler. This stylish tiny gadget anticipates commands rather than just carrying them out. It’s the device of a computer enthusiast’s dreams, and it’s here to show off what AI is truly capable of.

What is Rabbit R1?

It is a small-sized, special AI tool, unlike smartphones and tablets. Designed by the US’s LA-based startup Rabbit in collaboration with Swedish giants Teenage Engineering. With a unified, AI-driven interface that eliminates the need for you to interact with apps and websites separately, this endearing sidekick promises to raise pocket devices to new heights.

With the ability to understand complex requirements in natural languages, leaving Siri & Alexa behind, it learns from observing your behavior and adapting to your needs. Moreover, with its large pool of capabilities, it is vying to be the face of one of the most significant technological developments of 2024.

Why are People going thrilled about Rabbit R1?

Its rise in popularity can be attributed to the R1’s theoretical potential to drastically alter how people engage with technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) was one of the major topics at CES 2024, with several firms concentrating on interfacing with current operating systems like iOS or Android. The nostalgic simplicity of the R1 has been an instant hit since every startup and large firm wants your phone to be connected to a suite of devices inside your home.

Rabbit’s R1 AI Assistant is a welcome move away from complexity in technology during a time when it seems like complexity is only becoming bigger. Amid the complicated IoT ecosystem, the R1’s simplicity is striking a chord. Though it promises to revolutionize human-digital connection, it distinguishes itself from the crowd at CES 2024 by taking a less invasive approach to technology.

Features of Rabbit R1

Features of Rabbit R1

1. Build

This retro yet modern AI device is small, lightweight, square, pocket-friendly, and easy to carry around. Featuring a 2.88-inch LCD touchscreen and a 640×480 pixels display, it is bright at 500 nits. It includes a push-to-talk button for talking while giving it a feel of the walkie-talkie, a scroll wheel, and a USB-C port. Further, it also has a rotating 8MP camera and 128 GB storage space and runs on MediaTek helio P35 processor, backed by 4GB RAM. R1 further also supports wi-fi and Bluetooth and has a 4G LTE SIM card slot.

2. Teach Mode

It is among one of the most standout features of R1. The teach mode lets you interact with R1 as if you are conversing with some other person. It teaches you skills like gardening, cooking, coding, or playing chess, to name a few. For instance, if you want to learn chess via this gadget, the R1 launches the app and guides you. It will listen to your feedback and also acknowledge if you give one while learning.

Moreover, it also has strong reasoning capabilities. When you ask why it made a particular move while playing chess, R1 will explain it to you. It will teach you the same way a human instructor would by combining varied skills in one place only.

3. Rabbit Eye

Rabbit Eye

It is a rotating camera used to capture front and rear images. However, it is not just a camera. The rabbit eye lets you scan documents and convert them into PDFs, word files, and spreadsheets apart from capturing images. In addition, with its computer vision technology, it can recognize moods when you point the camera toward a face. It is a camera with a 360-degree rotation and can cover up to 120 degrees with its wide range of view.

4. Rabbit Connect

The R1’s Rabbit Connect feature interacts with your digital ecosystem by utilizing wi-fi and Bluetooth. Your laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, everything can be connected to it. Once connected, you can use it as your remote control, mouse, or even as a keyboard. This feature also makes it easy to mirror, stream, or cast on electronics like smart TVs. On top of that, Transferring files and data is a breeze with Rabbit Connect.

5. Battery

It has a lasting battery life, supporting 10 hours of active usage and going up to 48 hours when on standby. It also comes with a 15W charger for rapid charging. With its magnetic back, you can fix it to any stand or at the back of your mobile without worrying about carrying it separately.

How Does It Work?

The LAM, Large Action Model, is used as a foundation by Rabbit OS, a specialized operating system for the Rabbit R1, to summon agents referred to as rabbits. Every rabbit has a certain task to perform to fulfill the user’s request. The Rabbit OS, built on Linux, has a single interface.

LAM is a type of model that recognizes human interaction on a computer without requiring any APIs. Thanks to LAM, Rabbit OS acknowledges your voice command and carries out the task. To order a cheese pizza from Doordash, for instance, a rabbit will connect to the application’s API, search for possibilities, and return the selection to the LAM. The user can then confirm the order by pressing a button on the screen after it has shown it to them.

After the user provides confirmation, another rabbit will return to Doordash, deliver all the necessary data, include pre-submitted payment details, and then return with the order confirmation and tracking details.

Task Undertaking Capabilities

This AI pocket companion can do a number of tasks. And the only thing that you have to help in is to speak what you need.

1. Book/Plan the Vacation

The Rabbit R1 can book and even plan your whole vacation. It learns from the interactions to provide personalized responses. Moreover, it coordinates with different parts of the planning phase, like booking flight tickets and hotels, and does the work for you. The next time, with R1 at your disposal, the only things you will have to worry about would be packing. Since, the rest of the other things will already be taken care of by your pocket companion.

2. Plays Music

You can access the music through your voice or manually by the scrolling wheel. It can play on various apps like Spotify or Apple Music and can also get you the additional details of the song that you ask for. Moreover, it also has the ability to identify songs from its tune and tell you which song it is, saving you time and unnecessary searching here and there.

3. Book a Ride

If you require a cab to commute to a restaurant, you need to give a voice command for booking an Uber. Once it understands the command, it initiates the process and comes back to you once only all the details are finalized and require confirmation. Once the user provides confirmation, it will return with tracking information and all pertinent data, including pre-submitted payment details.

4. Order Food

To order food from a particular app or a restaurant, you will have to give a voice command. Let’s say you want to eat Cheese Pesto Pasta; after giving the command, it will return to you for order confirmation with the final billing and delivery details. This feature makes sure that you can order food while doing other crucial tasks.

5. Sends Messages

R1 assists you in sending text messages through speech. You can speak out a message, get auto-replies, and even convert it to other languages. This minimizes the amount of time and number of clicks that you would normally do.

6. Schedule Management

The Rabbit R1 can effectively manage your schedule. It works with the calendar apps to schedule meetings. Additionally, it combines with other devices and helps find the best duration, places, and even themes for events.

7. Searches Information Online

Searching for information online through speech commands is a common practice for almost all devices nowadays. But with Rabbit R1, the search results can be sorted and summarized. If need be, it can even read them out aloud and also share them with your contacts.


The Rabbit R1 is indeed very promising. Like any other gadget, it must first overcome several obstacles before taking the main stage.

1. Privacy

The R1 needs to handle the security and privacy features in a better way, not giving away any personal user information to any third parties. The protection of data is an essential part of privacy, and R1 needs to be more transparent about it.

2. Reliability

With its online searching and AI capabilities, it needs to be reliable and accurate consistently. Features, such as speech recognition, are crucial, but precision in providing information, including facts and figures, is highly necessary.

3. Personalization

Today, everyone needs a tool they can personalize to meet their specific needs. And what’s wrong with that? The user interface and the overall experience should be customizable and easy to use.

How Do I Get Rabbit R1?

Rabbit has opened pre-orders for the R1 in the US, with an eye toward global launch in March or April.

Final Words

This pocket-sized buddy comes as a device that can do most of the things by recognizing speech. It has definitely been a shining star in the AI hardware industry until now. Don’t think of this as a smartphone replacement; it’s a different kind of tool, even if it can handle some things better. Like, the next time, it might place your grocery orders on its own if you teach it how to do it online. With its focus on AI integration, the Rabbit R1 is a significant product in the consumer electronics space, evoking memories of the hype around the original iPhone!

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