If you are a working professional, then note-taking is one of the most massive tasks for you. Carrying a notebook everywhere isn’t practically possible. So, digital notebooks serve a great purpose here. See the best tablet with stylus.

The technological market today is full of digital notebooks. Selecting an excellent note-taking tablet with a stylus might look like a hectic task. But when you know how to search for a perfect tablet, your job becomes simpler.

To make your job easier, here we present a list of some amazing note-taking tablets. I hope this list of tablets makes your selection process less hectic.

Apple iPad Pro With Apple Pencil 2

best tablet with stylus

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The Apple iPad Pro is the best note-taking tablet available. With a screen size of 11 inches to 12.9 inches, it gives ample writing space. The pen works at the speed of a thunderbolt. The note-taking and drawing experience on this tablet is heavenly due to their 120 Hz screens. 


Gigantic Screen

The two versions of this tablet come in 11 and 12.9 inches. Both of these screen sizes are great for taking notes efficiently.

Striking Performance 

It supports a vast number of note-taking apps. The 120 Hz screen also gives it a lighting fast speed.

Modern Look And Amazing Accessories

The fantastic design and great looks of the Apple iPad Pro are its X-factors. The incredible accessories add more glamour to the tablet.


Highly Expensive 

Its high price is the only downside. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you are confused about which note-taking tablet to buy, then Apple iPad Pro is probably the best one. It comes in almost two identical versions, which differ only in their screen sizes. The stylus is Apple Pencil 2, which you need to buy separately. This stylus is pressure-sensitive and is charged via the induction of the tablet.

With a refresh speed of 120 Hz, you can move your stylus like butter on the screen. The writing experience on the screen is super fast and smooth.

With the Apple A12Z Bionic processor and 6GB RAM, it is pretty speedy and powerful. Apart from having great hardware and screen, the software is terrific too. Several inbuilt note-taking apps allow the users to write in almost any font possible. 

The beautiful metallic body gives it a classy look. Apple iPad Pro has great speakers, which gives it a plus point. The keyboard options are variable and are quite amazing. The battery life is quite long, making it feasible for corporate jobs. 

But all these features come at a heavy price. The only disadvantage of this tablet is its high price range.


Apple iPad Pro is one of the best note-taking tablets if you have the budget for it. The great screen size with heavenly refresh speed takes your note-taking experience to the next level. Writing on this tablet feels like a real pen and paper. With excellent battery life and classy looks, it is probably the best tablet with a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 And S7+ With S Pen

best tablet with stylus

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are the android version of the Apple iPad Pro. They have minor similarities, and Samsung gives a tough competition to Apple. The S-pen comes at no additional cost with the tablet. It makes Samsung even more desirable. This tablet is super fast as it supports 120 Hz refresh speed, much like Apple iPad Pro.


Fantastic Screens

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ come in a huge display of 11 inches and 12.4 inches, respectively. The S7+ screen is super-AMOLED, which serves as a great advantage. The refresh speed of the screen is 120 Hz which gives it a smooth run.

Fast Performance 

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC, these tablets are one of the fastest Android devices available currently.

Great Keyboard Cover

The keyboard cover that comes with Samsung Galaxy is flexible, portable, and great in function. The two-part keyboard system attaches magnetically to the tablet.


Apple iPad Pro is Way Faster

Although Samsung Galaxy is one of the fastest Android devices, it still lags behind Apple iPad Pro.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s start with the display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. The 12.4 inches AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2800 x 2752 pixels gives a sharp display. The icons and texts look vibrant and lively. The Super AMOLED display is one of the best displays available but is present only in S7+. Samsung is also one of the first Android devices to have a 120 Hz panel. The 120 Hz refresh speed makes the note-taking experience smooth and super fast.

The S-Pen is pressure sensitive and can be interchangeably used. They need to be charged only for wireless gestures. So, if you only want it for handwriting and drawing, the S-Pen works simply chargeless.

When we look at the hardware, both S7 and S7+ have Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC, one of the fastest chips in Android. They come in 6 GB and 8GB RAM versions with internal storage of 128GB -512 GB. Such a powerful processor, fast RAM, and great internal storage make a great hardware package for Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The most amazing feature of this tablet is Samsung DeX. It is the desktop conversion feature of the tablet, which serves a dual purpose.

The two-part Samsung keyboard is a perfect blend of comfort and portability. The battery life is average, neither too great nor worse. 


If you want an Android note-taking device that is as good as Apple, then go for Samsung. Samsung is quite comparable to Apple with its screen size and 120 Hz refresh speed. The super AMOLED S7+ screen makes it even better. With the fastest processor and huge RAM, it gives you great note-taking speed. The classy design and portable keyboard cover make it a must-have. So, it is one of the best Android Tablets with a stylus.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 With Surface Pen

best tablet with stylus

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the best Windows tablets with a stylus. You have to buy the Microsoft Surface Pen separately. The Microsoft Surface Pen is a pressure-sensitive pen. It runs on a replaceable battery. It has a 12.3-inch PixelSense display and a standard 60 Hz screen.


  • Excellent Performance 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with its 10th Generation Intel Processors has the best performance available.
  • Lovely Display 
  • With the 12.3-inch PixelSense screen, the display is sharp and vibrant.
  • Classy design and kickstand
  • The pure magnesium body looks great. The integrated magnesium kickstand at the back works smoothly at all angles.


  • Bit Too Pricey 
  • The only downside of this tablet is its high price tag. 

Buyer’s Guide 

With 10th Generation Intel Core processors, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is super fast and smooth. Even a 4 GB RAM set is enough, but the 8 GB version is supercooled for Photoshop. The fast performance of the tablet makes your corporate work super productive. The note-taking process is smooth and hassle-free. 

In terms of design, the magnesium body tablet is thin and lightweight. It has an integrated kickstand that opens smoothly at all angles. The 12.3 inches PixelSense display makes the display look sharp and wonderful. But the refresh speed of the screen is at the lower side at 60 Hz. It may sometimes lead to lagging while drawing on the tablet. Otherwise, it works pretty fast and glitch-free.

The feature of the USB C port allows you to connect USB C hubs and external monitors. The Microsoft Keyboard cover is incredible. The keyboard is a simulation of a desktop keyboard enhanced with background light. 

This amazing keyboard and Windows program makes Microsoft Surface Pro 7 a great alternative to laptops. 

The surface pen is perfect for the Microsoft OneNote App. Microsoft OneNote is one of the best note-taking apps for Windows. The stylus works amazingly on photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop. There is an in-built handwriting recognition which works great along with the stylus.


Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has an amazing performance. The 10th Generation Intel Core processor makes it super fast and powerful. The great magnesium design and kickstand make the tablet pretty comfortable and classy. Even with the keyboard, the portability of the tablet is not altered. The inbuilt note-taking apps are great for all your corporate meetings. Thus, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the best tablet replacements for your Windows laptop.

Apple iPad Mini With Apple Pencil 1

best tablet with stylus

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If you want a tiny and easily portable tablet, then Apple iPad Mini is the best. This tiny iPad is the fastest amongst its category. This 7.9 inches 60 Hz tablet works quite well with Apple Pencil 1. If you want a small notebook-like tablet that works fast and smoothly, go for Apple iPad Mini.


Faster Than All Its Android Counterparts

Considering its size, the Apple A12 Bionic processor of the iPad Mini and a 3 GB RAM make it super speedy and powerful. It is way faster than all its competitors.

Pretty Long Battery Life

Apple iPad Mini has long battery life.

Great App Ecosystem 

The Apple iPad Mini has a pool of optimized apps for note-taking and all your professional work. 


Lightning Port

Apple Pencil support is excellent. But the only disadvantage is that you need to charge it via the lightning port of the iPad.

Design Unsatisfactory

While the metallic body looks dashing, the big bezels are still there. So, design is a little negative factor here.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s begin with the design and display. The metallic body is quite like the earlier iPads. But the wide black bezels don’t look classy anymore. The small 7.9 inches screen feels like a notebook and 

2048 x 1536 pixels resolution is pretty high. 

The iPad uses Apple’s Trust Tone Technology, which balances the screen’s whiteness concerning the surroundings. The 4:3 screen aspect ratio is quite good for reading documents and internet sites.

The Apple iPad Mini is compatible with the Apple Pencil 1, which you need to buy separately. Apple Pencil 1 is pressure-sensitive and quite comfortable to use. It works well even when you hold it at an angle. The stylus lets you use the iPad mini as a digital notebook.

The hardware of the tablet is quite amazing. With an Apple A12 Bionic Processor and 3 GB of RAM, it works pretty fast.

The Apple iPad Mini is full of useful and optimized apps. The great app vault of iOS suits all your tasks. The long battery life of the Apple iPad Mini suits all your corporate needs.


The Apple iPad Mini is a great digital notebook. This note-taking tablet can replace real notebooks. Its fast speed and compatible size work great while traveling. The long battery life is another plus factor. The Apple Pencil 1 stylus makes the note-taking process even more smooth and feasible.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite With S-Pen

best tablet with stylus

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the cheapest tablet available in the market currently. It is one of the cheapest tablets with no compromise of features. The stylus is yet again present at no additional costs. The 10.4-inch screen is full HD but pretty standard. The Exynos processor and 4 GB RAM are fast enough for multitasking. 


  • Excellent Complimentary S-pen
  • The stylus is pressure-sensitive and comes at no additional cost. 
  • Good LCD Screen 
  • The tablet’s 10.4-inch screen is a standard Full HD LCD screen. It is not super AMOLED but has a great display nonetheless.


  • Performance weak for some games
  • The Exynos processor and 4 GB RAM work great at standard office work. But some heavy games may not run properly with these hardware specifications.

Buyer’s Guide

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite comes at a low price with few compromises at the features. It is quite similar to the Galaxy Tab S7 and S6. The only difference is you don’t get a Super AMOLED screen this time. 

The 10.4 inches screen is a standard LCD screen. The display is full HD but not like the super AMOLED screen.

The Exynos processor’s hardware specifications and 4 GB RAM make the tablet fast enough for standard office work. But several high-level games may not work properly on the tablet.

It has great software, just like Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and S7. But unlike them, it doesn’t support the Samsung DeX desktop mode. 


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a great budget-friendly tab for your pocket. The features are almost similar to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7. There are few compromises on the features but great benefits over the price. So, this tablet is one of the best note-taking tablets on a budget-friendly note.

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What to Look For?

A tablet with a stylus must have some specific characteristics to serve the purpose right. 

To begin with, a note-taking tablet must have a great display. As the screen is gonna be an important part of the process, it needs to be purposeful and pretty. The screen’s refresh speed is also a determining factor in its speed of registering notes and drawings.

The stylus should have a comfortable hold and pressure-sensitive nature. It must feel like you are writing with a real pen. The pen-paper feeling must persist.

The tablet’s hardware specifications must be good enough for decent speed and performance.

The tablet should have some great inbuilt note-taking apps. It ensures hassle-free note-taking and an organized arrangement of the notes.

With these features intact, your tablet will serve as a great digital notebook!

The Final Verdict

The best tablet with a stylus is the one that caters to all the note-taking needs of a professional. The screen size must be convenient, and the refresh speed must be high. The stylus must be pressure-sensitive and comfortable. The hardware and software of the tablet must be compatible with the note-taking abilities of the device.