Is your iPhone constantly running out of storage space? Over time, duplicates, unused apps, and large files can clutter your device. The good news is there are specialized apps that help tackle device storage bloat safely and easily. This post will explore the best apps for cleaning up storage and organizing your iPhone. From deleting duplicates to recovering gigabytes of space, these apps provide simple, automated ways to reclaim storage and speed up your device.

1. Phone Cleaner for iPhone

Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad

Phone Cleaner is a powerful storage cleaner and media organizer for Apple devices. It excels at clearing junk files and duplicates to free up space. The app has four useful modes for targeting different file types. The first mode lets you sort files by size, so you can see your largest space hogs at the top and quickly mass delete them. Another handy mode is the ability to filter files by criteria like type, date, size, and other metrics, so you can precisely pinpoint what to clean up.

Phone Cleaner also helps you find and eliminate duplicate photos that are eating up precious space. Finally, you can use it to clear out browser caches and cookies for even more free space. With unlimited use of these useful phone cleaning features through a subscription, Phone Cleaner is a top choice for streamlining your storage and freeing up room on your device.

Key features:

  • Sort files by size to delete large media
  • Advanced filters to precisely find files
  • Identify and remove duplicate photos
  • Clear browser caches/cookies for more space

2. Cleanup – Clean, Delete Duplicate Photos

Cleanup Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Cleanup takes a fun, intuitive approach to decluttering your photo library. It uses a unique swipe-based interface that lets you quickly sort through images and flag those you want to delete. The app automatically detects poor-quality photos like blurry pics or unimportant screenshots. Cleanup keeps your privacy in mind too by running locally right on your device without needing cloud access.

Where Cleanup really shines is its intelligent photo curation suggestions. It selects your best, highest quality shots to keep based on criteria like whether you’ve edited or favorited the photo if people are smiling, good image focus, and avoiding duplicates. Overall, Cleanup transforms a typically tedious cleanup task into an engaging, privacy-focused experience. You can choose to purchase it either as an auto-renewing subscription or one-time purchase.

Key features:

  • Swipe interface to quickly delete photos
  • Suggests best photos to keep
  • Works fully locally on device
  • Subscription or one-time purchase

3. Cleaner for iPhone – Free up Storage

Cleaner for iPhone Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

As its name suggests, Cleaner for iPhone is purpose-built to free up space on your Apple device. It excels at finding and deleting duplicate photos, screenshots, and large videos taking up storage. The app provides an intelligent scanning feature that analyzes your photo library to highlight common bulky content categories. For example, it can identify all your selfies, Live Photos, or burst photos and flag them. With one tap, you can then delete all the photos in that flagged category to quickly recover space.

On the contacts management side, Cleaner for iPhone helps you merge duplicate contacts, delete contacts missing critical information, and organize your address book. If you have multiple contacts for the same person, it groups the duplicates so you can combine them into one with a single tap. With these advanced cleaning, organizing and monitoring features for photos, videos and contacts, all powered by an intuitive interface and smart automation, Cleaner for iPhone is an essential subscription-based tool for optimizing your iPhone storage.

Key features:

  • Deletes duplicates, screenshots, large videos
  • One-tap mass deletion by category
  • Merge and organize contacts
  • “Fast Clean” AI assistant

4. Gemini Photos – Clean up your Camera Roll

Gemini Photos Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Gemini Photos is an intelligent gallery cleaner that curates your best photos and sorts your entire library. The app selects quality shots to keep based on criteria like whether you’ve edited or favorited the photo, if people are smiling, and the image focus. For duplicates or unflattering pics, Gemini chooses the best one and suggests deleting the rest. Beyond photo curation, Gemini lets you swipe through your whole media collection and delete unwanted files easily.

Everything you choose to remove goes into a Trash folder for final review before permanent deletion. Overall, Gemini takes the hassle out of organizing your photo gallery. Gemini Photos works fully locally on your device – it does not upload your photos to the cloud for processing. This keeps your images private while still benefiting from intelligent curation.

key features:

  • Curates your best photos to keep
  • Lets you swipe to delete unwanted media
  • Trash folder for reviewing deletions
  • Local processing protects privacy
  • Subscription or one-time purchase

5. Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

Smart Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Smart Cleaner provides an all-in-one experience that goes beyond deleting duplicates. Its main storage cleaning feature lets you remove similar photos and screenshots in just a few taps. But Smart Cleaner offers additional useful tools like organizing contacts, protecting private data, and monitoring battery life. Some standout functions include merging duplicate contacts, adding private encrypted spaces, and installing battery widgets on your home screen.

While mainly focused on cleaning, Smart Cleaner aims to be a comprehensive utility app for your device. It runs on a typical subscription model so you can access the full suite of features. With its range of optimizations beyond just removing duplicates, Smart Cleaner strives to be an intelligent multipurpose cleaner and manager.

key features:

  • Removes duplicate photos easily
  • Extra tools like contact manager
  • Protects private data in encrypted spaces
  • Comprehensive utility app

6. Cleanup App – Phone Cleaner

Cleanup App for iPhone and iPad

With Cleanup App, you get speedy duplicate photo deletion combined with contact management features. The app can merge duplicate contacts, delete contacts missing info, and back up your contact list. Cleanup App also includes a private “Secret Space” protected by a passcode where you can hide photos, videos, and contacts. This ensures your private data stays private.

In terms of cleaning, the Cleanup App removes similar photos, and large videos, and can compress new videos to save space. Its simple interface and range of utilities make it an attractive option for subscription-based phone cleaning.

key features:

  • Speedy duplicate photo deletion
  • Contact manager and backup
  • Private “Secret Space” with a passcode
  • Compress videos to save space

7. Boost Cleaner – Clean iPhone Storage

Boost Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Boost Cleaner is an efficient cleaner app focused on photos and contacts. For photos, it goes beyond basic duplicates to remove similar selfies, Live Photos, burst photos, and more. You can filter your photo library by criteria like date or location to fine tune your cleaning. On the contacts side, Boost Cleaner makes it simple to merge, delete, and organize your address book. It flags duplicate contacts so you can easily remove repeats.

You can also filter contacts in different ways, like showing only ones missing phone numbers. With its polished interface and smart cleaning features for photos and contacts, Boost Cleaner simplifies the process of reclaiming space and tidying up your device. It offers a straightforward weekly subscription program for full access.

key features:

  • Deletes similar selfies, Live Photos, etc.
  • Merge, delete, organize contacts
  • Filters for fine tuning cleaning
  • Simple subscription model

8. Cleaner: Clean Up Storage

Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Cleaner: Clean Up Storage is a versatile storage cleaner that targets photos, videos, and contacts. It provides multiple ways to remove duplicate photos – you can do quick bulk deletions or scrutinize individual images. The app also sorts videos efficiently by size, making it easy to mass delete large unused videos. On the contact management side, it allows you to merge, delete, and backup your address book.

With its effective duplicate photo finder, video size sorter, and full-featured contact manager, Cleaner: Clean Up Storage offers robust cleaning capabilities. It runs via monthly or yearly subscriptions and has a 3-day free trial.

Key features:

  • Deletes photos & sorts videos by size
  • Robust contact manager with merge/backup
  • Effective duplicate finder
  • Free trial available

9. Clean Master – Duplicate Photos Cleaner

Clean Master Cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad

Clean Master – Super Cleaner provides quick one-tap cleanup of your photo gallery. Its key feature is an intelligent “Smart Cleanup” mode that removes similar photos, screenshots, burst photos, and other duplicates. Clean Master also sorts photos and videos within albums so your galleries are neat and organized. For videos, it lets you easily delete large or unwanted videos to recover storage space.

The app even has a privacy feature to hide private albums behind a passcode. With its focus on bulk photo cleaning, Clean Master delivers swift clutter removal in a streamlined package. Unlike most other cleaners, Clean Master does not use a subscription model – it is a simple one-time purchase to unlock the full set of features. For those seeking an affordable, no-frills photo and video decluttering solution, Clean Master is a top contender.

key features:

  • One-tap “Smart Clean” for duplicates
  • Organizes photos and videos in albums
  • Easily delete large unwanted videos
  • Affordable one-time purchase


After reviewing the capabilities of the top cleaner apps, one thing is clear – they provide an easy way to keep your device storage optimized. Whether you want to mass delete duplicates, organize your photo library, manage contacts, or protect private data, there’s a cleaner app that fits the bill. Take back control of your storage by downloading one of these intelligent apps. With just a few taps, you can enjoy fast, clutter-free operation again. Select the cleaner app that best meets your needs and start reclaiming space today on your iPhone and iPad.

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